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  1. Lately I tired again to listem to him. It is incoherent drivel. One of the best remarks by a journalist during the 2016 elections was; "What does he mean when he says words?" His decision making process during this tragedy was ............ Apt quote; An imbecile at the head of the US government would always be a problem. But an imbecile so narcissistic that he elevates his own stunted knowledge above the judgment of medicine and science is a calamity.
  2. 1 - That it's not one's fault that one does not have yellow skin, squinty eyes or dark hair. 2 - That people don't love Americans whenever they go, even if they bring democracy on their bayonets or topple disgusting or even criminal regimes. In 1964 I visited North Vietnam for a few days, mainly their museums of resistance, and the holes in their roads, made by American bombs. Then I learned that Americans are idiots. (Or at least their political class is.) Now I learned they still are idiots, and that it's an incurable condition.
  3. As a small kid in Japan, I was jeered for having blue eyes, blond hair, body odor, and being part of the occupying force. That taught me many things.
  4. This is all very strange. Can't pretend to understand.
  5. @ Doro - I vehemently disagree, but it's late, and the forum does strange things to my post. Will reply tomorrow.
  6. There is a saying - "Wherever you travel, you will find yourself there". Or some such. I will invent a new saying; "Whatever you read is limited to what you think."
  7. I bit of teary eyes there, but the gist is serious.
  8. Jedy sighs heavily, though reading without understaniding seems normal here. No I am NOT in the camp of "Society is to blame", but rather trying to understand the mechanics pushing whole stratum of people into degenarate behavior.
  9. Just signalling the underlying issues - I have no simple solutions like "power to the unions" or "feed the poor". I think those tendencies are widespread, not limited to the USA.
  10. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/09/opinion/sunday/deaths-despair-poverty.html YAMHILL, Ore. — Chaos reigned daily on the No. 6 school bus, with working-class boys and girls flirting and gossiping and dreaming, brimming with mischief, bravado and optimism. Nick rode it every day in the 1970s with neighbors here in rural Oregon, neighbors like Farlan, Zealan, Rogena, Nathan and Keylan Knapp. They were bright, rambunctious, upwardly mobile youngsters whose father had a good job installing pipes. The Knapps were thrilled to have just bought their own home, and everyone oohed and aahed when Farlan received a Ford Mustang for his 16th birthday. Yet today about one-quarter of the children on that No. 6 bus are dead, mostly from drugs, suicide, alcohol or reckless accidents. Of the five Knapp kids who had once been so cheery, Farlan died of liver failure from drink and drugs, Zealan burned to death in a house fire while passed out drunk, Rogena died from hepatitis linked to drug use and Nathan blew himself up cooking meth. Keylan survived partly because he spent 13 years in a state penitentiary. Among other kids on the bus, Mike died from suicide, Steve from the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, Cindy from depression and a heart attack, Jeff from a daredevil car crash, Billy from diabetes in prison, Kevin from obesity-related ailments, Tim from a construction accident, Sue from undetermined causes. And then there’s Chris, who is presumed dead after years of alcoholism and homelessness. At least one more is in prison, and another is homeless. We Americans are locked in political combat and focused on President Trump, but there is a cancer gnawing at the nation that predates Trump and is larger than him. Suicides are at their highest rate since World War II; one child in seven is living with a parent suffering from substance abuse; a baby is born every 15 minutes after prenatal exposure to opioids; America is slipping as a great power. We have deep structural problems that have been a half century in the making, under both political parties, and that are often transmitted from generation to generation. Only in America has life expectancy now fallen three years in a row, for the first time in a century, because of “deaths of despair.” “The meaningfulness of the working-class life seems to have evaporated,” Angus Deaton, the Nobel Prize-winning economist, told us. “The economy just seems to have stopped delivering for these people.” Deaton and the economist Anne Case, who is also his wife, coined the term “deaths of despair” to describe the surge of mortality from alcohol, drugs and suicide. The kids on the No. 6 bus rode into a cataclysm as working-class communities disintegrated across America because of lost jobs, broken families, gloom — and failed policies. The suffering was invisible to affluent Americans, but the consequences are now evident to all: The survivors mostly voted for Trump, some in hopes that he would rescue them, but under him the number of children without health insurance has risen by more than 400,000. The stock market is near record highs, but working-class Americans (often defined as those without college degrees) continue to struggle. If you’re only a high school graduate, or worse, a dropout, work no longer pays. If the federal minimum wage in 1968 had kept up with inflation and productivity, it would now be $22 an hour. Instead, it’s $7.25. We were foreign correspondents together for many years, periodically covering humanitarian crises in distant countries. Then we would return to the Kristof family farm in Yamhill and see a humanitarian crisis unfolding in a community we loved — and a similar unraveling was happening in towns across the country. This was not one town’s problem, but a crisis in the American system. ..........
  11. Jedy2

    World War 3

    They've admitted now - it's official. (At least they didn't take a leaf from Putin's Ukraine shot-down plane handbook and claimed that Americans tried to down the plane cause they thought Iran's president was on board. Those lies went down pretty well. ) I hope that from now on they give those russian rockets to people with more than a week's training.
  12. Jedy2

    World War 3

    It is not yet certain the plane was shot down. Too soon to blame Trump or Iran for it.
  13. Jedy2

    World War 3

    A quote from some OMB journal, very apt, worth a moment of reflection IMO; ... Trump, however, has turned his back on everything that used to make America great. Under his leadership, we’ve become nothing more than a big, self-interested bully — a bully with delusions of grandeur, who isn’t nearly as tough as he thinks. We abruptly abandon allies like the Kurds; we honor war criminals; we slap punitive tariffs on friendly nations like Canada for no good reason. And, of course, after more than 15,000 lies, nothing our leader and his minions say can be trusted. Trump officials seem taken aback by the uniformly negative consequences of the Suleimani killing: The Iranian regime is empowered, Iraq has turned hostile and nobody has stepped up in our support. But that’s what happens when you betray all your friends and squander all your credibility.
  14. Jedy2

    World War 3

    Googling OMB... Failing to see what a Vanuatu language or Oregion Medical Board have to do with WW3, but hey...
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