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  1. 20th November 2013. No mention of any delays in putting it on the in-game store.
  2. Boy, there are some exceptional levels of moronics in this thread from 2 posters regarding playstyles, but really, I'm not too surprised when it comes to one of them. Also, failed MMO? I would think being around for 10 years is not a failure, but maybe my criteria for something being considered a failure is different to others.
  3. Suppose I should update Bullroarer and see what the next build brings.
  4. Now if only my powers of predictions would work with the Euromillions numbers.
  5. Awww, but that means the Heydts can no longer play.
  6. There's always that little spark of hope that Mordor will be a good expansion, which will be there until it gets extinguished by the game-play. Performance wise, I've not had a crash since I came back, and there's been times when I've been playing for a few hours. I've not gotten to Dagorlad just yet tho, so not sure what will be the case when I do. Just questing doesn't seem to be too much of a strain on resources tho, I'm sure it would be different in group settings.
  7. I've actually been playing more because of the upcoming anniversary. On the 12th April, it was 10 years since I created my first 5 characters. I'm currently taking Vorontur through North Ithilien.....
  8. It's the whole having to have 7-8 different conversational threads going at one time when I'm doing Advice Session Supervision.
  9. Exactly. My brain does more hyperthreading than LOTRO does.
  10. The attacker was known to the Police, apparently.
  11. One of them died, thankfully. Sadly, he was treated by medics, they should've just let the cunt bleed out. Sad for the other 3 who died. The guy has already been named by non-media types as a Hate preacher. No need to guess which religion he purports to represent.
  12. I say it's pretty well set up for Vikings to take over all you fucks now. I think I've been biding my time for just about long enough now.
  13. Well, the Dutch elections were interesting. Wilders party didn't make the gains that were widely expected and got around 19 seats, which is 4 more than last time. The Christian Democrats also gained seats, and will have 19, whereas they had 13 last time, so had a better result than Geert Wilders party. The Liberals still are the biggest party, but they look like they lost about 10 seats, ending up with 31 seats. The Social Democrats appear to have gone into free-fall, going from 38 seats to 9 seats. Coalition government most likely. But none will include Geert Wilders. I should say, these are exit poll numbers.
  14. what the hell....I thought something stank in here
  15. Sorry to hear about your issues, Spiteful. I wish you all the best.
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