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  1. Brokk - with all due respect you are playing semantics with the word dead and you know it (and quit being a "Doro" - it does not suit you)


    A game where most of the players I grouped with for 7 years are long gone, very few open groups and I can level all afternoon and see 2 people in the same zone (and the level does not appear to matter) indicates a dead and dying game.  (This coming from DAOC after it had died)


    Am I still having fun with Loto ?  Absolutely


    Is Rick Heaton and Fuckard ?  Absolutely


    But trying to deny that Lotro is not dead -   give it up.

  2. Sci-fi conventions and the people that wear costumes mostly do it tongue in cheek. Check out Adam Savage on you tube for example.

    People that role-play inside a computer game are very different.

    A typical RP whine would be leaving floaty names on and then complaining about offending names they encounter in game.

    A sci fi convention doesn't have this intolerance. 

    Computer games are not the place for roleplay. 


    Do some of you read what you write ?  Some of you sound (or are trying to sound) like the bloody pope of the Roman Catholic church for what belongs or not in a game other people besides you play (and pay in some case)  ... though shalt not  insert offending behavior - raid, rp, pvp, pve, other abhorrent behavior




    (apologies for rant)

  3. I found combat slightly more difficult at 55ish+  I was playing a hunter and minstrel through Moria and that first area in Lothlorien - I had to watch my pulls a little bit in some of those camps this time around (I played though a month or 2 ago and was pulling entire camps with not much problem).  Also finishing off the Moria epic I actually had to use some healing potions (ymmv - I am very average although I have decent level 58 crafted gear)

  4. The difficulty I am seeing is 86+ with non-heavy armor types - be it NPCs or players - my mini was getting one shotted off his horse which was funny and  fun - but it sure makes some of the escort quests (e.g. Cheering up Eowyn) extremely problematic for both my light and heavy armor classes - I love the increased difficulty but I think there may need to be tweaking for some escort quests  (and I am very very much one of the dreaded "casuals" - playing LOTRO and War in the Pacific: Admirals Edition off and on as well as seeing if I like Skyrim or not)

  5. fwiw - a carbine does not need to be an 'automatic' rifle (the ones in World War 2 typically were semi-automatic) and carbines existed back to the U.S. Civil War period in one form or another (such as the Sharps carbine)


    But - to quote Dennis Miller - I digress - carry on :)

  6. Exactly Monkralin :-)  


    To clarify (or at least try to clarify) - my intent was not to change the crafting guild per se - just the profession (vocation ?) - so that I could keep my progress in weaponsmithing (including the guild rep) - and have scholar so that I can gather the resources - turns out I have a ton of prospectors of all levels - but only a small number of scholars and none of them into Rohan yet (they have been living off the 'droppings' of my other characters - lol)

  7. Thanks Brrokk - it actually would not be a major setback given I probably have enough ore stashed around to get the skill maxed fairly quickly although getting the rep back in the crafting guild would take a bit of time - my tp stock is low after using them on HD and additional LI slots on a pile of alts.


    I guess I will find out this weekend

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