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  1. Radiance was good for raiders/hard core and bad for casuals - in my opinion. I don't feel it added anything other than another time sink/gate to certain areas and helped the "l33t" feel "l33t3r" . At the time I never had enough time to get the raids done when they were done by the kin(s) I was in (my play time is/was always off of prime time).
  2. A strategic smiley/emoticon really helps in the translation at times ... I know you came off looking more like a bully to me (and I am DEFINTELY not speaking for others) with your comment - thank you for clarifying that
  3. <derail> gf actually was on show - they came, filmed, tried to trip her up and get her to say things she didn't necessarily believe in - then edited down several hours of taping to 2 minutes - lol - but it was my gf ! </derail>
  4. Hey ! My girlfriend was on that show for 2 minutes one time !! Don't cheapen the IP of Ancient Aliens over some idiot on the official site !
  5. +1 I agree that if someone here is doing the new account trolls - it needs to stop - it wasn't funny the first time and is less funny now (although in all honesty I believe one of the regulars over there is doing it - not someone from here)
  6. It seems to me that a LOT of the die hard sycophants on the "other" forum are sure keeping close tabs on what it said here. Very precioussss :-)
  7. Grumpy - check your list of channels that are active - I have on occasion joined glff on a new toon - and forgot to activate the channel in the lower left chat box area and then wondered for 20 minutes why I was not seeing anything on glff
  8. I found resizing the Alert down to 65-70% of the size helped me a lot with the new icon - given the general mad rush to new content, along with increasing buggieness for each update - I usually wait a week or 4 to visit new content and instead concentrate on one of my many neglected alts (currently taking my dwarf minstrel (now at 54) through Moria)
  9. Elven chain clad maidens with horned helms ? Sorry - I digress
  10. I have been playing a lot of low level alts lately - while fishing on my older computer (for some insane reason I wanted all 16 characters on my primary account to have Lord of the Stream and the Complete Angler titles - maybe because I am such a lousy fisherman in real life!). I had a bunch of level 20s that I leveled to level 30ish through Lone Lands and remembering all the difficulties I had the first time playing through in 2007. (Some my problem - some farmers always taking out the gaunt-lord skelelton varmints for the epic quest). I found it very fun and relaxing after a days work to go out and just trash stuff in the Lone Lands.
  11. You forgot to mention that Canadiens call everyone "hoser" a lot - eh
  12. Woeg

    Very nice !

    Yep ! At one point - 9 of the first 10 topics were locked - and it looks like some selective edits are going on as well
  13. I see a few of the regulars here being EXTREMELY reasonable and asking reasonable and fair questions on the CF (cluster f...) that is the 'official' forums - nicely done folks ! And as usual - I see the normal cast of idiots, children, loosers and fan-bois being their normal self - lol Good luck with the good fight ! Edited for typos - sigh
  14. I have recently taken a couple of alts through the revamped Moria and found the changes enjoyable. My first time through (before rewrites) I found the place majorly annoying but the revamp was quite fun and a lot more manageable - although it sure seemed like I wasn't there very long compared to the "old days" ....
  15. I agree with Brrokk - for those of us with work/lives/outside interests shortened manageable instances are always welcome - I rarely get in an un-interrupted hour of play most of them time.
  16. I used to have a great time with Mythic and DAOC before EA took over - and Mythic no longer enforced their naming rules or code of conduct - no more EA games for me ..... too bad - I'd probably still be one of the few people still playing DAOC otherwise
  17. The first time I made it to the top of Weathertop on my very young hunter almost made me cry. I was just so astonished with the beauty of it all. I leveled early in Ered Luin on my elf so didn't see the Shire until later on but they really did do an awesome job with so many of the areas.
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