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  1. Is there a "big list of fuckups and lies" available already or is it still too early? I gather the 6th bag doesn't work as advertised but there must be more.
  2. RIFT has that feature too. You must realize that if LOTRO adds something like this it will come at a premium 995TP cost.
  3. And then we have Khafar, who would gladly pay a one-time TP fee for the privilege of never having to use the TP store/look at advertisements... head -> desk
  4. screenshot? that arrow, or a line rather, is already there, but perhaps less pronounced
  5. But that applies to SP games as well. Turbine would have to disallow discussion of all other games period. Dark Souls is coming out for PC in a couple weeks and both GW2 and LOTRO can bite my ass until I'm done with it.
  6. Why would they consider GW2 to be more of a threat than D3 or TOR or any other online game? Everyone who's into MMOs will have heard about it already and is going to give it a go or not regardless of a thread on the LOTRO forums. The games are sufficiently different that they are not in direct competition imo. People left playing LOTRO now must be hardcore Tolkien fans and they aren't going anywhere. And as much as I like GW2 from what I've seen in the BWEs, it's not all the hype makes it out to be. The game has its own share of issues that are likely going to persist well into the launch.
  7. Wouldn't higher login numbers also indicate that people crash/disconnect a lot and have to log in again? I got more crashes a day in ROI than I had in my entire time playing vanilla and Moria.
  8. Wait, minnies break lore too? I always thought it was quite ingenious how they managed to put what would normally be a cleric in this game by having them restore morale with cheerful tunes instead of outright healing.
  9. Ofc they won't move them indoors. That would defeat the whole purpose of them standing in your way, enticing you to click on them.
  10. By "mount lag" do people mean the strange behavior where a horse will just freeze in place for a few seconds, able to turn around but not move forward or back? I get that from time to time, but it also happened way before update 6.
  11. That much is a given. Otherwise, who would buy TP store items that shorten the grind? What I want to know is, are those warhorses only usable in Rohan or can I ride around in vanilla areas and roflstomp, say, Worms in Forochel for deeds?
  12. WoW had its own share of forum outrage over lore precisely because they invented and retconned as they needed to keep pumping out expansions. Blizzard fans were as rabid about their beloved lore as Tolkien fans are, but unlike Turbine Blizzard owns their IP so they can do whatever they want with it and fans had to put up or quit.
  13. Yes, it is immersion-breaking. But at least once you move away out of their vicinity you don't see them anymore. The store button is always there in the UI, in the character screen, in the crafting panel, in the deed log, it friggin opens automatically when I click on virtues...
  14. Imagine the power those fanboys wield over their peers. It's fortunate they didn't goad him into committing suicide.
  15. Probably locked because there already is a main thread where people discuss this newest brainfart. Not very favorably either: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?467937-Apparel-Dummies...
  16. lol how many "omg it's a tranny!" threads do we need?
  17. I'm taking my Warden through the same areas atm and he's having just as easy a time, although he's not killing stuff quite as fast as the fully tuned up RK. I don't even remember the last time either of them has been defeated. When I leveled through Moria 2 years ago for the first time on my champ it was tough as nails and he died plenty. Since then many of the classes, champs included, have been buffed and fixed, and I guess the content just didn't keep up or has been additionally nerfed.
  18. Moria certainly ain't what it used to be. Half the mobs have been removed or placed out of the way. I could ride straight from DV to 21st on my sub lvl 50 RK and didn't get attacked once. Coupled with how they made quest progression extremely linear and nerfed all the mobs (or RK is such an OP class, idk), leveling in Moria is now a breeze to the point of being boring - much like all the recent content has been designed.
  19. You'd think that with all the effort and ingenuity they (supposedly) poured into making mounted combat a (supposedly) awesome experience, they'd be keen and proud to actually show it off as much as possible so close to release.
  20. So it's official huh. I hope there will be a couple more beta weekends. Last time there were still some issues that I would like to see resolved before I drop money on GW2.
  21. Taken by themselves the new maps don't look bad; certainly more detailed, but too cartoony and happy for my taste. The game used to have a certain sombre and bleak tone once upon a time and the old maps fit that style perfectly, but bit by bit they are stripping that away and turning it into a very generic experience.
  22. "Turbine is a business" as a reply to any complaints about pricing and value for money. Because the only two alternatives are ripping off their customers or giving away everything for free and consequently going broke.
  23. You mean like this? http://www.gamechoiceawards.com/ An equally worthless circlejerk with the usual big titles winning awards that I personally wouldn't nominate for anything.
  24. They'll probably delete the comments once they realize 90% of them are referals from this forum. )
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