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  1. Recruitment is closed until 30/6/12
  2. Recruitment is now 'OPEN' again. We have opened this back up as the unprecedented amount of new players where all awesome and a lot have been promoted early as the integrated so well. If you wish to join please follow the link follow the basic guidelines and instructions and post an application to be considered. Thanks With respect Weirdy
  3. Due to an unprecedented amount of interest recruitment is closed until 30/4/12. GRATZ to Killi, Lilli and Muckle on your meteoritic rise to membership. Its always nice to have so much positive feedback from the community to enable a two week early promotion, which happens, but very rarely so to have three is awesome. If your interested in Joining please do post an application to be considered for the new intake once recruitment opens up again, its done in order of app, so apply today and you would be one of the first of the new invites. Thanks With respect
  4. Welcome Gery and Abel to The Suffering Recruitment is still open with plenty of space for old, new, short tall and even human players of any level and abilities Please follow the link at the head of this thread to get access and post an application or send and Officer a tell in game
  5. Gratz and Welcome to Stel and Ingo to The Suffering. Plenty of space folks, please feel free to join our forums and post an application
  6. Greetings, Recruitment for The Suffering in 2012 is fully opened up. Things have quietened down a little over the festive period and we are looking for new members of any class race level or ability to join our Kinship. Recruitment has been closed for a while, so if your interested in joining or have any questions please post here, send an in game tell or just sign up to our forums await authorisation and post an application. I appolagise if this seems a little long winded but due to the amount of spammers our forums are fully locked down. Thanks Weirdili
  7. WELCOME Taral and Saerael to The Suffering. This leaves ONE SLOT open, get your application in Quick
  8. GRATZ to Taff and Cero on making it past your initiate period and becoming full members in The Suffering. We now have 3 open slots for applications and a lot of interest, these are filled on a first posted application basis, so if your interested please go to http://the-suffering.org/forum/index.php/board,16.0.html and follow the instructions and template for making an application. Thanks With respect Weirdy
  9. No worries MueR, I see where you are coming from, I understand clearly the types of policies required and no I dont see a comparison to my 200 odd members and your half a million. But surely different communities need handling slightly differently? I can see how handling 100 posts an hour can be difficult, but my last two posts are five days apart I dont ever think we'll be daily to an extent you would object to, (I only check em once a day anyway), its all about timing. That timing as you will appreciate is down to a player knowing an application is going to be a quick process if a slo
  10. LOL Dont get me wrong, it was intended to be a heavily on the sarcasm side, but if we cant actively post on a forum, what's the point of it? I don't see we have done anything outside the regulations and I don't like it being inferred we cant post updates about open slots, which I do generally once and then as I welcome folks point out the reduced number... I was seeing this forum as the main focus of my recruitment efforts as far as posts and updates go, but I am not happy about the murky privately owned aspect of it all now, with regards to unwritten and subjective inference of behaviour
  11. I see SoDT, yes that's really really clear and completely not open to misinterpretation, clearly it states we are not allowed to post more than once a week! clearly it states, concisely and in English even a lawyer cant tear apart what we are and are not supposed to do! Clearly the replies to this thread breach the stated rules, so we are doomed either way. Perhaps I am objecting to this incorrectly and should just forget about this place and stop linking and suggesting people join it and concentrate on the Turbine forums instead and save myself the indignity of an argument over sema
  12. LOL So what's the point of this thread if we can't use it to keep possible applicants up to date on available open slots for recruiting? This is a recruitment thread right? An invaluable resource in aiding The Suffering community and keeping people up to date on available recruitment slots, Kin Milestones, welcome messages and all sorts.... We limit new members to ten in anyone cycle, this relies on up to date current information to be disseminated as fast as possible. If this happens daily or weekly or monthly is random but will not stop me from posting welcome messages, grats me
  13. Due to an initiate having ISP problems his application has been placed on hold and has opened up one slot for an application Please follow the link below and fill out an App if your interested in joining our lively and LotRO Community Renowned Kinship.
  14. Had a great old school Suffering Friday night in DoF, took out some bosses I hadnt even done before GREAT Job Val and Merodo the new Suffering Events team, great start to a new events calender
  15. The Suffering are off to The Ettens this Friday evening, so if you fancy joining the fun, see you there
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