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    64-bit gossip

    One of our players has microphone problems. I can't hear shit of what he says, and he likes very much to emit those scratching sounds during raids. Before one of them he gave some illegal info/gossip from Palantir. All I could hear was - Palantir...new...64-bit client... very good... no lag... excellent graphics... Then the raid started, and he rage-quit, cause no one was replying to his scratching. BTW - it was not April 1st! Anyone dares to confirm here some GOOD news?
  2. Jedy2

    22 Hours

    I don't know what you're talking about. This game runs flawlessly for me on ultra, 8GB RAM, Intel 3 -4130, GTX 1050 2GB. P.S. I had kinnies on highest, newest PCs, cursing and swearing, and unable to play.
  3. Jedy2

    22 Hours

    The Banned? New Kinship, eh? As for the downtime - I am speechless.
  4. Jedy2

    What are You Watching

    Football. Edit - regretting it now. 2 hours would have been wasted, thankfully was playing LOTRO at the same time.
  5. Jedy2

    Laissez-les manger du gâteau

    Thank you for making my day.
  6. Jedy2

    Laissez-les manger du gâteau

    @1 - Ho..hum... Who am I to disagree on that, just quoting: https://phys.org/news/2017-04-upward-mobility-fallen-sharply.html @2 - While historically there were some excesses in Europe (Sweden) the richest fucks in Poland give away under 40% on their income. USA is top here, I admit. @3 - Very funny joke. Your KKK and Nazis Reconstruction Groups have killed and are killing how many? @4 - Very funny joke. You're all bloody migrants you know (OK, couple of % Natives), never been importing no Blacks, no sirie. @5 - Never checked it myself, ready to admit. @6 - I'll just quote my Idol from the sixties - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPrAuF2f_oI @7 - Ready to admit. Almost like Russia, eh? Always ready to disagree.
  7. Jedy2

    Laissez-les manger du gâteau

    I don't think I will ever understand why anyone would want to be in such a shit-hole country as the USA. In EU we suck, but at least we do it in a more or less civilized way.
  8. Jedy2

    Laissez-les manger du gâteau

    Same in Poland.
  9. Jedy2

    Where is Fernando Paiz?

    I think they are absolutely serious, and would not understand what you are about.
  10. Jedy2

    Laissez-les manger du gâteau

    I'm sure there was a mantra on the LOTRO forums, kind of - "You don't like it? Leave". "Can I have your stuff?" I'm starting to root for a no-deal Brexit, so that you can have more fun and interesting things. P.S. Et en plus, on peut manger du pain, mais pas "du gâteau". Eh.....
  11. Jedy2

    No plans for PVMP on LS

    This Martens guy is HIGHLY unpleasant. I browsed through a few topics, and must present my sincere apologies to Doro - I thought he was an Evil Troll. I was an idiot. These guys are truly not worth the light of my eyes.
  12. Jedy2

    Questions asked and answered

    Ah, shit. I do have a bungled mini at 120, was waiting for better times, but this dev is simply an imbecile.
  13. Jedy2

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Details... His soul's marching on.
  14. Dwarves don't do festivities.... Though this picture from our Fashion Lady almost made me think twice.... And certainly made me check the beer in the fridge...
  15. Jedy2

    FTC Will Investigate Loot Boxes

    Much as I complain about us being a "cesspool of negativity" the loot-box showering I receive, with the keys to open them being "store-only", has pissed me off regally. I used to buy two keys a month (Lifer), but their "shit+embers"content was just adding to my stress level. Tried to sell them. On ignore list now. Yes, yes and yes.
  16. Jedy2

    Legendary™ Servers

    Outdated info. It's 40% since today, and in LFF they were looking for a tank to do the whole of RIFT. ... Insert emotes....
  17. Jedy2

    Update 23

  18. @1 - They both are! @2 - Why? If some people enjoy it, let it be. There are so many MMOs I don't like, I never thought about wishing them to die.
  19. He fucked up. When shown it - admitted publicly. Rare. Anyone who calls him a moron - better have a look at yourself. On the third hand..... https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?664842-22-2-2-broke-minstrel-Raise-Spirit-HoT I think I'll just give up...
  20. I don't know about the politics of dealing with paying customers here. Factually he's correct. My Blue Hunter is stuttering a bit, but his DPS is now higher than my fellow RKs who used to outscore him by LOADS. RKs - yes those could (and do) curse and swear. I reserve judgment on New, Silly Chord Blue Minstrel. Blue Hunter rage is a joke. * *Caveat - I don't raid on Hunter (too many of those in kin ) - just use him for dailies, instances, gathering tasks etc... Still - see only minimal drop in efficiency.
  21. I read Vaist, and apart from the "reknowned" word, there is nothing I would disagree with, or consider offensive towards anyone.
  22. I trust you on that, can also add that downscaling in ESO is near-perfect, I did not complain about that in GW2 either. I howl with pain at the thought of the humongous amount of superb content LOTRO would have, if it was properly "downscalable". All those raids... They were really good on level, some just wonderful... And now? Only The Abyss, with the raid before that, The Throne, barely worth the effort of bending down on T2C for some barter coins... What a waste...
  23. As mainly a Guardian player of 11 years I think I one-shotted a squirrel on level. Once. So it's kind of fun, but I don't expect too much of it, or for it to last.
  24. Due to various reasons (CoS second boss etc...) our kin minstrels tend to have well over 80K Morale (Mine well over 90K). That does not help them much in duels, where they get stunned and one-shotted for over 100K by their friendly, next door guardians. (Insert many happy emotes). Honestly - I doubt we will get raid places as DPS monsters. I used to solo "Keys of Harlots" as red guard before the red nerf, now The DPS seems a bit much. I don't really think it matters, and if Guardian raids become common, they will nerf us again. I may not be objective here. Not impressed by Minstrel nerf - they seemed to have swapped one kind of stupid (Bolster) for another (Chord of Salvation 70K+) and no real AEO heals. Shrug.
  25. Before you start crying "NERF" - while in Red I did pull half of Anglaich as usual in Blue and... died...