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  1. still waiting on points and migration here too, I suspect because there's so many of us it's going to take some time as I like to say... patience isn't just a virtue in lotro...
  2. yep discovered that though it will make it easier to buy points if needed (which I seriously doubt I will since I never did with CM) still waiting on that confirmation email rofl... hope they send me one when the migration is complete at least..
  3. I don't think there's another site to do it from you just have to perservere with it and cross your fingers for the lucky time don't consider it a pain though! you have friends here you can chat to
  4. *should* being the key word since they seem to be slacking in the emails dept lol
  5. personally I'm just happy that when I go to my account on the turbine site it registers everything I have including some past purchases - even knows I'm vip/lifer already yay!
  6. mine didn't ask me for a key, it knew what I had...
  7. is exactly what happened to me too edit to add: if this does happen to you then be sure to go to Turbine's site and fill out your billing info as I think they need it even if you are a lifer
  8. yeah is weird, still no email however when I go to turbine accounts I can log in with the stuff that I put in... very weird but if it works I won't complain
  9. hmm think I got it though I haven't received an e-mail yet...
  10. seriously guys and gals, leave it for awhile let the "newness" of it die off a bit
  11. same on both counts am giving up for now edited to add: can't get past the login screen now so they must be working on it
  12. join the club... am about to give up and just go play STO
  13. nooo noooooooo you just jinxed it lol
  14. gratz to those who were able to get the process started before the site crashed
  15. just proves they don't want to lose us
  16. roger that Zzeno - can you guys tell us here when it's safe to start? I'll give out cookies...
  17. just started a thread in the tech area about it - my guess is we ran the hamster too hard lol
  18. phew ok was worried it might have been me, thanks for confirming it's not
  19. it asks me to login with CM stuff to start transfer then I get a screen with a whole bunch of error stuff - anyone else having this problem??
  20. well said Undo /signed on another note - I hope you're all ready for both American and Canadian humour
  21. in terms of a legendary - stats are most definitely key for you. at least for the sword. your legendary book on the other hand is another matter - you can get books that are id'ed perfectly for healing and some mixes - anything with a -threat % is great to have too buff ballads most certainly do some damage (tier 1 and 2, unless you trait them so they are longer songs which give buffs only) when you hit tier 3 those are buffs only, tier 4 (anthems) can be damage or buff depending on what you play (example: anthem of the valar) you will get a "personal shield" skill as well at a certain point (two actually, one for yourself and one for a companion) - but I tend not to use them as each hit drains whoever is protected of power (which can be catastrophic in the wrong fight)
  22. both clients will have access to the global network - if you have both clients on the same hard drive might I suggest to move one into a partition to negate any confusion that might arise
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