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  1. just been to nan wathren in the north downs and the mobs there are more of a challenge. the defiler still goes down way too easy tho. I have been able to use all my skills to get the mobs down (level 24 now fighting 3k elite mobs) Did 1,1k crit damage with thrash tier 3. I think this is just slightly OP
  2. I came back to check out the Beorning class. It's actually pretty good fun, extremely powerful however. I'm the only Beorning in the Kin at the moment (one guy is going to try it when they fix the mac store bug) There have been quite a few running around on Laurelin (a few even bought the gift of the valar to start at level 50). When I first logged in there were perhaps a good couple of dozen of them in Archet, which is why I decided to head to Celondim and level there
  3. OK, just back from a long sabbatical from all things LOTRO and checking out the forums. There is no way anyone can say exactly what would have happened if Scotland had voted yes. There was a great deal of pish on both sides, We voted no so that's the end of it. I would have enjoyed the banter, in the run up to the vote, in this thread if I had seen it. I did notice a certain bias, but that's life....
  4. Iorionael


    http://www.ndemiccreations.com/en/22-plague-inc worryingly addictive
  5. The two are tied together. The Japanese at the time were very much into the 'Samurai' thing. I.e. to the death/no surrender. They saw the Allies as less than human for surrendering, which is why the treated them as they did. The bomb made the Japanese realise that surrender *was* an option as they would be wiped out otherwise. They were all for fighting to the death and would have until the whole of the Japanese islands were taken, Those bombs saved lives. Unfortunately, as often happens, civilians took the brunt of the devastation. The war would have gone on for years imo. The Japanese emperor at the time was considered a god to everyone and renounced his divinity to ensure surrender. War is hell...
  6. I know I don't post much these days, but I still lurk a fair bit. I'm getting to the stage where I log in and go 'Meh' My mini main is level 96 and I just can't bring myself to log in and level to 100. Used to do instances every night with kin runs a couple of times a week. That was up until a couple of months ago. I tried the secret world and think it's really great but I'm just tired of the whole MMO thing atm. I've right into some of the lego games recently, playing them duo with my daughter or son and having a blast. I may come back at some point as I still have LOTRO installed. It's not missing from my life in any way that it used to
  7. Nailed it.... Double the work for the same pay
  8. Iorionael


    Pishin' down is the word I'd describe it as. rain hit about noon yesterday then the fog rolled in. Glad I didn't take ma coat off
  9. Sorry, just trying to adjust myself to the way they talk down there (Wife from Dudley, me from Edinburgh) If we order subway here, I order, as the lass behind the counter can't understand her. and Vica Versa down there... for your delictation...
  10. http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/politics/ukip-poster-next-to-no-poles-required-tent-ad-1-3392092 we got this two minutes from my work. and it's still there (saw it this morning) I'm 'emmigrating' to Brum in the next few months, maybe I'll need a passport to get back to Scotland on visits soon
  11. you definitely keep all your weaponsmith/guild xp
  12. I didn't watch the whole thing so not sure if this was covered... Is the TP cost per character or account wide?
  13. For me, It's the old barrows 6-man, back in the day when I was a total noob... It was the first ever group content I'd ever run and the feeling of being totally overwhelmed with what was going on actually had the adrenaline going throughout that very first run. I can't even remember if we managed to finish it, it was that long ago, but the memory of that feeling I had has stuck with me. It made me realise that there was a whole lot more to the game than just levelling a character. I still laugh to myself when I think back about how I saw the first boss and said 'he has how much morale?!?' Good times!!!
  14. I didn't even press play and the damn thing is stuck in my head
  15. Just surprised that Ricky (as opposed to the other one) actually said something funny for once in his life
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