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  1. to call what we got an expansion is quite ... well ... there were times, when we got things like that in a "regular update" but ... these times are long gone.
  2. ich dürfte auch testen ... ab morgen. nur leider zickt der launcher beim install rum und ich bin wohl nicht der einzige, wenn ich mir die SW TOR Foren so angucke. Meine Main Assets wollen einfach nicht.
  3. the way I see it ... they probably start to brace for impact. and after TOR hit, they will take a look at what survived ... though I don't feel they're prepared for what most likely will be a devastating outcome of that "let's grab the cash while it's still luke warm" approach.
  4. well ... it's not like there aren't any other horses available ingame ... but there is no alternative to the store only scroll ingame, and that is something that is - at least for me - an absolute no-go.
  5. I think this advantage is sold as convinience ... or rather make the items as unavailable ingame as possible so that they go to the store, to buy them. Relic removal scrolls anyone?
  6. Hach ja ... das waren noch Zeiten. Silanwens Gemälde ist einfach immer wieder schön. *g* (auch wenn ich leider in der Zwischenzeit vergessen habe, was Maneki mir da an Namen geklaut hat, aber die waren wirklich gut )
  7. pre-spalte würde mir schon vollkommen ausreichen
  8. it's 1984 all over again. welcome to newspeek. let's all be very compliant, shall we?
  9. quasi ein "freies" LotRo. So wie bei ... UO halt. Sprich Sphere oder Run UO etc.
  10. well ... even if we followed items 1-3 to the point ... item 4 would still be in effect. Turbine has no mind for opposition or other oppinions on what they should be doing with a game/licence like LotR(o).
  11. to be honest ... what do you expect from an official game forum hosted by the dev/publisher of the game? especially if this company isn't known to take criticism very well? and not only that ... regarding the fact they - at least mentioned something like that sometime ago - even consider rewarding those who "contribute" to the community (i.e. snivel and grovel their way up turbine's poophole).
  12. well ... I would like to see that, but it won't happen as long as Mr. Heaton and the Paiz Situation are in charge.
  13. he has his virtual fascist moments, but to call it the 3rd Reich is quite far fetched. it's not like you're being shot on sight or sent to a death camp. he's just requiring you to comply to the company line ... and quite a few around here just happen to be not the overly complying type.
  14. Gibt es mittlerweile eigentlich schon einen Emulator für LotRo? Oder wäre das, wenn es ihn denn gäbe, etwas, dass es nicht geben darf, weil es irgendwelche Copyrights verletzen würde? Quasi ein LotRo Classic.
  15. do you really think, that by just playing the game and keeping shut about the blatant disregard of Turbine regarding it's customers everything will become fine? Why on Earth should I argue with you, when you obviously have no problem with Turbine's policies, as you don't see a problem with them, but us, because we are 'discontent'.
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