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  1. Hi all.

    I have this same problem when i start lotro invoker, it keeps downloading those different screens for languaged, FR, DE, EN, over and over, each time i start it.

    Is there a solution for this, it's realy annoying! ;)

  2. To quote Holskabard from our forums:

    Holskabard: As soon CM forums are back up and confirmed it's save,

    best change your passwords, a lot of vbulletin sites have been hacked over the past few days,

    messing with user data.

    Maby very good suggestion ;)

  3. big-brother-is-watching-you_thumbna.png

    Turbine (not only them) will not let you criticize them and their product on their forums.

    Forget about that. No matter how much you are right, even more, bigger reason for you to be silenced.

    If they wrong you only way to go is to be silent about it and accept it or face forum ban.

    We are used to criticize them on CM forums, lets see how many ppl will get banned when they try that on Turbine forums, and I say again, no matter if you're absolutely right.

    This was c/p of my post on CM forums about Turbine forum.

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