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  1. Read the linked posts from the German part of the forum. The mySQL server allowed anonymous access from the web and contained all (>1.2M!) account details. Reason enough to take things downs. And nice communication again from Turbine...
  2. Took them 13 days to resolve my ticket about missing RoI points. Two other tickets concerning LTA points missing were solved just within a week.
  3. Tried using a house chest?
  4. What a let down after all the other proposed changes to Wardens and Champions. And they know it given half of the article is only reasurring words...
  5. Well I can't blame Turbine. Like alot of other people I have been saving TP to buy RoI and was a bit annoyed I could only use $$$ to pay for the pre-order. On the other hand $50,- once a year is not that much to spend on daily entertainment. Not even if you have 3 accounts. Only fools believe Turbine can keep the servers running and content coming without people buying stuff. Be it on a subscription, TP or a yearly expansion... So yes, they got my money and I hope they spend it well!
  6. Still waiting for them to resolve the 3 tickets I made for all my accounts missing June TP
  7. I'm on MueR with this one. Playing last night will a fellowship used to having ~25ms ping and people just would not stop complaining. The game feels sluggish and it's damn annoying. Almost as annoying as all those people telling others they will get used to it. It sucks and it's a degradation of perceived quality for ALOT of people. I tried with a paid (QoS) transatlantic link which improved the link a bit (10-10-60-10-10) to (10-10-40-10-10) but its still 80ms compared to the 20ms I am used too... And I hate it.
  8. Grimdoin

    E3 2011

    Sapience posted on twitter more info on E3 is due "Incredisoon"
  9. Had a look at the starter area on Laurelin; Spaceman and Sexyfish... Hope the GM's can keep up with the tickets
  10. Before: 20-25ms After: 100-110ms Did some instancing last night and it didn't really show. Had no lagspikes or such.
  11. Friendslist is missing; rest seems fine...
  12. I just compared current Double Point Deal with the one Codemasters had in February... No complaining there!
  13. Ah sorry, I was meaning to quote on Borf and his question where to check your account status (ie free, vip)... Seemingly there are some problems with the sub thingy and they are telling people to buy a 60day timecard for the first period: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?&postid=5415677#post5415677
  14. You need to login to http://myaccount.turbine.com/ in order to view your account details...
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