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  1. Altreg01

    World War 3

    Working class?? Cadet Bone Spurs who suggested his HS education at NYMA (in my home town) was like being in the service?
  2. Altreg01

    World War 3

    Remember, we are talking about the self described stable genius that says "Windmills cause cancer". 2 mistakes in a 3 word sentence, they are turbines and their is zero proof they cause cancer. Ill admit I do have one thing in common with that idiot, I'd fuck Ivanka too
  3. Back from the dead as of about 9pm EST
  4. Altreg01

    I had dream about LOTRO

    You know lotro is bad when I'd rather play D3...
  5. Altreg01

    I had dream about LOTRO

    Definitely a pipe dream, if this were to happen somebody has to pump a shit load of cash into a dying broken game with probably zero return on their investment. I would definitely be happy as hell if this happened but aint counting on it
  6. Altreg01

    Black Friday Sale (and New Item)

    They do learn, they learn that suckers will keep paying for this abuse. Quite brilliant actually
  7. Altreg01

    Legendary Servers = Failed Experiment?

    Spent a good part of the day yesterday on Anor, yeah I know it was a weekday, but I did not see one other player in the northern reaches of Dunland and the only LFF chat I saw was some poor soul trying to get a Grand Stair quest/deeds run. I'd assume there was probably a player or 3 at Lagtrev but I never made it there. Not sure how long ago Dunland launched (several level 75s in my kin that havent logged on for 30 days or more) or if it includes the Great River dead zone. Due to it finally being the offseason at work I will probably hang on to this through Rohan. No fucking way will I play this game with the imbued legendaries as they are currently set up now. They were a huge reason I quit live way back and I wont go through that shit again.
  8. Altreg01

    Legendary Servers = Failed Experiment?

    Something like that. Havent been on in a long while, did little river or whatever is next launch yet? Currently doing some D3 in my rare spare time, no time for an MMO and surely no time for Lotro. I think if finally finally died for me. SoA and MoM were its last hurrah with me
  9. Altreg01

    Legendary Servers = Failed Experiment?

    Havent played in a month, SoM just didnt make me want to keep playing, I'd love to pop in on a rare day off today and say hello to what's left of my kin, but I'd have to drop $15 for that. I knew the LSs would definitely run their course for me, Im just not sure if Im surprised that it ended so soon or if I lasted that long.
  10. I really dont want to wade into this quagmire, but that wrestling pic that is a biological female that wants to wrestle against MALES but isnt allowed, and far as equal pay our (Im American) women's team is heads and shoulders above our men's mess and probably deserves more pay, they actually win games. I do not follow traditional football, but Im pretty sure our men's team has never made it out of the first round (if thats the correct terminology) whereas our women's team is 4? times WC champs? I have no idea who pays theys players, but strictly speaking US Women's Soccer >>> US Men's. When you wade into other sports, they are strictly capitalistic ventures and no way could the WNBA command NBA salaries, attendance and other figures prove it, but with the US National Soccer Teams the opposite is totally true
  11. If they are like kinder eggs and kinder eggs are illegal...his arguement is invalid 🤣
  12. Kinder Eggs are illegal in the States
  13. Altreg01

    Did Mirk actually launch?

    Haha, thought I also read someplace that mob difficulty was adjusted levels 61-80 something. Ill be lucky if I get on before Sunday and my Warden which Ive ignored at kin request for moar healers is just 57. Now of course we have 12 level capped RKs and an handful of minnies making my RK a waste of time. Looks like Ill have Moria all to myself
  14. I thought I read somewhere that Mirk launched this week. My kin's discord is quiet and havent seen any posts here about it. Kind of like "if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it does it make a sound?"