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  1. Read something today; “Gessen writes that Putin is a fool, but that is impossible – fools can not be so powerful. Well, Americans know by now, that the world's most powerful man can have spelling problems, is unable to process texts devoid of images, or concentrate on something for more than three seconds. I have no intelligent explanation of this mechanism, but it has been proven empirically that it is possible for an idiot to acquire enormous power.” Just wait until Boris joins the Iran fray.
  2. Yes. IMPORTANT!!! Found ARR only for 10 Euros now - official site, https://store.eu.square-enix-games.com/en_EU/product/445704/final-fantasy-xiv-online-starter-edition-pc-download or whole for 40 Eur https://store.eu.square-enix-games.com/en_EU/product/565219/final-fantasy-xiv-online-complete-edition-pc-download
  3. If you're like me, you'll be bored at level cap. Best tactic for stingy Dwarves like me - do free trial to level 35, buy ARR (includes 30 days time card), for peanuts like 5$, buy Shadow (includes Heaven and Storm).
  4. Finished Heaven's wart when it came out, liked it. Free time is the only problem - old age and retirement does not for more time make.
  5. Jedy throws a tantrum and rage-quits.
  6. Excellent game, went to cap despite the manga aesthetics, loved it. Don't like endgame though and I lack the 12-man+ lovely kinnies cocoon I have in LOTRO. And no Dwarves - these new non-playable midgets don't count.
  7. As an aside ( ) the 64-bit thinggy is lovely and working for me. If there were a game to go with it... One can just dream....
  8. Much as I hate this SOB, this sentence is simply true. He should have added Ukraine to this list though - giving up 3K nuclear warheads in return for strictest international (Russia included) guarantees of border security and territorial integrity. I wonder if this is the type of unconditional security this guy has in mind. When one has no shame, one can say anything, even truth. "The Lord's our shepherd," says the psalm, But just in case, we better get a bomb!
  9. You should be ashamed for unleashing this moron upon us.
  10. Not enough expletives. My comments would have more "fucks" "cunts" dicks" than normal words.
  11. I dislike the Bloodthirsty Dwarf writing in the GoT. He's a decent writer, but I got pissed off reading his series around 2005 (A Feast for Crows). Ages later, I got dragged into watching GoT (intro music, clothes) and was surprised by the good quality of the series. The final episodes, while visually interesting, are an exercise in imbecility as far as plot, military strategy, character development, and idiotic behavior of the protagonists. So yes, I sometimes dislike the G.R.R. Martin hype, but at least he is a writer. What passes as writing in the final series is ... I have no words. For idiots, by idiots.
  12. Jedy2

    Other MMOs?

    For me WoW is the limit as far as horrid graphics is concerned. I don't need this Tera-AION-Archage-etc shit to play, but the few youtube videos of Runescape I've watched did make me cringe. @ Alt - WoW??? Oh well, it's their free time after all. Solid game-play at least.
  13. Jedy2

    Other MMOs?

    10/10 - FFXIV - hands down. I even managed to swallow the Manga nonsensical aesthetics, and that is telling. 7/10 - ESO. 6/10 - GW2 6/10 - SWTOR Dare I say WoW? A bit of Diablo? PoE? Nah... Stick to FFXIV...
  14. One of our players has microphone problems. I can't hear shit of what he says, and he likes very much to emit those scratching sounds during raids. Before one of them he gave some illegal info/gossip from Palantir. All I could hear was - Palantir...new...64-bit client... very good... no lag... excellent graphics... Then the raid started, and he rage-quit, cause no one was replying to his scratching. BTW - it was not April 1st! Anyone dares to confirm here some GOOD news?
  15. I don't know what you're talking about. This game runs flawlessly for me on ultra, 8GB RAM, Intel 3 -4130, GTX 1050 2GB. P.S. I had kinnies on highest, newest PCs, cursing and swearing, and unable to play.
  16. The Banned? New Kinship, eh? As for the downtime - I am speechless.
  17. Football. Edit - regretting it now. 2 hours would have been wasted, thankfully was playing LOTRO at the same time.
  18. @1 - Ho..hum... Who am I to disagree on that, just quoting: https://phys.org/news/2017-04-upward-mobility-fallen-sharply.html @2 - While historically there were some excesses in Europe (Sweden) the richest fucks in Poland give away under 40% on their income. USA is top here, I admit. @3 - Very funny joke. Your KKK and Nazis Reconstruction Groups have killed and are killing how many? @4 - Very funny joke. You're all bloody migrants you know (OK, couple of % Natives), never been importing no Blacks, no sirie. @5 - Never checked it myself, ready to admit. @6 - I'll just quote my Idol from the sixties - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPrAuF2f_oI @7 - Ready to admit. Almost like Russia, eh? Always ready to disagree.
  19. I don't think I will ever understand why anyone would want to be in such a shit-hole country as the USA. In EU we suck, but at least we do it in a more or less civilized way.
  20. I think they are absolutely serious, and would not understand what you are about.
  21. I'm sure there was a mantra on the LOTRO forums, kind of - "You don't like it? Leave". "Can I have your stuff?" I'm starting to root for a no-deal Brexit, so that you can have more fun and interesting things. P.S. Et en plus, on peut manger du pain, mais pas "du gâteau". Eh.....
  22. This Martens guy is HIGHLY unpleasant. I browsed through a few topics, and must present my sincere apologies to Doro - I thought he was an Evil Troll. I was an idiot. These guys are truly not worth the light of my eyes.
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