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  1. Some of the pictures that come across my Facebook feed, make me think I know some really seriously depressed & unhappy people.

  2. Larosa's For dinner tonight Yum :D

  3. Ok so it's 23° F outside and it feels like summertime in my house...damn I hate radiator heating!

  4. Had to order a new DVD burner, my current one (which I might add has lasted me about 4 years) is just doing weird things. I can't burn at max speeds with, and sometime it randomly disappears from my computer like I don't even have one. But no biggie found a decent one for $20.00 on new egg.

  5. Making Pork chops, corn, and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight :)

  6. Next Geek Project: Buy parts for & Build Mark's Computer.... He really needs one.

  7. So here's my setup... Installed LinuxMint set it up behind a VPN , permanently mounted my external USB HD, Installed & configured ktorrent with the syndication plugin, shared my USB HD via samba. Mapped the Network drive so I could access it on a non VPN computer and serve the Media with plex. For some reason I couldn't publish my plex server on linux mint as long as my VPN is connected...after hours of screwing with it I finally gave up. In any case, everything is now being beautifully ser...

  8. ugh.. copying over 1.5 terabytes of files takes forever...can't wait until I'm done.

  9. Mark called at lunch, our 3tb HD was delivered to his work today, so I get to spend the evening transferring over 1500 GB of media too it..lol.

  10. You know I'm really annoyed that television has taken to waiting in some cases over a year between seasons....then they wonder why they lose ratings... sheesh.

  11. What the fuck is wrong with some people, I mean seriously, how can you debate facts, they are facts, not opinions....THE IGNORANCE IT BURNS!!!!!

  12. Apparently being an honest person makes me rude....I guess some people just prefer to live in their own delusions.....

  13. The Guild - I'm The One That's Cool Oh, no. Don’t pretend I didn’t see You roll your eyes at my gaming tee Don’t know if you can read or if you’ve seen The sweet piece in this week’s Wired magazine The latest trend has hit its peak They say that geek’s becomin’ chic So now you’re out of style as you can be And I’m in vogue, so you can bite me [Chorus] To all the ass-hat jocks who beat me up in school Now I’m the one that’s cool I’m the one that’s cool To all the prom queen bitches thinking...

  14. Pop Quiz, What is Bugs Bunny's Last name?

  15. Vaping vanilla Cola, YUM!!!!

  16. Ok Finally got my Media center Setup working behind my VPN (gotta love automation :D ) now I just need to get everything tagged and we're good to go

  17. So late to the party as usual, but I finally got around to installing cyanogenmod on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2...why didn't I do this sooner???

  18. Why do so many people see Logic as the enemy?? SMH!!!

  19. So much to buy, never enough to buy it all with....

  20. So I finally decided I had need for vpn.. Setup is not as intimidating as it sounds :)

  21. Ugh computers really suck sometimes :(

  22. 5:09 A.M. and no idea why I woke up :(

  23. In a lot of ways I really dislike Facebook events, because I can barely walk and have trouble getting around I have to decline pretty much every single one and then I feel back because it looks like I'm just being an ass for declining them :(

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