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  1. Altreg01

    Legendary™ Servers

    Certainly not sticking up for SSG, and I have zero experience in this stuff, but I think 2K+ people trying to log in and make characters at the same time is the issue, not so much the servers cant handle 4k players or more at different places in the game. Regardless though, SSG should have planned for this deluge and made it somewhat smoother. Glad I wasnt a fanboi dying to get into Anal or whatever the new server is named although I was able to the next day and secure my names Ill never play.
  2. Altreg01

    Legendary™ Servers

    Tried to log in at about 12:10 EST, Im assuming it went live at noon. I was 1900 something in the queue, left my pc and did some chores and my position never moved so I quit it. Just logged in no issues at 6:00 am day 2, grabbed all of my preferred character names and logged right out. Ill probably never even log into the game there, but if I do I have all of my names. Unfortunately they will probably use my brief character making process as being a player to tout the population of this pile of crap
  3. Cursing in world chat is the only way to get attention this game and of course its negative
  4. Altreg01

    Legendary™ Servers

    Id dive into that in a heartbeat. I still have 750 travel rations in my shared storage that I hang on to for nostalgic reasons. I still post a stack on the AH now and then hoping to get a collector to drop some coin since Im hardly rich
  5. Altreg01

    Legendary™ Servers

    I'm still in awe reading the comments on the official boards. For every 10 people that say this is a fucked up idea and devote resources to fixing what they already have there is 1 that thinks this is the best idea ever and cant wait for Nov 6th. One poster thinks that there will be flood of new subs and will be a massive cash infusion into the game. No new player is going to plunk down $15 a month for an 11 year old glitch-fest when there are 10 (?) free servers to play on
  6. Altreg01

    Legendary™ Servers

    Supposedly "limited" store here on the not so classic server 🤣
  7. Altreg01

    Legendary™ Servers

    I was thinking about how I really wanted to grind all of my traits again. Christmas has come early!!
  8. *******If you havent played Mordor and plan on playing it please dont read on******** I havent seen anything here about the Mordor exp besides some release notes. With a character at level 105 from last year and enough Turbine Points in the bank I was able to purchase the Mordor expansion. I was extremely surprised and somewhat upset at how early in the game flow and how easy the "destroying" of the ring event happened. Im in a semi social kin so game play is fun as are my kinmates but in now way shape or form was I ready for this event nor did I know it happened so fast and painlessly. It was the one thing I really ever wanted to do in Lotro since I stopped playing and to have it happen when it did was quite a stomach punch. I have kinmates at the cap doing 120 endgame stuff and actually thought they were still working their way towards the ring event. Anybody else taken back by this? Im glad this didnt cost me any money, I'd surely be upset if the "climax" of this game were to be in the first area of the expansion and I actually paid real world dollars for it. Im still going to trek through Mordor at a leisurely pace and finish up, but the fact that what I am playing for happened quickly and easily in the beginning still gnaws at me. After 11 years this is the best they could do?
  9. What a clusterfuck. SSG make Turbine look like a competent developer https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?660351-Cord-of-the-Rings-Summarised-12-7&p=7798545#post7798545
  10. Altreg01

    EA, p2w, and lootboxes

    I was going to start a topic but I was beaten to it. https://theintercept.com/2017/12/08/video-games-loot-boxes-gambling-gaming-star-wars-battlefront-2/
  11. Altreg01

    How DEAD is LOTRO to YOU?

    Lotro is so dead to me that seeing the movies on TBS used make me want to log in and play again, now I wont even watch the movies because they remind me of how shitty this game has become and how much Turbine and SSG destroyed my favorite game.
  12. Do they have stuff devoted to the Sap™ years. A whole set of quests where you are told to go fuck yourself and then get banned. Cant have a 10 year celebration without him
  13. Right around the beginning of this year I decided to dust off my trusty lotro account and give it a whirl. While hardly ground breaking the content around and after Helms Dump wasnt too bad and some was quite enjoyable. Then I hit level cap. Holy hell is this endgame flower picking/FA grind fucking horrible. Made me wish I was doing anything else in the world. I could not believe how unenjoyable and grindy it was. Run one FI, then 4 dailies in North Ithelien <spelling> then pick flowers. The amount of grind to put essences in this slottable armor is unreal. I was really somewhat ok with the game until that point. I could even stomach getting forced to do a handful of those shitty Epic Battles in the book quests. I dont know what they were thinking with this but its such a lame ass horrible idea. I did manage to get my mini somewhat geared, but the though of doing all of that endless mindless grind again turned me right off. I renewed my sub and cancelled that bitch before I could get billed for my second month. What a disappointment. I knew lotro was a shell of itself, but heard it was improved, and yes it was improved a bit, i found it enjoyable enough to not only take some of my spare time but also some spare cash. Then came the flowers. Endless endless flowers. Endless dailies and endless FIs. It was like going back to your ex girlfriend...oh yeah, thats why I dumped her ass. Lesson learned
  14. Altreg01

    ESO housing

    Ditto. I tried so hard to get into this game and it just doesnt happen. My good friend stretching back to D2 days leads a guild in this game and Ive tried many times to play with him. Honestly a freaking auction hall would do more to get me to try this game than housing or other fluff
  15. Altreg01

    And then there was Beornings

    Didnt they start at level 50 at one point because they never got around to actual leveling progression? Im definitely enjoying my fleeting time in ME, but dont plan on ruining it with a Beorning, but Im bigly curious about the class itself