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  1. Altreg01

    Other MMOs?

    Yes their choice, no real issues with it, but I for one will probably never play another MMO again this side of the remains of LOTRO. Like stated by others the grind required just to catch up with the current state of any long running MMO is beyond what Im willing and able to put into it. Would have loved to have game with my son and his friends, a great group of guys, the last time we gamed together was their brief stint into D3 two or three summers ago
  2. Altreg01

    Other MMOs?

    They are leaning towards WOW, I wont follow them there, I will definitely muck around on lotro for the time being especially to see the utter destruction if that loot box ban law passes
  3. Altreg01

    This is gonna hurt SSG

    https://thehill.com/policy/technology/442690-gop-senator-announces-bill-to-ban-manipulative-video-game-design?fbclid=IwAR3n-SQ_aVoxp9bNGZ_wZ8SLJyQuo3GT6Ol8xWNC52DYePXiT7BbTHwPkBA&fbclid=IwAR2m1nK20eF8WasfnMS079OcSbN4R50-zSGyWFxJ_fki_ArXKzSRW0ckgn4 Buh bye Lotro if this gets passed
  4. Altreg01

    Other MMOs?

    Being a long time gamer, but pretty uninterested lately Im yearning for a new game. My son, also a gamer since he was old enough (would that be bad parenting or good??) is on his way home from his first year in college this week and asked me if I was still playing LOTRO. He mentioned he and his friends want to try an MMO and was asking me about them. My son has had a F2P account on LOTRO in the past, but his one friend is dead fast against LOTRO was asking me about others. Ive dabbled in GW2, and ESO not much to my liking though. He mentioned the Star Wars MMO, is that any good? Part of me wishes they would play LOTRO as starting an established MMO for the first time generally sucks and I could reroll with them on the not so Legendary Servers and not feel totally lost and out of place. Any suggestions?
  5. This is on the LS, Anor. Yes my kin WAS one of the spammer kins (which thankfully stopped a good month ago). Good mix of causal and hardcore players, quite a few that have been around a while, some still play live servers, many are old school returning for one last shot. Like I was stating above, I'd bet its a good snapshot of the server overall with better than 80% that stopped in and gave it a shot now long gone. Did a Turtle PUG a few days back and it was good to see that Doro character there
  6. I havent done any of these raids before the make over, but half kin/half pug smoked the turtle, and only took 3 tries to get the watcher strat down. We took that half and half into DN and cruised to Flagit, but some people are just too stupid to do the eye mechanic and stop attacking at the right time so after numerous tries I had to bail as it was getting late. It was enjoyable and not insanely hard, kind of in the right spot to allow for some pugs and non hardcore players to run some of this. As for me my RK is over the cap on tact mastery, just below on crit, and way too low Morale wise and fared well. As a middle of the road player it kind of all just felt where it should be. Hardcore raiding kins will find this too easy and a slap in the face, not sure if there are T2 and T3 yet to make up for it
  7. Which is probably representative of the LS as a whole, maybe 75-80% of the players that started it are no longer active. They probably made a few gold coins the first month or 2, but wonder now if the remaining players are worth the effort they have to put into it (which is shitty at best)
  8. Of the remaining active players in my large kin on the LS, a large majority still play live, a big handful are those (myself included) who used to play, and a small, small percentage are actual new players. If my kin was an accurate representation of the server as a whole, about 80% were current players anyway, about 19% are old players giving it one last shot, and the remaining 1% are actually new players. To be generous to the SSG I'd guess maybe 15-20% of LS players are "new" money, money they would not be making without the LS. My kin is fucking huge, 22 pages of characters, but I'd guess 19 of those pages are players that have not logged on since long before Moria dropped, so right there 80% of my kin which formed at launch doesnt play anymore
  9. Altreg01

    Moria soon on LS?

    Ahh thats the emote from the 3.5K TP bundle? I was wondering what the fuck that was from, constantly filling my chat panel in the 21st. I got a tidy little sum of TP stored up, I sure as hell aint blowing on dwarf candles and an emote Saw an LFF 1/3 for the watcher, brought that up in kin chat and was told it was solo'd by a bear...
  10. Altreg01

    Moria soon on LS?

    Yeah they just announced it on the OF
  11. Altreg01

    22 Hours

    Figured I'd share this again...
  12. Altreg01

    22 Hours

    Im not following this closely, so I do not know what they are actually doing, but whatever it is they fucked up, and I wouldn't be surprised if its non reversible like corrupting the character database. There is no way of coming back from something as catastropic as that. "Here's 500 free TP for everybody on Arkenstone as we wiped all your characters."
  13. Altreg01

    no connection after DL

    That's optimism, they are still allowing downloads
  14. Altreg01

    22 Hours

    Nobody could fuck this game up more that WB/Turbine. SSG:Hold my beer I'm seriously wondering of this is the end, it all goes down with a failed hardware move I hope they give us free scented candles for all of this downtime too
  15. Altreg01

    22 Hours

    Mind blown