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  1. I agree actually but I've played all of those for a long time. I've become 'casual' in the sense that I don't want to leave them completely but I have no interest in playing any of them exclusively any more...though I have to say that STO is looking more interesting with the new extended Klingon line from level 1 and the brand new Romulan expansion.
  2. You can if you're as 'casual' about them as I am
  3. They lost me ages ago. In spite of having a lifetime sub, I haven't logged in at all this year. LOTRO isn't even installed on my system at the moment.. Most of my game time is spent on Champions Online, Guild Wars 2 and Star Trek Online. Now got to add RIFT to the package. Can't really cope with more than four (!)
  4. Sorted, thanks Turned out the links weren't working because my popup-blocker was doing it's thing and the code appears in a little popup window. Why they can't just send it in an email is beyond me but there you go...
  5. I just had to go back and take another look at Rift, I allowed it to download the entire game before logging in this time. It's classed as a trial account because I'm no longer subbed so completely useless but I did get to roam around a bit. Never thought I'd miss it but I did...so I decided to try to get that expansion free...if not I'll buy it..then wait for the game to go F2P and rejoin the fun there Looks as if they're replenishing the codes coming from Raptr as they run out. Hope they keep doing that. I must have logged hundreds of hours on Rift, seems like a long time ago, but obviously none of that counts now. Have the client running now trying to rack up a few more hours... --edit a day later-- Waste of time that turned out to be. I claimed my code using the Raptr client. Between registering the fact that I'd claimed it and actually getting the code sent out, it crashed. So I have no code and no way to claim it again because it's registered as claimed on their system. Looks as if they still have over 8k codes available to be claimed so it's not a lack of codes. Oh well...
  6. Raptr can be useful actually...shows you how much time you're wasting playing games...
  7. I sometimes get these for games I've never even heard of...
  8. There's a lot of 'artistic license' taken in the movies but that's nothing compared to the game. Apart from a few npc and place names, it's difficult to see much correlation between the books and the game.
  9. What mystifies me about Eve is why they went to all that trouble to create what is a really good character editor and then attach it to a game where you hardly ever see a player character.
  10. Most of the companies out there don't seem to care about their MMO's once they've released them. They seem to go, almost instantly, onto a maintenance level where they apply a few bug fixes and make a few half hearted attempts to introduce something 'new' every so often to keep the players thinking there might be something worth staying for, Seems to me they have smaller teams these days which they shift onto new games as soon as one is released, leaving a skeleton crew to tinker with the existing games. Look at the way Cryptic/PWE handle Champions Online now. They have, for all intents and purposes, ignored it since release...all their efforts are going into STO and Neverwinter. Only 'single player' game I play these days is Torchlight 2. That might be interesting for a while with all the mods that people are coming up with...
  11. Why it is impossible to paste into this forum? I created a reply in a text editor but this thing won't allow paste. Have to type the whole damn thing out again. Ah sod it, can't be bothered... Suffice it to way, I got ten minutes into creating a new character in RIFT and got fed up having to close their stupid dialog telling me I was on a trial server. It appeared in German, then in English, then in German, then in English again. After 'closing' it half a dozen times I decided their system was broken and uninstalled the game.
  12. Only MMO I'm playing at the moment is GW2. Tried one of the Neverwinter open beta weekends, hated the style of play so didn't bother with the second and certainly won't be playing the game. Whoever decided that rooting the player characters for the entire duration of nearly every single ability you use should be slapped about with a wet kipper. Tried TERA, absolutely can't cope with their control system/UI so that's a dead duck. Not being interested in PvP, I ran out of things to do on Rift when I reached the level cap so dropped that. Don't like Star Trek Online at all. Have tried it a couple of times, always given up within a fortnight. Bored with Champions Online but it's paid for with a liftetime sub so I can go back any time and still have a wad of freebie 'cash' to play with. City of Heroes is history but at least I have some fond memories. Damn those penny pinching accountants... And as for LOTRO, in spite of the lifetime sub, I haven't logged in for months. Lost interest when they started raising the level cap and adding shedloads of bugs.
  13. I decided to try TERA. Took me nearly 12 hours solid to download their enormous client. I logged in, spent about half an hour in their starter area then logged out and uninstalled it. It looks very nice but the interface is woeful (as far as I'm concerned anyway). It's one of those games where the view is bound to the mouse movement till you hit ESC to free the mouse so you can use it to click on interface options. Then you hit ESC again so you can move your character and find the mouse is locked to movement again. It's horrible. Such an awkward UI when it comes to trying to remap keys and such things as well, we seem to be going backwards in UI development these days.
  14. I haven't logged in for ages. Last time I did, Bree and the surrounding area was completely empty. Got on my horse and rode around a bit, got disheartened with the whole thing and left. Not quite sure what happened but something obviously put me off the game.
  15. Saw a post in the GW2 forums about these bots. Seems that most of them will pick almost anything up. Until they program around it, you can drop fireworks in front of them and they'll grab them. The fireworks change their power bar and they end up chucking harmless fireworks at mobs instead of attacking them... I might go and buy a few and see it it works next time I come across a bot. The problem with GW2 is that every character has a self rez and they use bots in groups to rez each other. If that fails, on defeat they can just teleport to the closest waypoint and run back to their path. Training mobs onto them probably won't achieve a great deal.
