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  1. I've been following your posts Aylwen for some time quietly. I am going to actually slip in to chime in on the T2 12man modes with a snippet from the RoI era relayed to me by a former player.. Palantir folk did actually do testing in these instances, but the amount of people who could show up for that sort of thing was highly limited just because of the timeslot they'd be run at. They'd be lucky to get 2 groups of raids running simultaneously. In those cases it was basically a group of 'players' and another augmented by a group of employees. Obviously the 'all real players' group was the one you wanted to be in. At least some of them were T2 Raiders on live, and group synergy goes a LONG way. Before you all scream murder about Draigoch. The horror stories of what it was designed to be when the group got its initial hands on it I can't do justice. Maybe someone else can. It felt like a major course reversal in terms of what their team could handle between that and what we saw, so its no wonder it was the buggiest thing I'd ever seen. With those limited numbers you're not going to find everything, and you've only got so many people who don't know how its supposed to work. I'm told that T2CM modes for ToO +JWB may not have even had a solution originally in mind. They had mechanics, and dials and just threw players at it to see how easily they came up with something that worked. If it was too easy? Frustrating? Make adjustments.
  2. Got word of my grandmother's passing today, but rather than pray for our family in the midst of that, it is far more vital you pray for a gaming friend I've got across the country who is in the middle of trying to commit suicide.

  3. I'm starting to think WB is trying to get into Esports, and is just starting here.. Thats a lot of prize money for a product that hasn't completely gone live yet. Though, I suspect the infrastructure costs are better with MOBAs in the long term. (I have no proof of this, just seems likely)
  4. Before Helms Deep, I tried to do this with several friends. Had a couple join us from another server even! One by one they got beta invites and wandered away from the game all together. They'd been expecting major changes..but they just couldnt stand the ones that were coming. Prior to that I had a standing offer to donate the TP for people who wanted to participate (I'd said it'd be in the form of rep items that they could use a new character slot to consume before rolling the disabler character, but I actually had TP codes I'd have given. I just didnt want people who weren't willing to even put in the extra 40-60m to do the intro one more time..) Not a single person took me up on it. Thats how limited the group of people who use this feature is.
  5. Yeah, it looked like an interesting system/gameplay premise, overshadowed by the world it's set in. Think it'd do better in terms of sales volume without the Middle Earth elements.
  6. This. If people want to band together to do on level content leveling up. Good for them.The end-game isn't any better than the journey. In some ways, its worse.
  7. I remember the thread... And fortunately didn't get infracted for mine. Yet another example where you were more diplomatic and gracious in the way you presented your factual data, had to deal with moderation over it (reversed!) and I didn't have anything of the kind happen.. *mutters something about the Moderation Team's ability to exercise discretion cutting both ways* I don't know if I simply posted on a day where people were in a better mood, or if it was that I didn't emphasize just how much data my sample size equated to in terms of $ or time.
  8. In all honesty, if the metrics don't indicate this Turbine, what's with it? Just recently you said players were tending toward shorter playtimes per session. If this is true AND everything is fine, shouldn't the login numbers be UP, not DOWN?
  9. If history hadn't shown the preferred response to be out of character for Turbine, I'd have had that expectation as well. It's not that your inherent expectations seem different than mine, just that I'm more jaded about what I expect them to actually do at this point than you seem to be. Frankly. I'm surprised my post talking about what I'd hoped they'd be focusing their development time on and change for change's sake was still up last I checked.
  10. I can't think of any time where they've given that much credit to someone's contributions to another site. Nor do I think they're pleased when people post extensive odds or data about the RNG box stuff. (Re: Treasure Hunt Mounts, Anniversary GIlded WS Appearance set..etc) Even CSTM didn't get recognition in the form of a public fond send off from Turbine when they shutdown the podcast. The only +Turbine post I can recall pointed out that LOTRO fansites and podcasts start and end all the time. That this wasn't unusual or a sign of how the game was doing. I suspect many people here would disagree with that statement in that last point.
  11. Would you have preferred & ? The fact remains that it was likely the whole thing was started as a response to player request. Generally when threads are unstickied they also get closed. Nothing like taking an AP C++ Class, and then discovering that the 'for college credit' test expects that you to know Java. So lucky to have gotten credit for that one. I'm still not sure how I pulled it off. Only 1 other student in the class did.
  12. I feel the thread closure might just have been a result of an extended effort to unsticky/close very old threads. One that started at a player request about PvMP stickies. I'd be interested to see what happened if someone started a thread about technical stat discussions and Helms Deep.
  13. There comes a point where it's time to start calling an actual PC your NAS device. External enclosures attached directly to the network may be convenient & fast, but their extra hardware cost per TB/storage adds up fast compared to a desktop. *looks at his desk* 9TB in available storage. ~5TB full. That doesn't count the binders of DVD+Rs from before I moved to HDs. I did some media rearranging/deduping/format upgrades,as well as removal of stuff I'd archived to DVD already but still used semi-frequently enough to keep it on my drive to cut my actual current used storage down some. The other 4TB was a birthday gift recently. Yes. I'm a digital hoarder, but lots of it is stuff that's nearly impossible to come by now days.
  14. I've stopped logging in daily. I'll probably log in once a day or every other day to see if anyone's inquiring about my standing offer on Riddermark for the shrew tomes. It's costing me effectively nothing but the 50c mail fee if I reply, and most people are extremely happy they did. I'm bothering with the shrews because it'd be fitting for my LM if I return.
