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  1. Het was een geweldig jaar! Bedankt dat jij er onderdeel van bent geweest.

  2. Trotse mama voor het eerst met Medea naar buiten :)

  3. Je weet dat je met hopeloze kutsoftware zit te werken als de installer "This software requires Vista Service Pack 2" roept.... onder Windows 7 SP1.

  4. If it's routing issues that makes sense - disable all superfluous traffic, or use reroutes that don't support it. Routing at the datacenter level can screw up a lot of stuff at the ICMP level (ping/trace). They're just warning that it can actually fail, so that you know it's not unexpected or a sign of a bigger failure.
  5. Thankfully they are. Tachy isn't a tool that any sane mod will ever use in a civilized discussion, because yes then you have users that will notice and complain, and the user himself will notice. I remember however using it once on a guy who was just trolling to be trolling, which is the kind of user that just aims for the flamewar and doesn't EXPECT meaningful replies, he EXPECTS to be ignored, just hopes he won't be. I'd banned the guy 5 times or so, he came back with clones from open proxies, so I put him in Coventry. After 2 weeks (!) he left forever, either because he thought the community had agreed to ignore him and thus his trolling was useless, or he found out and was pissed about wasting 2 weeks of his life. Either way, I did the community a great favor with a great feature Tachy is a dangerous and rightfully controversial tool but certainly has its uses.
  6. I think here it boils down to 'I agree not to flame and troll.'
  7. There's 2 actually: the red one with an 'x' in there in the top right of the window, and the left arrow in the top left
  8. Freedom of speech is actually not a government thingy but a fundamental core right of the citizens of most Western countries. The thing is that freedom comes in many forms which aren't necessarily incompatible, while you enjoy free speech any individual or corporation enjoys the right to use their property as they deem fit. Hence, it makes complete sense that Turbine is allowed to shun you from their company servers and facilities for exerting your free speech
  9. Niels

    Busy times

    And for the record - that's not a linear number. Having 10 times as many visitors probably increases the system load rather by a factor 2 than 10.
  10. Niels


    That's not what your mother said last night.
  11. Niels


    You really are begging to discover the meaning of iptables and what people can do with them huh
  12. Boromir still has a lot of important work to do before he can be ceremonially buried
  13. Don't you mean Soon™?
  14. Example of how it looks on the serverside: - - [08/May/2011:02:21:54 +0200] "GET /forum/topic/32-show-us-your-favourite-cosmetic-outfit/ HTTP/1.1" 200 17677 "-" "facebookexternalhit/1.1 (+http://www.facebook.com/externalhit_uatext.php)" That's the IP they connect from, the time they connected, the 'resource' they were asking for, the response code (200 means 'OK'), the size of the response (17677 bytes), the referrer ('-' means empty) and last but not least their identification string, indicating there's more info to be found at http://www.facebook.com/externalhit_uatext.php
  15. WB isn't exactly a company known for its caring qualities...
  16. Why am I suddenly getting flashbacks to Microsoft ISA Server, the 'Internet Security and Acceleration' proxy that couldn't keep cookies connected to the right user way back in the last century?
  17. Niels


    You're forgetting the option of me being the worst Bastard you've ever met: one that can ban and fire people
  18. That could be related of course to their other apparent problems with session safekeeping.
  19. vBulletin requires you to re-enter your current account password whenever you change anything that could lead to hijacking, such as your email address or password. Hence a session hijack cannot lead to an account hijack without further exploits being used. Worst damage is posting under another person's account and seeing hidden forums.
  20. I don't see a problem with having a topic, or perhaps a handful of them, on the subject(s). I just don't think it's in anyone's benefit if the entire forum would be about it
  21. As you may have gathered this is also our first test case with IPBoard, but I can assure you that we're very happy with overall quality and ease of administration so far.
  22. Based on your description I'd say their CDN and/or loadbalancers are 'fubar', matching wrong session credentials to some connections, effectively meaning you get someone else's 'cookie' and thus their login identity. Rather a nasty problem if so, because it does mean you could accidentally end up on an admin's account. vBulletin is however secured rather well in that an admin needs to reenter the password when editing posts or banning users, so apart from seeing some hidden forums the security leak is limited to information I suppose.
  23. I don't see what this has to do with MueR's post? All he's saying is that this forum is not intended to be either anarchy nor a free haven to flame and troll anyone without limits. This is a community forum with its own rules, and that includes a lot of free speech (but not unlimited) and no further agenda than being a pleasurable place to be for the LOTRO community. There will even be a bias: to make sure everyone has a good time here, and that obviously means people spoiling other people's good times will still get warnings and potentially even bans. That's how communities work - you sift out the bad weeds so the good ones can flourish.
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