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  1. halls of night proved no issue for me on tier 1 (have yet tot ry tier 2 but am looking forward to the challenge) and I'm not speaking of my soldier, I have no issues with that at all. it's when I'm in a group and it's not all the time - like I said, if I relog or die then the problem vanishes and we're fine and I can maintain all the aggro needed

    I have never before experienced this kind of aggro loss - only since the new update, and I know how to keep aggro so this is really weird to me

  2. every so often either during a skirmish or an instance I am having tremendous difficulty keeping aggro. doesn't matter what I use, even challenge the darkness, I can't get aggro back. I always start off with my yells and occasionally challenge to ensure that I have adequate aggro before my champ goes in and does their worst damage possible. I have always been able to maintain my aggo until update 3. if I die or if I relog then it seems fine again.

    has anyone else noticed this or has had the same problem? I am traited for aggro as well and before update 3 I could last a pretty long battle and maybe *maybe* lose aggro once or twice but I was always able to get the aggro back again... until now... it's very strange

  3. Thanks for the screenshots.

    Are the stats on the horse the same as standard horse? Those outfits look nicer than most current outfits. Do they move nicely? How does the cloth move when you ride the horse? Does it all look natural? I'd love to see a video of the outits while running and while riding those horses.

    The red one looks nice too.

    it all looks very natural and the health of the horse is 200 - I have the red outfit on my tank and it looks really awesome when paired with the red blanketed horse

  4. before - 129-140

    now - 50

    sorry but for me this is much better ;) though now some of my kinnies will understand some of my frustration with lags etc hehe

    "lag? what lag?" "the lag.." "there was no lag" "was for me..."

    had that conversation way too often.. trust me though, you get used to it. if it's around 130 or under you shouldn't be too bad and maybe not have any lag at all but when it hits 140-150 and higher start to expect some lags even if they are mini-lags

  5. I love the Inn instance because instead of the usual smash and bash with very little thought content of lotro, this actually makes you think through puzzles to get to where you need to be - not to mention you have to watch where you walk

    two thumbs up for this instance!

    (new look for the free people's steed of angmar is awesome too!)

    the two new skirmishes... have tried both and prefer Dol Dinen skirmish personally

    haven't tried angmar yet but I heard it can be tough especially with the visuals

  6. not only have I found the forsaken inn instance, also completed it with my friends - great fun! when you guys get in hope you enjoy it!! it really makes you think, not just smash and bash but actually use your head kind of stuff

  7. https://transfer.lotro.com/ is the site, does that not work?

    Should work, it comes up fine for me now.

    On 3 of my 4 accounts that was transferred, an e-mail was received. The 4th one didn't get an e-mail, but they can

    all login to game and accounts site.


    Now it actually seems the 4th one got all the e-mails.

    It might be worth checking again, and checking the address is the correct one on your turbine accounts profile page.

    oh believe me I've checked and re-checked that and still no first email

  8. The 2nd mail is for when migration is fully complete and you've got your points.

    The first one is just saying you can log in and this is the number of points that's getting migrated.

    that's what worries me a bit, still haven't received the first email - sent them a ticket now just to make sure things worked properly when I did the process

  9. it's a good setup in my eyes as your champ is a tank if you don't have a guardian

    as long as your minstrel keeps up with the healing and the champ and hunter take all aggro you should be fine for most things unless you have an instance which will need 6 players - if it's an instance or a hard fight, don't let your minstrel fight too much, make them heal heal heal heal :)

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