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  1. Sniff, well that was intense. How lovely to see so many of you around in our final hours though. There were some very red eyes in the office! You guys have been brilliant, in every way. Thanks so much for the support, for the kind messages and for playing with us. Let's hope we can group up and kill some stuff together as "civilians" on the US service Please keep in touch!
  2. Hey MueR and, I just spotted the beautiful banner at the top, thank you so much *sniff* Oh dear, I hope I don't cry next Tuesday, that will completely ruin my ice queen facade... <3
  3. At which point is it professionally acceptable for me to respond to this? Next week? Never? Please advise.
  4. I've taken the morning off especially to read the forums! Why can't you do maintenance at 3am?
  5. I linked him, though I'm kind of liking our "secret" Dnote-less place...
  6. Beat me to it! Yes, the forums are back online. Apologies for the downtime. Please see the forum announcements for more info.
  7. Hi guys, yes, we had to take them down as we have some issues. It does look as though it will be the morning before this is resolved due to the time now. Luckily we have these forums to congregate on Apologies for the inconvenience! Edit: If the do come back before then and I'm still awake, I'll let you know.
  8. Satine


    Hey hey! Ohhh, I haven't got a ban button, boooooo Going to bash the heck out of that report button, muuuahahahah. I feel freeee, FREEEEEE! Ahem, on a serious note, hello chaps. I hope to be able to pop in from time to time. Stay in touch and all that Satine.
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