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  1. Not personally, he has it out for this whole forum, my negative posts on the official forums just opened the way for him to use me as an example to his superiors on why this place is so evil.
  2. He does have full discretion, as long as he plays within the company rules. But those rules do not allow him to delete infractions and accuse me of falsifying the screenshots that I posted on here, nor do his rules allow him to create "deleted posts" under my username name in order to justify all new infractions. The exec I spoke to has checked the forum backups, where the "faked" infractions are intact and the "deleted posts" are nonexistent, but since Sapience refuses to back down and remove me from moderated status (or more accurately, he put me back in moderation a few hours afte
  3. I'd prefer to wait until the council session ends before revealing the full details, but the higher-ups are completely aware of my perma-moderation status. And no, they are not at all at fault, they only support it because it's cheaper to ban a freeloader lose a player than it is to fight an unemployment appeal and hire a new community manager. As to the rest of the topic, I'll second everything Vorontur has said so far. Outside of being hand-picked, the trip is exactly as Turbine originally said it would be.
  4. Originally, the small council was planned to be voted for by the council members. Due to "time constraints", they chose instead to pick people based on their number of council-forum posts. Since I'm on perma-moderation, including posts in the beta and council forums, that means I (and possibly others) never had a chance. So to answer your question, yes, they're hand picked by Turbine.
  5. At least two of those quoted already said they would spend their saved TP, so Turbine isn't even getting money from them anymore. I know that doom-saying has always been a fad, but the number of people promising to spend TP rather than cash on the expansion is almost certainly going to have a detrimental effect on Turbine.
  6. Try running a tracert to lotro.com, turbine.com, and other related domains. If it's an ISP/routing issue, you should see where the fault is. If you get a response from any Turbine-owned servers, it's possibly an IP ban.
  7. I don't actually have internet access at the moment, I'm just writing posts on a piece of paper and holding them up to a window for the NSA to pass on.
  8. I can neither confirm nor deny that this is how the council works. IMO, the intent behind the council was good, but it quickly just became a mini-me of the official forums. The devs are as stubborn as ever, threads are overtaken by Turbine-defenders for all but the worst ideas, and Sapience doesn't hesitate to delete posts and put council members on perma-moderation if they disagree with the devs too often (I post a few times a week, but my last approved comment was in August).
  9. The textures and objects are stored in the client software, the only landscape data downloaded during a game session is your coordinates, the coordinates of NPCs, and the coords/data of players within the same landblock. Everything else is handled client-side, a slow internet connection will never allow you to move beyond a hard-coded wall. Also, despite Sap's reputation for exaggerating, I know firsthand that you really can lose a character when it goes down a bottomless pit. It is fixable if you can convince a dev to change the database entry manually during the next downtime, but CS si
  10. Also, Helms Deep will include 760 all new Skirmishes. Siege of Gondamon level 86 solo/duo, Siege of Gondamon level 86 small fellowship...
  11. The last few times this happened, everyone I know who was charged had to get a lawyer to send a letter before they had their overdraft fees refunded, and for everything else they were SOL unless they took Turbine to court (nobody did, unfortunately).
  12. And don't forget the bridle. Even if you only throw on a few junk relics and use it for passive stats, it does effectively reduce your LI slots by one, so you have fewer LIs to swap with. Of course you could go without the bridle altogether, but then you're taking a stat loss in MC until you buy the fix. Sure, nothing is being actively removed from the game, but your combat effectiveness is reduced, with a fix sold in the store.
  13. They've been trying to fix that problem for some time now, but in their own special way. [Turbine Logic] A battle needs two sides to continue, so if one side is removed, the battle ceases to exist. Since the raiders are openly refusing to pay for new content, while the anti-group-casuals are gleefully buying everything they see, it's obvious which group would be more profitable to keep. Therefore, chase away all the raiders, no more battles, problem solved. Now quit yer complainin' and give Turbine the rest of your money. [/Turbine Logic] See? The raiders are the ones c
  14. There is a third option: 3) The devs started with a far worse idea, and the council convinced them to compromise on the biggest issues.
  15. The previous dev diaries were written by devs who created the classes from the ground up, and continued tweaking it to be in line with the original vision. The new dev diaries are written by new devs, who are all attempting to make their mark on the world. With the revamp, the devs have the opportunity to recreate the classes in an all new vision, they have the opportunity to make the class "theirs". If they were to acknowledge the old classes, they would be giving up any illusion of being the developer of a new class and portraying themselves for what they really are, maintenance-mode co
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