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  1. I could put in a plug for a 10 year old FPS game mod that I still play, lol. I hate suggesting anything from Ubisoft (ugh), but I recently picked up a copy of Assassin's Creed Revelations and have really enjoyed it - intriguing story line, lots of depth and detail, and pretty stunning gfx in my opinion. I play Minecraft too, for a total changed of pace
  2. Think there's an adobe plug-in issue, plays fine in Opera for me, but not in Firefox.
  3. Have I just been unobservant? How long have the Eriador and Rhovanion maps been updated? I notice most individual SoA zones retain their original map styles (save Archet and Bree-town),the overall Middle Earth map is also original, but Eriador and Rhovanion "regional" maps look so different... first time noticing today, wonder how long I've missed it...
  4. Nudging slightly more back on topic, I personally feel it's borderline ethics on their[Turby] part to have a pre-purchase without sufficient or even very specific information on what you are buying. (The specifics that ARE there are utterly trivial and of no solid "commitment" from Turbine on work output). I can see a pre-order, but a full on purchase with sketchy details and Turbine having all the wiggle room in the world to screw you... nope.
  5. "Why should Turbine make mounts account wide? It makes them money, sorry not going to happen." In other in more plain words, why should Turbine be anything but greedy... "I don't know what you're problem is, my kin has run Draiglitch 150,234 times in a row and he hasn't bugged. YOU are causing the bug with how you are playing, that's the only explanation." Gotta wonder if the devs have taken their cue from Microsoft, the originator of released-software-with-bugs-is-normal-and- expected, and the problem must lie between chair and keyboard...
  6. Oh yeah, totally agree. The original lag thread was more representative of players feelings and frustration. I get so disgusted, seeing Turby's gestapo-like methods of deleting/locking with some lame excuse (or even no reason given), thus allowing them to invoke the rule of no re-posting/discussing moderation when anyone, either knowingly or unknowingly, brings the unresolved/still valid issue up again.
  7. What says it all to me is this... Any issue that adversely affects Turbine: it's resolved like yesterday. Whole collections of issues adversely affecting players: unresolved for months, even years. More issues layered on top as time passes. I'm not referring to little annoyances, I mean breaking issues like death inducing/raid wiping lag, bugged (purchased) instances, "bugged" treasure drops (undelete-able and filled with trash), broken class skills, , PvP, login problems... list goes on. Anybody see the message saying "we care about our customers"? I must have missed it.
  8. http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?461403-Official-Hitching-Lag-Stable-Mount-Issues&p=6244511#post6244511 Stellar, absolutely stellar. Very slight (if any) improvement in lag or stable issues from all the comments (and my own experiences), and they now un-sticky the thread with nay a word. Does failing to fix constitute resolving it? They seem to be redefining communication as, well, the opposite. Hoping the thread dies away I suppose. Wouldn't want to have an unresolved/unfixed bug in sticky thread nice and obvious with a new expansion coming out now would we. <sigh> /sarcasm off
  9. Maybe the windmill smote the light aircraft to the ground and dashed it to pieces with the ban hammer?
  10. How about a large bearded crazy-quota-reached windmill swinging a ban-hammer with a ham radio antenna coming out the top? (ok, too many allusions)
  11. Taste and style are totally personal, but... honestly, it scared me. I don't think I want a cloak that looks like my own tail is poking through!
  12. Aye, but what about those of us with ham radios who aren't Sap?
  13. Are you on the same account as you were when VIP? If so, you will have unlocked many things (2G gold limit, stable rides, trait slots, 5 bags... others I can't remember) that will remain so now. I believe that once VIP you will never be true F2P, but instead Premium. You will have only a few skirmishes unless you bought more. 2 by default, then many get unlocked when you do the epics in Moria. Now while stables routes are unlocked, some do require deeds to use (such as complete X number of quests in Region Y, intermediate level... etc), and those you won't be able to use unless you own that region obviously. This is actually how I play now, was VIP briefly to unlock everything, then as I slowly grind TP I buy regions and vault/wardrobe space. Have bought enough TP cards in the past to feel like I supported and wasn't just a free loader.. Now I am purposely NOT giving them money.
  14. I screen capped the whole thread up through last night when I went to bed, so I'm sure I missed a few posts. I'm not a "basher" by nature, but I'm just ever more stunned by the arrogance and audacity they display... I mean, how dare we as customers expect decent treatment and, god forbid, customer service! They play by their own shifting (and often sh**y) self serving rules. Yes they need to make money, but as I've said sooo many times, it's a crappy biz that makes it's customers feel screwed. A GM could be totally lazy and dishonest, give a name that he saw on a player to a dev working on a new expansion as something would work for a NPC, then say "well, will just change the players name on him, no big deal. Not like he can DO anything about it!" I appreciated how many people stood up in that thread in support of the OP, and even to put Turby defenders in their place. Made me cheer
  15. Likewise, I routinely see skill lag and corpse loot lag during solo play. One time so bad that the skill cue lag never cleared out. I could run about the landscape as I pleased, but could not loot what was previous killed, nor for that matter use any skill. Absolutely. SoA has always struck me as a well-finished product.
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