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  1. And I though back then that they were smart. But now it isn't even sensible to buy RoI using Turbine Points after launch! It's like buying Moria and not getting any of the instances. Or Mirkwood.
  2. I had that problem as well. Turns out, the settings for one character influence the ones for other chars. Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly what I did to fix the glff chat not appearing. It had something to do with leaving the channel, activating the channel number and joining it, I think. I'm not too sure about that, sorry. A bit OT: I recommend creating a new tab for the glff channel. You can even create a new chat window for it then. And if you don't want to be disturbed, you just make it a tab again and switch away from it.
  3. Übernächstes Wochenende findet ja die Gamescom in Köln statt. Sapience und Rowan werden da sein, außerdem Adam Mersky (Link). Habt ihr schon Infos, was wohl auf uns wartet? Kostenlose Legendary Editions von Isengart? Echte Goldmünzen, die jeweils 100 Turbine Points wert sind? 24 Computer mit Level-75-Charakteren, auf denen man die neue Instanz spielen kann? Oder doch nur ein Ort der Zensur und Stille? Nun mal im Ernst: Falls wer Informationen hat, was uns erwarten mag, ich bin daran interessiert
  4. 650 Gold momentan? Machen schon 325 Teams mit?
  5. Ouch, you got me there! :$ I will blame it on English being my second language. Raedwolf did it for me already, so thanks for that *g* Still, I want to emphasize I'm able to tell the difference between "your" and "you're". I also finish my questions by a question mark. So there, WoW community!
  6. I fail to see the huge difference. You could just create one account after another before and play until level 20 every time. You had 14 days for that, no big hassle. Of course, if you play only a couple of hours per week, this change might help you But yes, you have to like the cartoony graphics, else it's nothing for you. And even less people seem to know proper grammar and punctuation.
  7. Da sollte man sich aber wirklich überlegen, ob nicht einfach 100 oder deutlich weniger z. B. der Stinkbomben ausreichen... Wie oft nutzt man denn bitte so ein Emote?
  8. That doesn't work for bound-on-account items. Well, the shared storage must have saved me at least 3543 gold pieces (rough estimation ) by not having to mail items, so if you are in any way twinking, it is absolutely worth it!
  9. No political aim, no message, just wreaking havoc? Their "ethical" age can't be very high...
  10. Ich finde die Angabe in Prozentsteigerungen nicht sinnvoll. Ich hatte vorher einen Ping von 20-30 ms, jetzt 120-150 ms. Spürbar größere Verzögerung, aber meine Hütergambits gehen nach etwas Gewöhnung genauso gut. Und jetzt musste ich 500-600% anklicken, obwohl es nur etwa 100 ms mehr sind.
  11. Hat jemand eine Auflistung der Sekundärklassenattributsverbesserungseigenschaften ? Ist damit zum Beispiel gemeint, dass Hüter und Wächter 5 statt 3 Moralpunkte pro Vitalitätspunkt erhalten?
  12. Almost a bit sad they are that cheap now. Visiting the School and Library ist great fun and a good introduction in level 65 group play. Now even less pople will do those instances.
  13. wipefusens: Guck doch mal da: http://www.favcoop.de/index.php/eeae Ansonsten kann man die MP3 doch einfach auf den Player laden.
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