  15. I think the self-identification may have been the most useful portion of that listing of categories if not its entire intent. Otherwise, there are a number of other ways to ask the question. It allows Turbine to realize the mind-set the player feels they have, and their expected/expressed 'champion causes' or 'issues of concern' or 'portions of the playerbase/game that they're likely to be keeping a close eye on the pulse of' I think that they backfired with it, and that it led to the impression that the selections are done in more of a strict quota style rather than trying to get a well rounded range of feedback. Yes, there were some players chosen in 2013 for explicit diverging actions/mentalities because of wanting to address rank farming. Do you think Turbine has a similar intent in addressing Raids or the Loot System? I don't. In which case players who wind up on the council with those concerns, are simply a byproduct of other selection criteria. I'd be happy to be wrong on this.
  16. Have you read my post about who they consider PvMPers? I suspect, that the players many of us would consider raiders, don't match Turbine's definition in the slightest. While they got some players that the raiding community felt was representative of their concerns (even if they weren't as hardcore about raiding as some others we might have liked) my impression is they weren't chosen based on their particular emphasis in this area. My belief is that they were selected 1. to provide a representative cross section of the playerbase views ( 'have participated in a raid in the last month..') and 2. Because of the quality of their application and the breadth of topics they could contribute to intelligently and in a positive fashion.
  17. I've never been a proponent of the RNG. I've always been in favor of having both a opportunity to 'get lucky' and 'guarantee progression toward it in spite of luck' for all things of value. I say that having gotten 2 First ages at 75 the day from my own lootboxes with keys I had on hand moments after the patch servers came up with that update. I don't have the conversation with Yicky handy right now, but my understanding is, they dont look at 'casual' and 'hardcore' in terms of 'casual raider/pvmper' or 'hardcore raider/pvmper' . Rather they only look at a rolling usage percentage of players who gain 'infamy' in a rolling 30 day period to call you a PvMP participant. From that perspective they generally don't care if you stop or start, only in trying to boost that overall percentage. There's a number of metrics they could use for classic raids, and skirmishes or epic battles, but there's no way to know if they're lumping any of them together and just looking at '12 mans' as a whole. I suspect the only place they think about 'casual' vs 'hardcore' is in terms of the average playsession length. What you actually do with it, is considered entirely separate from your 'hardcore' status to Turbine. As for whether or not the council needs dedicated raiders? It only needs them if the players care enough to see a return to that form of content. And they're going to have to get themselves included based on a well rounded involvement in the game. There's no reason to pick players with a strong raid emphasis just because of that with their current development plans.
  18. This was still a problem with the ML system and can still be witnessed with skirmish raids. How many runs do you remember doing of 1 specific skirmish so someone could have their jewelery piece they were after drop? Let alone win it by rolling.
  19. Why do you insist on quoting the earlier post instead of the later? - https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?546811-Carnimiries-Seed-Reward-Box&p=7154070#post7154070 "The RNG is once again driving me up a wall. Just opened my 5th or 6th box (lost count) on 2 seperate toons and 10 leaves each time. A kinnie felt bad and gave me a yard item since she had 2. The rate is just bad.. you should be guarenteed one after five boxes or so" - Let me draw your attention to "once again", as in 'driven crazy by the RNG AGAIN' ; Do people really have to spell out every time they change their minds? It's not like we really expect everyone to remember everything we've said since the beginning of time, or even over the past few months on the internet. See above. No one's perfect. What's wrong with accepting the idea that his view changed? He's probably not even the only one in that boat. Additionally, this repeated refusal to consider posts using the whole volume of posts, instead of handpicked one at a time, discourages people from getting involved here. There are people who read here and don't interact here for that reason alone.
  20. Respectfully. That's not his only post on the subject. If you don't happen to witness a specific long term trend that implies the RNG is broken, there's very little reason to complain about it. Its very difficult from a programing prospective to believe somethings wrong and then even if you decide there is, to find it. It only takes one small error in the RNG implementation to make it a royal mess. (Ex: Asherons Call 1) I'll accept that the post quoted wasn't written when he saw a problem with the system. Heck, if I hadn't witnessed trends going back multiple expansions, I'd think the people having problems were JUST statstical outliers. Not that it means I'm in favor of the RNG being the loot distribution/generation method, just that it'd be better in theory than master loot.
  21. Unfollow/Refollow will not work the way the promotion is setup. Fortunately, you could grab the code off of facebook a few weeks ago.
  22. I think you may be overstating his position. It seems clear to me that he says the RNG loot is preferable to Master Looter. Not that he likes the RNG. In other words 'It could be much worse'.. Maybe he'll be willing to clarify his position. *peers around because last time that seemed to work*.
  23. Who says they didn't advocate enough for something to change in this regard? 2013PCers, ..speak up. I'm pretty sure I've had the RNG conversation with at least a few PC2013 members, I just can't recall who or where. So many of you! To me, at least for anything with a long term gameplay benefit (Stat tomes/Equipment...) this was probably set in stone and isn't something that will move no matter what the consensus or desire of the PC is. This is likely as set in stone as the move to trait trees (aka skill trees) was, even if its not for development time reasons. The best I have hope for in this regard is that they'll do away with RNG cosmetic and Festival rewards. I'd be happy for them to prove me wrong and do something more substantial. Edit: Added Example
  24. This is what dedicated players do for a game and guild they love... Data.lotro.com parsers were very few. MyLotro parsers (for stuff that data.lotro.com didn't give) were even rarer. ESO seems to have a pretty solid community of players doing addons.
  25. Archers do damage a % of your max health. Were you on an actual L20 when you did the instance? If not you basically need enough numbers and speed to zerg them all before they shoot at you.
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