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  1. Ah, shit. I do have a bungled mini at 120, was waiting for better times, but this dev is simply an imbecile.
  2. Dwarves don't do festivities.... Though this picture from our Fashion Lady almost made me think twice.... And certainly made me check the beer in the fridge...
  3. Much as I complain about us being a "cesspool of negativity" the loot-box showering I receive, with the keys to open them being "store-only", has pissed me off regally. I used to buy two keys a month (Lifer), but their "shit+embers"content was just adding to my stress level. Tried to sell them. On ignore list now. Yes, yes and yes.
  4. Outdated info. It's 40% since today, and in LFF they were looking for a tank to do the whole of RIFT. ... Insert emotes....
  5. @1 - They both are! @2 - Why? If some people enjoy it, let it be. There are so many MMOs I don't like, I never thought about wishing them to die.
  6. He fucked up. When shown it - admitted publicly. Rare. Anyone who calls him a moron - better have a look at yourself. On the third hand..... https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?664842-22-2-2-broke-minstrel-Raise-Spirit-HoT I think I'll just give up...
  7. I don't know about the politics of dealing with paying customers here. Factually he's correct. My Blue Hunter is stuttering a bit, but his DPS is now higher than my fellow RKs who used to outscore him by LOADS. RKs - yes those could (and do) curse and swear. I reserve judgment on New, Silly Chord Blue Minstrel. Blue Hunter rage is a joke. * *Caveat - I don't raid on Hunter (too many of those in kin ) - just use him for dailies, instances, gathering tasks etc... Still - see only minimal drop in efficiency.
  8. I read Vaist, and apart from the "reknowned" word, there is nothing I would disagree with, or consider offensive towards anyone.
  9. I trust you on that, can also add that downscaling in ESO is near-perfect, I did not complain about that in GW2 either. I howl with pain at the thought of the humongous amount of superb content LOTRO would have, if it was properly "downscalable". All those raids... They were really good on level, some just wonderful... And now? Only The Abyss, with the raid before that, The Throne, barely worth the effort of bending down on T2C for some barter coins... What a waste...
  10. As mainly a Guardian player of 11 years I think I one-shotted a squirrel on level. Once. So it's kind of fun, but I don't expect too much of it, or for it to last.
  11. Due to various reasons (CoS second boss etc...) our kin minstrels tend to have well over 80K Morale (Mine well over 90K). That does not help them much in duels, where they get stunned and one-shotted for over 100K by their friendly, next door guardians. (Insert many happy emotes). Honestly - I doubt we will get raid places as DPS monsters. I used to solo "Keys of Harlots" as red guard before the red nerf, now The DPS seems a bit much. I don't really think it matters, and if Guardian raids become common, they will nerf us again. I may not be objective here. Not impressed by Minstrel nerf - they seemed to have swapped one kind of stupid (Bolster) for another (Chord of Salvation 70K+) and no real AEO heals. Shrug.
  12. Before you start crying "NERF" - while in Red I did pull half of Anglaich as usual in Blue and... died...
  13. Same here. Checked guard and hunter on level 115 instanced mobs. What is on forums is nonsensical noise.
  14. 1 - Expansions? How many are there now? 2 - Apart from RKs and Blue Hunters, no hatred seems forthcoming. I only had the time to play my Blue Guard in raid today - and it's not worse off. Sure, the over-reliance on Challenge and Warchant is a thing of the past, but I think I can compensate with more DPS. Rotation is slightly different, the other Guard went Red and did not complain. 3 - Funny thing about GW2 - I enjoyed it until on max level my Female Guardian was forced into a steel bikini. That, and the constant rolling around on the floor... Now I have ESO, LOTRO, finishing PoE 2 Deadfire, will happily receive info on whether GW2 is worth coming back to. Still Buy to Play I assume?
  15. While as a rule I raise my nose high and frown when mods swear, this time I am 100% on the side of the "user Doro" . The problem with a couple of trolls here, is that they spout venom and insults gratuitously, without any sense. It was with deepest shock that I saw one of them entering a debate once, with reasonable arguments. He was wrong of course but rational. Thank the Paragons, most of the time they just try to upset people in nonsensical ways.
  16. Horses? So what? See no one getting hurt.
  17. Looks like Runescape to me... 30 dullahs for cheapest Beta??? Try ESO instead - for 27 quid I have ESO + Morro + Summer. Decent game. Too many Elves of course...
  18. People are different. The general opinion is that while ESO is now much improved and better than is was at first, it doesn't shatter the world. - Decent community. - Passable graphics. - Average game-play. Well balanced scaling mechanics. Good PvP. - Some hidden difficulty - on the face of it it's a face-roll, but... - Average story quests. - Still, the dev who invented storage and the 2 x 6 slots skill-bar should be killed. Horrible Elf-faces. Too many Elves. Another game with no Dwarves. As I wrote - people are different. I swore to wait until ESO becomes at least buy to play, bought the basic version for 10 quid, and having much more fun than from drinking two beers. But remember - I have my fun in all the games I play * and I have my kin support in almost all the MMOs . * Yes, you guessed right - if I don't have fun, I don't play.
  19. Funny thing is, I'd agree with most of the negative opinions on LOTRO state. With some caveats of course - "and the community has devolved into one of the most toxic group of hive-mind sycophants I've ever seen...and I played Star Wars Galaxies FFS. " This means the person writing it lives in a different world from mine - I have a wonderful kinship full of kind people, with whom I enjoy many games . As I think I wrote here, I am on another semi-break from LOTRO (refused to grind Hytbold, pick flowers or grind Tokens now.) SSG is not doing much good. and don't let me start on loot-boxes either. It's still a decent raid and game. Enjoying ESO now, will come back to LOTRO soon. (after the ESO novelty effect wears off)
  20. Highly exaggerated. Would have to write a lot to prove it. And FF XIV is a good game.
  21. The Abyss raid is good. (Though the trash part is wayyyyy too long. ) IMHO this game had once the best raid in any MMO - The Rift of Nurz Ghashu. Basically - most of the raids in LOTRO were good or very good - the problem is - ONLY ON LEVEL, so basically - "one use only", each expansion made them obsolete. PvP is another matter altogether - it sucked, sucks and will suck balls.
  22. For me it was WoW, LOTRO and FF14. I dabble sometimes in SWTOR as a free single RPG, and right now trying out ESO - not as bad or simplistic as its reputation. In LOTRO I refused to grind Hytbold, pick flowers or grind tokens. Therefore have time to check out other games.
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