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  1. I honestly don't see what your problem is with the whole thing. So Turbine broke the law, most American companies conduct illegal activities anyhow, It's not like WB is going to open up their mailboxes and immediently be on the phone to their legal department. I'm all for protecting your rights and claiming a refund should you find significant evidence to back you up, but I fear that this will just give Turbine and excuse to hush away the little 'mess' they've made.. Unless you threaten them with legal action then the liklihood of them making any significant changes is very unlikely
  2. Not at college until September 7th to study Psychology, and going to Spain on August 10th so, pretty much a field day for me in terms of what I can do :3 -Tiger(Wyn)
  3. I just never felt comfortable wearing glasses on my face in public. The idea of having something on my face while been watched never really appealled to me ^.^ My lenses are now a lot more comfortable, they don't catch on my eyelids anymore and I hardly realise they're there, unless I'm tired, at which point they get a little restless and cause a fuss in my eye! -Tiger(WYN)
  4. I thought I'd do take the liberty of creating a ROI discussion thread here on the unofficial forums, seen as the CM forums no longer apply to us. So do what we usually do, feel free to discuss any aspect of the ex-pac, be it cosmetics, mounts, regions, raids or anything =D -Tiger(Wyn)
  5. Ok so I was just about to pre-order the Isengard ex-pac for 40$ and as I do with everything, I look around for what the current universal rates are and this is what I found 40.00 USD = 24.5241 GBP Ok that is fair enough, but when pre-ordering said expansion, Turbine charge just under 30pounds. Isn't this a little unfair on European players? Turbine making up their own rates? -Tiger(Wyn)
  6. Thankyou Cossie! This was turning into a 'look at my cat' thread xD Beautiful cats people! -Tiger(Wyn)
  7. Falling for Skyrim even more each day :') Can't wait for the new Halo trilogy, should be exciting Saw the MS Conference, gameplay of Modern Warfare 3, apparantly it's been upgraded quite a bit in terms of graphics and scale, Gears 3...etc etc -Tiger(Wyn)
  8. I've got two puppies, Alfie (AKA Mittens) is only like 4-5 months old. Bailey is over a year old now Both Cavalier King Charles. Make no mistake, them be some troublesome pups Nice kittens guys, although I'm allergic to them so ^^ -Tiger(Wyn)
  9. Hmm. Halo:Reach Call Of Duty: BlackOps Battlefield 2142 and 2 (Old I know) Both great online games Sims 3 Red Alert 3 Doom 3 (I replay it once every year in homage to id' amazing work) I was playing Dragon Age: Origins, which is quite good but..after all the times you need to replay in order to 100% it -Tiger(Wyn)
  10. Ok =) This is my puppy Bailey at..3 months old I think (He's much bigger now) The beautiful Gibralter Rock! And here is Bailey over a year old
  11. Meh, my ping is fine I'm on PlusNet (ISP) In the UK and honestly I rarely lag, even in raids! -Tiger(Wyn)
  12. Nice to see Turbine using their creative sides
  13. I was having fun leveling a new Hobbit hunter on Firefoot ^^ Oh well time to check on my minny on Eldar! -Tiger(Wyn)
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