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  1. Since I am not in any race against other players, I will be waiting until after the first Update before joining the masses in SW:TOR. I saw way too many bugs still present in the beta testing to convince me that they will be squashed by Live release. Good luck to all the early access players. I would make some sandwiches, turn on a TV programme, and settle back whilst you wait in the 1 hour queue. And have fun trying to complete the starting areas with a gazillion others taking all your mobs and camping on others...for days. TQQdles™, Dolnor "Chaos Is NEAR" Numbwit Eternal Newbie
  2. http://diasporafoundation.org/get_involved
  3. Founder Lifetime and I buy points bundles when I need them. I don't belive in the "lifetime free ride" aspect. I try to support what I enjoy...much like buying from the local mom-and-pops market rather than the supermarket...fresher products but a bit higher costs. TQQdles™, Dolnor Numbwit Eternally Eating Healthy
  4. I tested it and other than the cut-scenes with every quest, it is the same old formula for a standard MMO. NPCs who just stand there waiting to give out quests...they don't have lives other than standing there forever. I was hoping for something more for us PvE people. NPCs who could maybe walk around a bit, socialize with other NPCs...it soo much to ask for. I'll be playing LOTRO, LEGO Universe, Skyrim, Terraria, and testing a couple more Korean MMOs who are trying to enter the English-speaking gaming market. That "other game" is not on my list. TQQdles™, Dolnor Numbwit Eternal Newbie "Rain? RAIN? It Doesn't RAIN in San Diego!" -)
  5. On December 20, 2012...Turbine will celebrate that LOTRO has more subscribers than WoW. On December 21, 2012, the Earth will be destroyed. 'Nuff said! -)
  6. See this post which I posted in another thread. It is a repost of the message I posted in LOTRO forums.
  7. Reposted from my.lotro.com.... Greetings! I would suggest to everyone here... If you used the same password, with which you logged into LOTRO on other games and/or forums, that you also chang those passwords. Most people who play MMOs or post in forums get "known" around the Internet. If there is a digital-trail of your past postings / game playing, then the stolen password from Turbine WILL be tried on those other sites for access. This is just a word of caution! I always check any email that purports to come from official sites/games. If they are genuine, then I follow their instructions. So far, I've recieved about 100 phishing emails from Blizzard, Citibank, Jagex, NCSoft, etc. Out of the 100, only one could have been genuine...I do have an NCSoft account...but none of the others. To check the email from "Turbine": • Checked the full header of the email. • From the full header, I found: Received-SPF: pass (domain of returnpath.bluehornet.com designates as permitted sender) • I directed my browser to http://www.networksolutions.com/whois to look up the domain of bluehornet.com • I found the following ownership: ===> Registrant: Digital River, Inc. 10380 Bren Road West Minnetonka, MN 55344 US Domain Name: BLUEHORNET.COM Administrative Contact , Technical Contact : Digital River, Inc. hostmaster@digitalriver.com 10380 Bren Road West Minnetonka, MN 55344 US Phone: 952-253-1234 Fax: 952-253-8497 Record expires on 27-Feb-2014 Record created on 02-Mar-2005 Database last updated on 15-Oct-2006 • Digital River, Inc. are used by Turbine to download & verify the Isengard Expansion...so they are a trusted site. • Redirected the browser to https://myaccount.turbine.com • Followed the email instructions and clicked the "I forgot my password" to initiate the resetting of the password. • Noticed that it only asked for my Account Name...not any email address. This is vital since phishing sites would ask for the email but Turbine is relying on the one that the account was registered with...which is stored seperate from Account Name & Password data. • Clicked on the link to reset the password in the email received. • Came here to the Forums to see if the password was changed. It takes a few minutes to update Turbine's servers...so the first entry didn't work. But the second try worked fine. Hope this helps and isn't just another "Wall of Blah"! TQQdles™, Dolnor Numbwit Eternal Newbie Satine's Web Browser
  8. My first day in RoI was Epic! -) "My, that is a tall hut...my next henhouse!" TQQldes™, Dolnor Numbwit Eternal Newbie Sometimes Chicken! -)
  9. Good thing I still use Netscape 2.0 as a web browser and PowWow as a social media client! -)
  10. I guess I am one of those strange blokes that actually pay for points bundles even though I am a Lifer. Many (if not most) Lifers tend to see as just a freebie. I see LOTRO as a club...by helping subsidise the club, I help ensure that it will be around for a while longer. And yes, originally the Lifetime was £99.99 at the end of Beta but the US Founder's Lifetime cost was $200 USD....
