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  1. Altreg01

    Moria soon on LS?

    Ahh thats the emote from the 3.5K TP bundle? I was wondering what the fuck that was from, constantly filling my chat panel in the 21st. I got a tidy little sum of TP stored up, I sure as hell aint blowing on dwarf candles and an emote Saw an LFF 1/3 for the watcher, brought that up in kin chat and was told it was solo'd by a bear...
  2. Altreg01

    Moria soon on LS?

    Yeah they just announced it on the OF
  3. Altreg01

    22 Hours

    Figured I'd share this again...
  4. Altreg01

    22 Hours

    Im not following this closely, so I do not know what they are actually doing, but whatever it is they fucked up, and I wouldn't be surprised if its non reversible like corrupting the character database. There is no way of coming back from something as catastropic as that. "Here's 500 free TP for everybody on Arkenstone as we wiped all your characters."
  5. Altreg01

    no connection after DL

    That's optimism, they are still allowing downloads
  6. Altreg01

    22 Hours

    Nobody could fuck this game up more that WB/Turbine. SSG:Hold my beer I'm seriously wondering of this is the end, it all goes down with a failed hardware move I hope they give us free scented candles for all of this downtime too
  7. Altreg01

    22 Hours

    Mind blown
  8. Altreg01

    22 Hours

    My LS kin has a rift raid scheduled for tomorrow night. What are the chances it happens? Not holding my breath for this one
  9. Altreg01

    22 Hours

    I cant see anything bad happening with this. They hope to open them early? More likely they hope to open them by the weekend
  10. Altreg01

    Moria soon on LS?

    Does anybody follow +Cord of the rings (is it a blog or a podcast??)? Its been mentioned on my kin's discord that there was a part of it concerning Moria on the LS. I dont remember exact quote but it alluded to Moria happening sooner than later and some suggesting before the end of the month. Like predicted, SoA landscape is getting dull and losing players fast. Part of me wants Moria ASAP, and another part of me that just started an RK wouldnt mind a few more weeks to level him and get a few rifts out of him
  11. Altreg01

    Another Attempt to Bump the Login Numbers...

    I do not do festivals, even after 11 years Ive done maybe one back in the first year or so, I accept the quest and toss the map as soon as it pops then delete the quest if I have to. I have no idea what hobbnonigans is, or if that is even spelled correctly. I guess I shouldnt be surprised they are a direct gateway to the store. Now we all know why there are more times when a festival is running than when there is no festival
  12. Altreg01

    Has anybody seen this?

    That was the same one from here? Yes I read that from top to bottom, my mind must be gettting mushy because parts of it I strictly do not remember. Man I feel like an idiot now. The party where there Hydts <sp> were brought up should have rung a bell 🤣 Edit: The color schemes of that forum are horrid, if I highlight it I see the first question is from you regarding PVP. Holy shit Im getting old
  13. Altreg01

    Has anybody seen this?

    Im just stumbling across this now, never seen it posted here or anywhere... http://jaq.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=10796464
  14. Altreg01

    Where is Fernando Paiz?

    Thats the Onion
  15. Altreg01

    The Missing 2019 Producer Letter & Severlin?

    Statement of the Year!!