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  1. I really like the ingame-store concept and think it is one of the best ideas Turbine ever had.

    Especially I buy store-items like the scrolls to upgrade legendary weapons. Otherwise I would have been forced to waste many hours in stupid-farming in order to exchange skirmish-items for the scrolls via ingame.

    I think this advantage is sold as convinience ... or rather make the items as unavailable ingame as possible so that they go to the store, to buy them. Relic removal scrolls anyone?

  2. Anyway, things are a little tense between Turbine and many of the posters here, that is clear. While the reasons for that tension I believe stem directly from the actions taken by Turbine staff, we can take the high road, in an attempt to lessen those tensions. I suggest the following:

    1. We stop insulting Turbine employees in any way.
    2. We stop inferring that Turbine is only interested in money at any cost.
    3. We frame our comments about Turbine as politely as possible.
    4. We stop giving Turbine and their supporters reason to call us all Trolls and Haters.

    well ... even if we followed items 1-3 to the point ... item 4 would still be in effect. Turbine has no mind for opposition or other oppinions on what they should be doing with a game/licence like LotR(o).

  3. Can't you see how it could be perceived as unfair if threads critical of Turbine get erased, while threads that praise Turbine do not?

    to be honest ... what do you expect from an official game forum hosted by the dev/publisher of the game? especially if this company isn't known to take criticism very well?

    and not only that ... regarding the fact they - at least mentioned something like that sometime ago - even consider rewarding those who "contribute" to the community (i.e. snivel and grovel their way up turbine's poophole).

  4. do you really think, that by just playing the game and keeping shut about the blatant disregard of Turbine regarding it's customers everything will become fine?

    Why on Earth should I argue with you, when you obviously have no problem with Turbine's policies, as you don't see a problem with them, but us, because we are 'discontent'.

  5. if the marketing idiots have their way ... no ... I do not want to go there ... that's simply not a nice place.

    I wonder where Berephon's in all this.

    And I wouldn't be a Lifer and Founder if I didn't like the game (at least sometime in the now distant Codies past ... as they had to deal with the Turbine sods directly instead of us).

  6. though I feel quite "doomy and gloomy" for lotro at the moment, I don't think they will shut down anytime soon. I still like the game, I will never forget how awesome it was in the beginning.

    what I don't get is, why Turbine seems to do all that they can to estrange the loyal lotr fans from the game (I exclude the Turbine Fanboi Squad here, it seems ... either they're too deep in Turbine's behind to see or they're simply a very, very naive kind of people).

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