  11. And the 3-day meeting between CCP and the elected Council of Stellar Management has concluded. Here is a link on massively.com detailing the whole thing. It also includes links to the statements by CCP and the CSM. There is also a video there by representatives of both sides. http://massively.joystiq.com/2011/07/02/ccp-responds-to-monoclegate-reaches-consensus-with-players/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Massively+%28Massively%29
  12. And think...he has to find WiFi hotspots everywhere he goes...unless he is using his own cellphone hotspot in the box? I sure hope his "poo-bucket" has a screw-on lid that is very secure. I'd hate to think what would happen if the box was "handled poorly" during transit! -) Just think how long he has to inhale his own farts in that box! -)
  13. It was closed on June 27...I logged in shortly after it was closed and sent to the archived...actually the LOCKED archive...since you can't even get to it via a normal back-door approach. http://community.codemasters.com/forum/off-topic-245/50739-attention-calistas-art-757.html#post7129095 I got a chance to go to E3 and see the new version before it was shelved. I didn't like what I saw and the community reacted negatively as well. Seeing how it whimpered and died is NOT a proper demise for any game...especially if it involves SACKING an entire game division...especially the founders who created the original IP content.
  14. I get so many emails from fake WoW, Guild Wars, and other games sites. In Internet Explorer, if you hover the mouse over the link, it will list the real url in the lower left of the window. Even in these times, so many people will automatically click on a link without investigating it first. Young and old, some people will never learn. Whois Lookup of the "Guildwars2beta.com" link reveals: Whois Server Version 2.0 Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered with many different competing registrars. Go to http://www.internic.net for detailed information. Domain Name: GUILDWARS2BETA.COM Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC. Whois Server: whois.godaddy.com Referral URL: http://registrar.godaddy.com Name Server: NS1.DARINGNETWORK.COM Name Server: NS2.DARINGNETWORK.COM Status: clientDeleteProhibited Status: clientRenewProhibited Status: clientTransferProhibited Status: clientUpdateProhibited Updated Date: 01-feb-2011 Creation Date: 01-sep-2010 Expiration Date: 01-sep-2011 >>> Last update of whois database: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 08:34:44 UTC <<< ArenaNet would never use GoDaddy.com to host their sites. Maybe I need to post some "freemoneynow" links and snare some fools? -) TQQdles™, Dolnor Numbwit "GiveMeYourCash.doh"
  15. Just finished testing Super Hero Squad Online and Forsaken World. Just bought Terraria and enjoying it. Online games I play now and then are... • LEGO Universe (other than LOTRO, I play this the most) • Pirates of the Caribbean Online • Onverse • Guild Wars • Free Realms • Mabinogi • InnRevival (mostly Yserbius)
  16. I cannot wear contact lenses. I have an eye phobia. Tidbit O' Trivia about Dolnor! -)
  17. I love Sigur Ros' music! -) Started listening to it when I found out that some of the actors in the LoTR movies listen to that music when in makeup for 3 hours.
  18. When I was playing DAoC, I was forced to change my surname from Numbwit to something else. I had 3 days to decide or a GM would pick it for me. Luckily I found another name... Oncunnynge! -) LOTRO used to have the same policy when it was released with SoA. They would give you 3 days to come up with a new name or it would be changed for you. Now it seems that if you get a bad GM, they will change it to whatever they want. Welcome to the new "improved" (read: corporation-minded) Turbine. "We are the Wolves and you are the Sheep"
  19. Just got back listening to the new music for the update to LEGO Universe...Nexus Tower! -)
  20. Laurelin is the "new shiny" to everyone in the US servers...everyone is noticing now. But eventually after everyone takes a look, the quality players will decide to migrate or stay where they currently reside. I am hoping the example that is Laurelin will rub off on the US servers in many positive ways! -)
  21. Ok, now that all y'all are partially virtually "over here", you need to learn some basics when talking to Americans. Understanding American English http://esl.about.com/od/britishamerican/a/american_english.htm Difference between American and British English http://esl.about.com/od/toeflieltscambridge/a/dif_ambrit.htm Also remember that many online gamers have friends from around the world but they still get tripped up by different words used in British English. For instance... The rear of the car is called "the trunk" and the front is called "the hood." They are called "cookies" not "biscuits." Words describing something exciting or fantastic differ between the various regions of the USA... we don't all use the same word across the nation. Enjoy your visit! Just don't move over here to Paradise...there are too many people here already!(San Diego, CA) TQQdles™, Dolnor Numbwit Eternal Troublemaker
  22. Turbine and Codemasters had the same tools needed to host events since beta of SoA. At the end of the SoA beta, much which has been done by Codies for events appeared at that time. They also spawned pigs that needed to be corraled and many many Ogres, Dragons, Drakes, etc. And I remember seeing a 50 foot tall +Satine helping promote people to level 50 to compete in the end-of-beta events! -) So the tools have always been there. Whether they were "allowed" to officially use them or not is the question.
  23. I don't know about calling people you meet at a LOTRO gathering by their toons' names. What happens if a kinmate usually plays a female human RK named Trixi...and is a 6 foot muscle-bound male? "Hey Trixi...we're over here!" -)
  24. I've never met anyone from the LOTRO community. But I did attend a few The Realm Online Gatherings, two DAoC Guild Gathering at Renaissance Faires, one official Mythic DAoC Road-Trip event, and one VIP Party held by NCSoft just before Guild Wars launched. As for LOTRO, all the kins I belong to either have members on the East Coast (I am West Coast) or they live in Australia! -*(
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