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  1. Here's a question that would be ban-worthy - if less than 10% of the player base has ever grouped, what percentage of players actually have level capped toons that could take advantage of this new LI feature? Seems to me like they're trying to fix a system by artificially forcing players to get to the current cap, only to raise it early next year and force a new grind. Granted, I have to admit - I do like that Turbine is actually talking to players and not just walking in the blind.
  2. Another way to prove my point - numbers without explanation can prove anything. IF Sapience is using the complete pool of created characters/toons then his number makes total sense. However, most normal and logical folks would think the way you just indicated that I was in fact 1 raider. The main point I wanted to make is that numbers can be twisted to show whatever you want, and I know how much Turbine collects data, so I wanted to give an example of how those numbers could be twisted in such a way to be plausible.
  3. TSW pretty much is my MMO of choice these days, and has been for quite a while. However, due to some of their financial issues, I haven't played as much since I "finished" the main story a while ago. I'll toss out a few thoughts and ideas here, and for those who have questions feel free to DM me or reach out on twitter. TSW is a hard game, and they really don't make any apologies for it. I love the game for this exact reason, I actually have to stop and think while playing. And I'm not just talking about the investigation missions - which I fully admit I do more often then not "cheat" on. Combat and build creation can be quite challenging and as such there are very easy ways to create a "broken" character. They did realize this and finally tried to put in some example builds to give people some ideas, but the system is very vast and flexible, which if you don't really dive deep into it, you can have issues. One big thing to keep in mind, active abilities you obviously need the weapon equipped to use, but that doesn't apply for passive abilities. So you can slot passive abilities from other weapons and still get their benefits. For me, there have been 3 severe spikes in the difficulty curve between zones - Blue Mountains, Transylvania, and now Tokyo. The first one, I just didn't really know what I was doing so I started looking at synergies and how they play out. So I did go back a bit to get some more abilities to make my character more well rounded. For Transylvania I was getting absolutely pounded so I moved over to a more survivable build. And now with Tokyo, I haven't had the chance to see what I'm doing wrong yet, although I believe rust is a quite possible explanation. As for my build, I don't know what I switched to in the Blue Mountains, but I was running a blade/blood combination for a while to do AoE damage with shields and heals to compliment. I play my character more or less as I played my LOTRO Warden. I'm now running blade/rifle as I am getting decent healing with some better damage output. For me, I do really enjoy TSW but I also know it isn't a game for everyone and you should know what you're getting yourself into before jumping in and getting overly frustrated.
  4. This whole thing (which I admit I'm only partially following since I've stopped playing LOTRO) actually seems quite plausible and makes perfect sense for what Turbine is trying to do. I completely believe the numbers that Sapience gives considering there's no explanation of what he actually is talking about or how he came up with those numbers. We all know how much Turbine gathers and crunches the numbers so they have all the data, but they can choose to use it however they want. Just to take one person as an example, I was at one point a pretty regular actual raider (from SoA -> RoI), and I think in total I have over 30 toons spread across all servers, but only raided on 3 of them. And I'd be wiling to guess that my ratio (10 toons per 1 raider) isn't all that far off from the average. The numbers to me very easily add up and I'm pretty confident are accurate. However, Turbine needs to find ways to justify and make people buy into the fact that they're making a single player facebook game with pretty scenery.
  5. If this item was a little bit cheaper, leveled you to 85, and was gated behind having one character already at 85 - I'd be quite tempted. Granted, that's also assuming there's content at 85+ that is intriguing to me, but that's besides the point. Picture a time when there was actual raiding going on, and you wanted to get an alt raid capable quickly, I could see this as a nice option. But that time has come and gone. I'm actually a fan of the idea, but shockingly enough the implementation falls a little short.
  6. I actually expect HD to be the second best selling expansion, and quite possibly the best. We can infer that Rohan didn't do as well as Isengard (no PR on its numbers, unlike the Isengard blast) and the lore pull for HD is arguably the biggest so far. There are enough customers that don't read the forums, blogs, etc. and will blindly plop down cash for the expansion. The biggest reason I think it might outsell Isengard is that EVERY character can experience Helm's Deep, no other iconic lore location can make that claim. Oh, and not to mention we have to "pay" to get the epic story, which will be another catch for those lore junkies who don't have stockpiles of TP laying around.
  7. Personally I wouldn't be surprised if we don't hear anything about the 2014 council and this years group stays on. If you remember, they made the same pledge about Palantir (either 3 or 6 month stints) - but have you seen any new application requests for that program? I think Turbine has bigger issues and this one will get swept under the rug...
  8. I really want them to stop calling these Dev diaries, as they're no longer any insight on the development process and just PR fluff. However, I'm struggling to think of any good names for what they should be called. Suggestions?
  9. At least the good news for this incoming person, it is impossible for them to fail. Any marketing will be orders of magnitude better then the crap they've been putting out lately.
  10. I'm also quite encouraged by the communication from the Camelot Unchained team. Granted, they're still a ways out from anything tangible and are trying to build momentum so it isn't a pure indicator of what will happen when they launch. Joel and the TSW team do a pretty decent job, not so much with the frequency but they usually are informative. I really haven't followed Wildstar at all, mainly because of the art-style but I may check it out.
  11. I think part of the problem with game related blogging is the game companies just aren't releasing the same kind of information they used to. Without any news to talk about/discuss it comes down to "what I did in game" posts, and like others have said those usually work better in videos. I've personally dropped off considerably from posting partly due to real life events impacting my gaming time, but I also research my posts which takes away from game time. Since there's very little written by the devs, you have to get in game to check things out and experiment. For me, I'd rather play games then research them. With regards to LOTRO specifically, it is too easy to rip apart their "dev diaries" and the other rubbish they're putting out, so I'm not even bothering giving them free press. But once the we get an open beta without an NDA that I can play around in I'm sure I'll have some posts on the new stuff.
  12. I'll post my response for this, although many have covered it. Essentially if you write an honest review of LOTRO or ask them tough questions, they refuse to continue to provide early access. So, you either stop asking tough questions and play their game, or sift through other peoples work to see what's there. I continue to be pretty blunt about my impressions of LOTRO, although like others I am losing interest, but there's only so much information available to me, and I'm not willing to re-post leaks.
  13. I expect that threat will more or less be a non-issue with Helm's Deep. It will be incredibly easy to hold and very hard for DPS/Healing to pull it off the tank, or whoever is playing the meat-shield at the time. With so many classes getting "tanking" upgrades, that would be the safest way for them to implement it. Granted, given Turbine's history with agro management, I could see this going horribly wrong and having agro management being impossible at launch.
  14. Oh, that's right cause Moria and Mirkwood happened first Amazing how quickly you forget what happened 4+ years ago. That's true they were initially free, but changed pretty quickly and every xpack since then has adopted that same model. Even Mounted combat is free, cause it is tied so closely to the epic line.
  15. My memory is different in that the quest packs were always paid for, but the actual story line quests, i.e. books and chapters, were free. That's why there are some free skirmishes because they're part of the epic Mirkwood story.
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