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  1. A few years ago this pandemic would have been a dream come true for me. Nothing but free time to dedicate to lotro. Now when I see that unused icon on my desktop I throw up in my mouth a little and get angry about how they destroyed the game. Does this free to play also include the not so "Legendary" Servers?
  2. So now they are in Rohan, has mounted combat ever been fixed or is it a rubberband festival still? Id love to log in and see whats left of my kin and the server but paying a sub aint worth it. Ive been enjoying Grim Dawn, its everything D3 should have been, at least somebody listened to the masses
  3. Maybe you should do the Lotro stuff, they fuck that up continually
  4. This article basically touts everything that has gone wrong with the game (my personal views) as being everything they've done right. I was never in it for the cloaks and my house, but for the challenging and sometimes overwhelmingly difficult game play. At least we agree on the store and monetization. After giving the LS a try which held my attention for a few months I can say I have finally cut the cord on Lotro. There is no non store fix in sight for the LI debacle and Im way too far behind to even try and catch up, and that would have to be first and foremost for me to even consider this game again.
  5. We will continue to fuck this game up and wring every last penny from the whales and addicts
  6. Altreg01

    World War 3

    Working class?? Cadet Bone Spurs who suggested his HS education at NYMA (in my home town) was like being in the service?
  7. Altreg01

    World War 3

    Remember, we are talking about the self described stable genius that says "Windmills cause cancer". 2 mistakes in a 3 word sentence, they are turbines and their is zero proof they cause cancer. Ill admit I do have one thing in common with that idiot, I'd fuck Ivanka too
  8. You know lotro is bad when I'd rather play D3...
  9. Definitely a pipe dream, if this were to happen somebody has to pump a shit load of cash into a dying broken game with probably zero return on their investment. I would definitely be happy as hell if this happened but aint counting on it
  10. They do learn, they learn that suckers will keep paying for this abuse. Quite brilliant actually
  11. Spent a good part of the day yesterday on Anor, yeah I know it was a weekday, but I did not see one other player in the northern reaches of Dunland and the only LFF chat I saw was some poor soul trying to get a Grand Stair quest/deeds run. I'd assume there was probably a player or 3 at Lagtrev but I never made it there. Not sure how long ago Dunland launched (several level 75s in my kin that havent logged on for 30 days or more) or if it includes the Great River dead zone. Due to it finally being the offseason at work I will probably hang on to this through Rohan. No fucking way will I play this game with the imbued legendaries as they are currently set up now. They were a huge reason I quit live way back and I wont go through that shit again.
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