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  1. I agree on skills or profession oriented college-education, which has to be narrow in a way. However management roles and jobs which (should) involve creativity - the course you took in the end is not so important. Usually people from the arts have all necessary skill- and mindsets to run projects and even businesses. It all comes down to the person. I actually would doubt actor less than a person with finance, law or marketing background...
  2. Teachings are interpretations of so called holy texts. Actually, all traditional religions like all forms of christianity, islam, buddhism, judaism etc. talk about the same just with other symbols, mainly focusing on love and peace, essentially it means, that the thing which is called "god" is the same everywhere. Now cult and primitive interpretations, as well as teachings of "churches" is not the essence of religion, to my understanding, its perverted exploitation of the essence religion for various selfish purposes. How people can take things so literally nowadays is beyond my understanding. Solution lies in education, culture studies and cooperation, however in our material world we somehow prefer other things unfortunately.
  3. Stalin and Hitler both replaced function of religion with their own ideology. I personally see nothing bad in religion - it was a way of transferring knowledge and values, as well as controlling, of course. However wisdom and history is there, as well as ways of dealing with your inner self (psychology). Problem is extremism and primitive interpretation of symbolic texts- not islam, and not religion itself. Another problem is, that we can't fight evil with evil (guns with guns), but we still strive to. This situation of infringement of freedom might unfortunately influence restrictions of freedoms... Hats of to brave cartoonists. #JeSuisCharlie
  4. Concerning money - ESO and SWTOR at the moment. Time is more valuable, though, so I spend much less of it on these.
  5. A lot of stuff could be solved by investing into space colonisation. Give them all a planet, or a moon, or asteroid and problem solved. No borders, you go round and whole ball is yours!!
  6. Or move into time wormhole and find EC after crossing the bridge.
  7. E. A. Poe has some nice short stories (Berenice, The Black Cat). From King's stuff I'm quite fond of Carrie. Somehow I also recalled this Sci-Fi thing which really shocked me while reading it (which does not happen often). It is kind-of underdog series of Christopher Rowley, which is sometimes called The Vang trilogy. It is about Alien-like parasitic creatures which melt any life-form into horrible militaristic abominations to conquer whole worlds. There are 3 books, Starhammer (which is said to have influenced Halo story), Vang: Military Form, and Vang: Battle master. I remember 2nd and 3rd one being horrific to the point of being gross. It is quite a while ago since I did the reading, so maybe its not a good suggestion... Maybe someone else will remember and confirm or deny this.
  8. Some of the people I know quit smoking right away after having one or another type of stroke. For me main problems are not physiological, but psychological ones. What tends to help me, is to avoid situations which encourage me to smoke. usually it is solution to something or a social habit. In example, if its a way to calm yourself down, you could try to find ways to lower the stress or replace smoking with some of the breathing techniques etc. And of course, all advices sound easy, but are hard to implement
  9. Crow

    Ukraine 2014

    I completely agree about power and everything! Power politics, power relations and power games brought great trouble since the beginning of known history. In my case I indeed had in mind power more as "powers", you know, as the Valar Or feeling of common sense in people. Broader sense. Powers to oppose power and its manipulations, perhaps.
  10. Crow

    Ukraine 2014

    Everything is possible with all that chaos which is happening there! Things are also harder to understand when all sides are using information and bend it towards their position, as well as "propagandise" it. Fighter jet version, as I remember, was given on Russian TVs more or less right after the crash and evidence was provided (more or less, this): http://rt.com/news/174412-malaysia-plane-russia-ukraine/ Malaysian defence minister for some reason does not believe so, apparently: http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2014/08/10/MH17-unlikely-shot-by-fighter-jet-Hisham-feels-surfacetoair-missile-brought-down-illfated-MAS-aircra/ A lot of stuff still classified... if some undeniable evidence exists, maybe they want to be sure that its valid (or to be sure it looks like valid ) Maybe the truth will come out, maybe just in 50 years, who knows. In any case, something went really wrong there. Although my guts somehow tell me responsibility lies on Putins side, any political and/or military power are no saints, and its important to keep mind open for assumptions, not to fall for any type of propaganda, remaining vigilant and train critical thinking... Most horrible part, we try to analyse and discuss this, but real people have died (and keep dying in this and other conflicts in the world). And there is no power to put an end to this, disgusting.
  11. I would be interested in that! Bring it on, eagerly awaiting for your return.
  12. Very sad, one of my favourite actors as well. I think psychological or "spiritual" diseases are very much underrated. Its easy to fix broken leg or eat a bunch of pills and live Stepford-like existence. Very very sad. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j1Hq8L28Us
  13. About religion: of course everyone has a right to believe in what they want. However for everyone it would be better if their beliefs wouldn't hurt other peoples beliefs and freedoms. To my deep understanding religion as moral, psychological systems of values do not directly relate to physical world in any way (yes, they can be used and interpreted as they have, but that's quite direct and IMHO primitive approach). In example, any kind of "promised land" (as well as hell, heaven etc.) thing is clearly related to the state of being, not the particular physical piece of map. If these kind of delusions are thought to children in school, I'm pretty sure a lot of blood will be spilled... Any kind of possessiveness or feeling of superiority does not come from good and does not lead to good, if we look into history. What is funny, what we call "God" is the same for jewish faith, islam or christianity and always will be, no matter how much those who use religion to control others will want to prove otherwise. First of all we have the same genetic setup, so our brains etc. function in the same way. Even if some of us were from another planet, so less genetically related, it would still be true, as we all live in the same universe with the same principles. So, again, there are no "betters" or "badders" in this situation. All kind of military power, extremism and terrorism sucks. Both sides are responsible. To change the situation, you have to change education, culture and mentality, and this will not happen in one night (especially, when apparently both sides believe they fight kinda "holy" war, which is nonsense in itself).
  14. But, you see, I also think that moneys with watermark or whatever do not have real value as well. Bitcoin is a nice pun on this.
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