  16. That really is a shame. CoH is probably the only MMO that I will actually really miss even though I haven't played it 'properly' for a couple of years. Whether that's because of the people I used to play with regularly there or because it was the first MMO that I really felt at home in I don't know. Nothing lasts for ever though. I popped back on yesterday and took a few screenshots and a few flyby videos of landmarks that I remembered with some fondness but I couldn't bring myself to try playing again. The server was empty, not another person in any of the zones I visited. I prefer to remember it as it was with a good bunch of fellows in the supergroup to play with and city areas so busy you had to pick your landing spot carefully to avoid bumping people all over the place
  17. I watched three obvious bots in a tight little group today. They were all rangers with bears, they were all using exactly the same attacks and were constantly patrolling a straight line from one point to another. Their line crossed the route taken by an escort quest. Being ranged and three levels above the mobs in the area, they almost completely destroyed the incoming group of mobs before any of the people following the npc could do enough damage to get any reward. They certainly do have an effect on normal day to day gaming as well as the economy of the game. I reported them and moved on, nothing else I could do. Pointless trying to get anything done in the area patrolled by them.
  18. A lost and bewildered refugee from City of Heroes - will always miss that game and, for me at least, there'll never be another like it.

  19. I logged onto Gilrain today. Rode through every part of Bree and saw nothing but npc's. Left Bree, there were two other people out there and I suspect they were just riding through the area. If there are people around, they're probably all in the high level areas. It's probably reasonably safe to assume that a large proportion of those will be lifetimers, that doesn't indicate a hell of a lot of money coming in. Ok, it was a very small sample (!) but even so, it wasn't that long ago the place was bustling at all times of the day. A bit depressing really but pretty much lost interest when they raised the level cap...I couldn't face all that grinding again.
  20. I played in their beta weekends and enjoyed every second. The game was great at launch but went downhill fast. I'm feeling a bit disappointed to be honest. I've never seen so many bugs introduced so quickly. It seems that whenever they fix one thing, they break ten others. Bots are rampant, as expected and a lot of people are getting pretty fed up. To be honest though, my mood is pretty poor at the moment so that doesn't really help. Still smarting after seeing that NCSoft are pulling the plug on City of Heroes. That is one game that I will miss.
  21. I think you get automatic infractions if a moderator as much as moves your post to a another section. It's something they need to look into but they probably have bigger fish to fry at the moment.
  22. I could never get on very well with GW1, always seemed a bit clunky and awkward for me. GW2 is a completely different matter. I really enjoyed that last beta weekend they did. It's actually so different to GW1 that they could justifiably have given it a completely different name. An MMO with no kill stealing (everybody who gets involved gets full credit), no stealing of nodes (they only despawn for people who have used them), and something I'm not used to - a game where your actions affect what happens next in the area you're in (for a while anyway). Fail to prevent mobs taking over something and it has consequences. It's looking like it's going to be fun...for me anyway...
  23. I was for a while, till I finally reached the level cap. Then they raised it and I decided I just couldn't face all that grinding again. Personally I think they've dragged things out far too long. We should have been in Mordor *ages* ago. By now, we should be crowning the king.
  24. Since someone mentioned Cryptic...one of the problems they have is their laziness when it comes to moderating what happens in their games (CO specifically). Whether that's due to lack of staff or some other reason is yet to be discovered. Instead of using GM's to make decisions on player behaviour they've started relying on an incredibly stupid system of allowing players to hand out chat bans. Get enough people ignore you (and it seems to be a ridiculously low limit which is cumulative over an infinite time period as far as we can tell) and you're banned from chat. While, on the face of it, that may not sound like a bad thing, because of the low limit it has resulted in the inevitable group of scammers using it to mute anybody they've recently scammed or anybody they just decide they don't like. Rumour has it that a supergroup (guild) of like minded idiots has been set up for just that purpose. It's been discussed on their forums for ages but Cryptic have become completely silent on the matter, seems they just don't care. Problem, of course, is that Cryptic rely on people ingame helping each other on chat because there's precious little official information about anything. With a lot of the decent people being driven away from chat, things may well go downhill fast... The game is also chock full of silly bugs, some of which have been around since launch and the list grows with every update. It seems that Cryptic either can't fix the bugs or just can't be bothered. They are also, like Turbine, starting to get a bit slap-happy with their in-game store. To be honest, the ony reason I'm still playing the game is that I bought a lifetime sub when things were looking promising so it's not costing me anything now. I got my money's worth. Bit like the situation with LOTRO really, except I just stopped playing LOTRO when I got bored. And of course, GW2 hasn't been released yet... based on what I've seen in the beta, when it finally appears, I'll probably just turn my back on Cryptics and Turbines offerings for good.
  25. I've only logged into LOTRO twice in the last three or four months. Lasted about five minutes each time, looked at the power bars, looked at the completely empty Bree (just me and a bunch of hapless npc's), mounted up, got as far as the gate and logged out. I've just lost interest in the game. That's something I really thought would never happen. I expected to be there till they shut the servers down. I just don't like the direction Turbine have taken the game. Course, since I bought a lifetime sub years ago, I can't go to them and tell them I'll cancel my sub if they don't pull their collective finger out... DDO does nothing for me either, so Turbine really are not producing anything for me at the moment.
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