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  1. I feel for you I loved my LM, easily the class I enjoyed playing most in any MMO. She was my second character and I rolled her as my kin at the time had no raid LM for the Rift. By the time I got her to 50 I couldn't understand why anyone would want to play any other class.
  2. I just used to let them die if I was on healer if they pulled that trick, they usually got the hint after a few repair bills.
  3. I casually played WoW in WotLK and Cataclysm eras but could never be arsed to join a guild as I found kin politcs in Lotro provided more than enough stress and drama for me. I used to do heroic instances via group finder and what I found was that the way they were run was very much the "blunt instrument" approach. Overgear, screw the tactics and just smash your way through seemed to be order of the day from what I saw.
  4. This was the start of the death of the game for me when every class had their primary stat and just maxed it. My two mains were raiding LM and Captain, two classes that I used to try and get a variety of working builds on and in my opinion the two most interesting classes Turbine created. I drifted off prior to RoI and was not impressed on my first short return visit to see them reduced to will and might maxer classes. With regards to radiance I think the concept worked for a gated lair raid as the final part of an instance cluster. It should have stopped with the Watcher though in my opinion when we returned to multiboss raids. Especially crap like the SoM +25 purple pieces at 65 that screwed up your Watcher or DN set bonuses but were really required to do BG before radiance was removed. This coupled with the fact that BG was for a large part a trash grind fest led my kin at the time to pretty much stop raiding as a group.
  5. Unlikely I always suspected as in the real world if they carried on like that they would spend quite a substantial portion of their lives getting punched. I tend to think of then as similar to the "Alpha" male types I've met over the years who are in general the ones least likely to survive in any situation outside of office power structures and least likely to manage to fight their way out of a paper bag.
  6. Looking at a new PvMP area. Hmmm that sounds familiar.
  7. The bit about alcohol advertising in that episode is spot on as well
  8. Andral


    We've just built our first Clippers , fantastic fun messing around with them.
  9. Andral


    It's working fine now.
  10. I was most active from about the 3rd month of SoA up to Enedwaith and F2P. I had six raiding toons at that point. Lack of content and the F2P did it for me it never seemed the same after that. I came back briefly for RoI and quit pretty much into the 3rd questing area as I found it so tedious and repetive and as others have mentioned the stupidity of the Grey Company was just farcical. I finally forced my way through this content when RoR came out of curiosity for MC having finished it and realising that end game now consisted of dailies (Hytbolt) I left again now down to two raid ready toons. I came back last for HD for a week did the content on my LM hated the skill trees and BB, logged my captain looked at what they did to him parked him in Evendim and logged for the last time. During the SoA to SoM era I probably poured more hours into this game than any other I ever played but its time to put down the pooch now for me while it still has any shred of dignity left (debateable tbh).
  11. Andral


    Not got that far yet but as far as I know (Rainothon probably knows more and can correct me): 1) Outside of safe areas there is no such thing as non-consensual PvP as far as I know as soon as you go into a contested area you're flagged effectively. 2) I think you lose any trade packs you are carrying but you don't lose your personal equipment. 3) In PvE you get a small XP penalty that you can buy back for LP but to honest there are better uses for LP than that. PvP you get the same plus item decay I think. Higher LP point regen based on whether or not you are in game is also an inspired design choice I am currently looking at 3 people autorunning into walls.
  12. Andral


    As it stands now I think only patrons can own land and build (or not if you were stuck in the EU server queues at launch) although that is supposed to change further down the line apparently. As far as I can see at level 22 not having a decent amount of secure land makes crafting a massive pain in the arse. You can of course grow materials on public farms which restrict what you can grow cropwise (good luck finding any space there either at the moment) or in the wilds where there is a good chance they will be robbed if you are not there the second they mature or they will just get dug up for entertainment by griefers.
  13. Andral


    I think it very much favoured big guilds and people who had done a lot of beta playing. I only did a bit in beta as it spoils the game for me personally doing a load before launch. The worst thing with the land grab was because of queues and disconnects it wasn't an even playing field which is why I agree with the people who argued for people being limited to one small house and one scarecrow for the first week. Bad planning by Trion has now put them in a no win situation where whatever they do they are odds on to alienate a large section of their playerbase. SWG from memory had a permanent 10 slot per toon rule (where a big building would take 6 slots a medium 4, mining plant or moisture vapourisers 1 slot and so on) from memory and they had massive amounts of buildable land compared to AA. I was slack in SWG and my property wasn't in a prime position but it was at least still possible to place it.
  14. Andral


    On Eanna that appears to be untrue even the PvP areas are full. People have spent hours looking and found nothing. Also there has been a lot of tactical land blocking by positioning plots so as to take up as much free land as possible for future use. A lot of people seem to be waiting to see of Trion open new servers and then either reroll or tranfer to those leaving the land barons to amuse themselves on the original four servers. There is also a statement from Trion that a lot of people are throwing around about a large percentage of land still being available on most servers but they seem a lot more reticent to specify whether this is a percentage of total land or actual usuable land (due to landblocking issue mentioned above). I suspect it is the former from what I have seen in game.
  15. Andral


    Possibly but at the likely cost of a large proportion of their patrons (subscibers )
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