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  1. Ardraug

    Have you voted? ;)

    Those pansies lost their "white card" (whatever that is) when they started turning against and denied their own ancestry.
  2. Ardraug

    Have you voted? ;)

    That's a major embarassment for the US lmao. Shit, most countries you HAVE to have ID to begin with. The billionaires and Kenny's family (KENNY'S VERY POOR! HE'S VERY POOR!) all have ID's, you don't show it, you don't vote... or buy booze...
  3. Ardraug

    Have you voted? ;)

    Sooooo your friend's a bit of a dick and it backfired on him. Sounds like what happened to all the snowflakes calling anyone who disagrees with them a "racist" and whatnot.
  4. Ardraug

    Have you voted? ;)

    Accumulated a handful of these during the election lol... got to +1000 at a point ..... KEK bookies... KEK!!
  5. Ardraug

    The Anti-Rage corner

    See Spot.. See Spot's spot.. http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/03/08/anita-sarkeesian-leaving-video-games-wants-200k-for-new-series/ Run, Spot.. run! Score one for #GamerGate BTW be sure to join The Triggering http://ageofshitlords.com/the-triggering-2016-date-and-timeline/
  6. Ardraug

    The Rage Corner

    Best wishes m8.
  7. Ardraug

    The Rage Corner

    Why? http://www.returnofkings.com/56056/the-new-ghostbusters-movie-will-be-ruined-by-the-feminist-agenda
  8. Ardraug

    And this is why MadeOfLions is an amateur ...

    My hunter never died of it, granted, had to move out FAST and barely made it.
  9. Ardraug

    The Other Shoe Drops re: EU Server Move

    All this is so.. Enedwaith-era.
  10. Ardraug

    Gaming Recommendations for 2016?

    I'll know after a beta weekend or 3 how Runescape's NXT client is working out, but so far it promises to bring the game's graphics back to the 21st century while running on XP and XP-era machines. It has raids now, by the way, but I'll confess that I have yet to try them on account of finally burning out on WoW-clone raid mechanics after my (really awesome btw) stint in FFXIV. Back on topic in any case, the dungeons and boss fights and raids are rather nicely balanced imho and varied enough that you can adjust them to your IRL responsibilities.... and the lack of need to alt to play different classes is rather nice.
  11. Ardraug

    The Rage Corner

    Angry Birds, the Live Action Movie!
  12. Ardraug

    The Rage Corner

    Meanwhile, here's what happens if you mess with the SJW's on twitter's latest idea: The Trust & Safety Council! @dhmapplethorpe is now suspended of course because Anita panicked about being disagreed with, as usual.
  13. Ardraug

    The Rage Corner

    Meanwhile... Gamergate is far from over http://www.dailydot.com/lifestyle/zoe-quinn-harassment-charges-eron-gjoni/?tw=dd
  14. Ardraug

    The Rage Corner

    http://www.breitbart.com/education/2016/02/10/fake-blood-and-war-chants-milo-yiannopoulos-event-at-rutgers-disrupted-by-feminists-black-lives-matter-activists/ This answer your question? =P