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  1. I have to say the issue of objects not rendering seems to be largely.. solved now. Before the update I really faced non-rendered landscapes way too often. Now I've not noticed them yet. At least that's something!
  2. *Grins* Oh gods, yeah. I saw whole mountains with those repeated textures. That's something they haven't got down pat. But you have to agree with one thing.. their water reflections are superb. It's what made me not be able to enjoy EQ2 again, such a difference. I also have noticed in LotRO that in some areas, the floor is too shiny. For example, the beaten down path in the North Downs. In a certain sunlight, it's as if the path is glowing through the vegetation. Another area easily spotted: The floor around the festival area in Bamfurlong (The Shire). It looks completely rubbery with the wrong reflection from the sunlight. That one bothers me a lot. I should take screenshots of those ones... I've made some more screenshots of LotRO's graphical weirdnesses before.
  3. That highly depends. For many, the Workshop is actually pretty nice enough. If you want a more involved mod than what the Steam Workshop allows for, then you can use the Nexus as an addition. The advantage of the Workshop is that if you install the game, all the mods are automatically applied along. I consider it a huge form of convenience. I always check the Workshop first, and after that the Nexus to complete it.
  4. Actually, no. I wasn't even into Tolkien at all until I got into LotRO. I was rather more into SciFi. And to counter your comment about the breaks: LotRO is the only game where I've managed to play for at least 6 months nonstop. Any other MMO I can't play for more than 3 months in a row. My record should be WoW for about 4 months straight (including too little sleep) until I stopped cold turkey with that one. LotRO is the only MMO that keeps me returning and that keeps my playtime sane enough (so that I can actually cook and sleep well). In fact, because I am a lifer there I could play nice and casual. With F2P that fact hasn't changed. I took a break from LotRO when GW2 came out. Tried GW2 during the first trial period, loved it, bought it. Played it for a few months. Even bought stuff from the store (vault space!). And now I'm on a hiatus from GW2 too. I love GW2, I love its silly stories (and I never played GW before), and I'm also on a break from that one, go figure. Since then I've played some other MMOs. EVE Online for one month again, EverQuest 2 for a little bit.. Meh. EVE doesn't have a little guy you run around with. EverQuest 2 is now way too dated (I used to play it for a while before I went into LotRO). NeverWinter I've tried as well, gods, that was too clearly headed for the cash shop, disgusting. So, compared to my playtime of other MMOs, having a half year break from LotRO isn't indicating anything bad at all. I simply needed something different for a while. Now I'm ready for LotRO playtime again. I'm sure later I'll get bored again and play something else. But I'll definitely return to LotRO after I'm done being bored. Edit: Oh, and it isn't my first LotRO-hiatus either. Had a few ones before, even before F2P. Yeah, I understand that now. I don't raid, and I'm not hunting for anything specific. Well, except bounder's tokens to get the steed of Michel Delving, now that one's totally Hobbit-worthy. But for the rest... I just play. Edit: Oh, and I /love/ Steam. I'm a Steam-a-holic. I play LotRO via Steam, yarrrrr. (That, and many other games. *cough*)
  5. Well, I've played STO, Neverwinter, and Rift. And I don't like those three very well. And the funny thing is, you could consider me a Trekkie, but I really don't like STO. Rift is in itself a good MMO, but it just doesn't have that vibe to me. The graphics are too dark, literally too dark. Gamma doesn't help in my case. If I have to squint to be able to play a MMO, something's not quite right. Had a Warlock leveled up pretty high there, had a nice synergy going together with a Ranger buddy. Still, I don't like that game more than LotRO. LotRO is what I keep returning to, even after a hiatus of a half year like I did. I do plan a return to Guild Wars 2 later probably, but right now it's LotRO again. EVE Online also got a turn, but that lasted only one month, and only because it was cheap on a Steam sale. And about the loot; Fair enough, if it is too much based on luck. I can imagine the frustration. But you gotta admit that auto-loot is a wonderful thing.
  6. People keep mentioning loot being a bad point that got introduced.. I must've overlooked something, what's bad about the loot? What kind of loot are we talking about?
  7. Wouldn't the ranking also increase if there are more relevant links pointing to this site? Or is that all old info now and I have to re-learn how search engines work?
  8. I like the console type of racing games like Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed (I love multiplayer with friends over Steam). Haven't really seen any other racing games much. Burnout Paradise maybe?
  9. Price's definitely too steep IMO. For a 'base edition' I would have expected no more than $20, a reasonable average basic price. At this point I wouldn't care too much anymore for fluff either. Every time I start a new character, I have to waste time to get rid of fluff. Wish they'd have a /reclaim window like EVE Online or something instead, so you can reclaim any piece of the fluff whenever you please, not be stuck with it at the start onwards. So I agree with Talisman, that those packages are probably overvalued by $20. I don't mind waiting, though. Did the same for Rohan, bought it almost a year later.
  10. After a break of at least a half a year from the game, I'm actually playing it again with some enjoyment. Even bought Riders of Rohan just before I returned. I'd first suggest just playing to see if you like the style of play, atmosphere, etc. Then, when you're certain you'll be playing this game for at least quite a while, you might consider one month of VIP to unlock a lot of things. The game is not terrible. It could be better, sure. Story of a MMO's life, every MMO could be better. Sometimes you see retarded decisions made. Sometimes you see nifty improvements. (Bree has improved nicely, more alive. Quest hubs are rather convenient. Auto-loot rocks.) For the lore you'll absolutely like it, if you like anything at all from Tolkien. Overall, the game has gotten a lot easier I've noticed. Sometimes that's nice, sometimes I think 'was that necessary?'. There /are/ a few group quests but those are rare and where you originally needed a full fellowship, you might be able to pull it off with 2-3 players when doing it right. But it all boils down to 'Just Try It'.
  11. Hid all the non-relevant posts. Continue using this thread to help the community.
  12. Labyrinth and Willow. Two childhood nostalgia.
  13. Oh but we do the AC regularly as well. Been doing the story a few times in a row for some of our krewe's alts. Done the explo mode 2 times too and it's a pain. But I don't need hours preparing the buffs or whatnot, and making sure that we brought the right gear or whatnot. That's easier decided on.
  14. Um, wouldn't 48fps be an improvement over 24fps? I've seen more people complaining about this but I don't get it.
  15. Not seen the movie yet. But now one question springs to mind: Did one of the bunnies have a red nose?
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