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  1. Quick update to let you fine fellows know that The Blades of Arnor are now back full time in LOTRO, and recruiting again. Hop along here http://forums.lotro....riendly-kinship to check out our thread on the official LOTRO forums: Lots of love, Berylia.
  2. blessing_777@yahoo.com

    My name is Blessing

    i am a young lady with a kind and open heart,

    I enjoy my life,but life can't be complete if you don't have a person to share it

    with. blessing_777@yahoo.com

    Hoping To Hear From You

    Yours Blessing

  3. Fellow adventurers, The world is changing, I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth .. Since the Blades of Arnor has, for some time now, been the official LOTRO kin of the Light Knights gaming community, the old Blades website and forums have been made read only. The official Blades of Arnor website and forums now lies within the Light Knights gaming community. Please use the links in my signature below. Long live the Blades of Arnor. Your friend and Minstrel, Berylia.
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    .. and hello from me ;o)
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