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  2. Lol a lot of hipocrisy here, it is wrong to talk baout Christ because will offend your kids, but cursing, homosexual commentaries and other stuff flies by you ok? If Christ offends you, you need to check why? Because most sure something is wrong with you. If you check Christ work, life and sacrifice in this world you will find nothing offensive except that He criticized the hypocrits religious leaders, he criticized those who said one thing and did another, he helped the poor, he encouraged to help the widows and the blind, he healed people, he fed people, what is so wrong about Christ that offends you so much? before you criticize Christ you better self examine your own life because for sure there is something in you that is pushing you to speak against Christ.
  3. It is sad to see what has become of this game. I am playing RIFT and planning to get GW2 today or tomorrow, but talking about LOTRO the quality of the forum has devolved into a cesspool of hate. The Fanboi can post anything they want and they dont get in trouble. The forum is becoming as bad as the forum in WoW.
  4. I am gone, cancelled sub and deleted the game, if you take time and check the forum many players have cancelled their subs as well, oh well. Maube one day someone in WB will wake up and fire little Richie.
  5. Another slap from Sapience to the players base. Sapience View Profile Find User Posts Find User Threads Harbinger of Soon Online status: Sapience is online now Join Date Aug 2008 Posts 5,527 Re: Efforts towards fixing the lag Quote Originally Posted by ColorSpecs View Post Have you guys investigated the Pando Media Booster software you use? Could that be an issue? Since Pando is only required to download the original installers you can turn it off or uninstall it once you're done. Any lag that was being generated by Pando would be local to your machine and wouldn't impact our servers at all. Quote Originally Posted by Thane9 View Post Have you logged into the game and played for any length of time since U6? Quite literally 100% of the players I have spoken to are experiencing this. People from 3 continents, people near and far, all across the US. Everyone. It's easily most apparent in the ettenmoors, but also very observable in several other PvE locations, the end game instances etc... Yes I have. I've logged in both from here at work (my desktop here isn't a screaming game rig, but it's decent and out connection while good is shared with several hundred people), at home on 2 different desktop PCs hardwired to my home LAN and two different notebooks on that same network connected via WiFi ( I have comcast cable). I've even player with 4 machines at home all logged in and playing together (my family plays). All machine are of varying stats from very good to "I may have spent a lot more money than I needed to". I didn't experience any lag on any of the machines either during Solo play nor while grouped. As others posting here have also stated that they are not experiencing lag and at least one has posted a wireshark showing he isn't seeing anything it's pretty clear this is not a 100% of the player base issue. Given that fact, and the fact other games seem to be seeing a similar spike in lag reports, it's possible that we may not be able to 'fix' this as it's not something we have control of. http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?451864-Efforts-towards-fixing-the-lag/page11
  6. You are absolutely right, it is just pure gambling, the last 75 box I opened after buying the key for 100 TP only had inside 30 potions.
  7. The bottom line was that someone gave neg rep, I protested about it and I said that I consider those who hide behind neg rep a bunch of cowards, that if I have a disagreement with anyone I would say so and wouldnt hide behind neg rep. The mod gave me an infraction without even giving me an opportunity to explain, sry I cannot provide screen shots because all my posts were deleted and the topics were deleted. I got pissed off with Rick and asked him (because he gave me infraction too, this has not been the first time) why he was discriminating against me when other people were bashing in a more disrespectful way other players, he said he would investigate, 3 days went by no answer so I posted and complained again and got banned. I admit that I over-reacted but I am freaking tired of people getting upset and just give you bad rep because they disagree with you about your opinion, not agreeing with your opinion is not grounds to give you neg rep.
  8. Latest news, I appealed the ban again they told me in very nice words to go fly a kite because we are not going to lift your ban, you dare to disobey us, blah, blah. So this is it for me, I am moving to another pastures. I started playing RIFT, if you havent, worth giving it a try. Not a whole lot of Lore but it is very entertaining and befrore you know it many hours have passed by, you have constant events at your level and higher where you can get your hand asnd feet wet. So good luck to all of you who remain, LOTRO may last forever, my only wish is that the GMs and mods DONT otherwise they are going to chase every1 out of the game.
  9. Well I moved out of LOTRO for good, right now I am running RIFT and so far I like it. I like the diversity on your customization of skills, you got so many combinations and choice of combinations that it is awesome. I like the evnts and stuff that is going on right now. I just did some carnaval stuff, pop 30 balloons, that was hilarious. lol Well I am done with LOTRO I appealed again to the magnates of LOTRO about my ban, and it is a perma ban, so never again be able to enter the Lottery or posting in the forum or checking e-mails, so what is the use, my money is better invested somewhere else. I got veterans rewards already so RIFT has less lore but more appeal for an old foggie like me.
  10. Nothing yet on Beta starting day.
  11. Well tonight when I get home I am giving away everything to my kinmates and uninstalling LOTRO from my PC, I did the same with WoW, so no big deal.
  12. I like this guy, I posted his other topic in here because is full of wisdom. Sadly they are going to keep loosing customers, I made my mind, LOTRO is over for me.
  13. well when I download the server, do I have to buy the subscription and the standard edition? I dont mind buying the subscription. I saw other thing on sale for 14.99 too, do I need that one too?
  14. Dunno about RIFT, I just got bummer by them, I sign for the account but cannot post in the forum, so whom I talk to, to ask questions etc, no one seems.
  15. Is Rift only PVP or is also has PVE servers? Edit: well I checked omline and seems like RIFT has PVE servers, so tonight will be my bye bye LOTRO.
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