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  1. http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?415027-A-friendly-chat-with-Sapience-(-Gamescom-2011)&p=5624755#post5624755 ReD KOFACME
  2. These are quite good for the Captain, I also like the removal of the non use of Heralds and archers for using Strength from Within, will help when soloing multiple mobs WoC pulses also sounds good also and IDOME changes I love. This could be a decent group of changes tbh, fingers crossed ReD KOFACME
  3. Hi All, Noticed that the scrolls for the class items are viable for LI's up to Level 70 BUT the ones you remove from the weapons themselves are only viable for Level 65. ReD KOFACME
  4. Hi All, Not sure if this was part of the patch or its just I have only just noticed it! The cost of these in barter terms has dropped significantly, only 1 Superior 3rd needed and not 5. You can also get one using Veteran 3rd (3) and normal 3rd marks (5) all plus 1005 Skirmish marks. Perhaps in the new expansion you will need a number of them for the higher level 2nd agers..........? ReD KOFACME
  5. Hi All, One of the stealth changes yesterday was to make the above BIND ON ACCOUNT so that from now you can share them between your characters, just move them out of your vault and into the shared area. Perhaps this will make the OD runs etc more viable for people, lets hope so! ReD KOFACME
  6. Tried the two new skirmishes last night in my quest for Skirmish marks and as the OP said neither are too different from what we already have. Did both successfully at L65 T1 and repeat value will only be there if you want a new pocket item or armour/helm piece. Did AaD and had 3 encounters and got none of the special marks you need from any of them, nor from the end chest so pretty pants! ReD KOFACME
  7. Agree about the Brawling set as I have that now on my Guard (2 of each), even took out Ril-Mir as this new set balances out my stats more, boosting agility whilst still keeping Might and Vitality at 600, sitting at 8300 Morale now and approx 2500 Power. You can easily solo it as stated but a champ and I duoed it last night 5 times in 45 minutes for 6 Marks, you need 12 for 2 rings and bracelets so its very easy to get them, its just the Skirmish Marks you will need to stock up on! ReD KOFACME
  8. In all honesty I dont really like Skirmishes, I did them for the Epic Books because you had to and then only did them later again if I had to. There were two exceptions, I did the Rift one a few times to get the Cosmetic Helm and then the Tower one to get all encounters done to get the Title Battled in the Tower which is one of the better titles IMHO. I would have done more of them but found that other instances gave skirmish marks as part of the rewards, something I have always thought as counterproductive to getting players to actually do Skirmishes and as I dont play skirmishes per se I used the Skirmish Marks as probably every one else does to get Symbols / Armour / Baubles rather than spending them on my soldier. In fact Skirmish Marks are effectively the main in game currency for the more desirable items, just wait for Turbine to offer them in the Turbine Store next Only lately the last few weeks have I started looking into them again purely as I need more Skirmish Marks (For the Inn and Hall of Night baubles). I solo still a lot and have not done as many instances as I would have liked so now am looking at the easiest/quickest ways of earning marks solo. So far as Eleasar has stated Dannenglor is very quick and quite rewarding, The Rift from memory gave good marks (and coin) but as that is off at the moment I cant confirm it. Is there a list anywhere that gives the skirmish marks reward (dailies and normal) per Skirmish? ReD KOFACME
  9. Many thanks I was also using the standard editor so could not even see that dropdown! Thanks for that and correcting my post ReD KOFACME
  10. So it seems but to my humble self I have no idea how to use them ReD KOFACME
  11. I think there is a lot of random here, have now done T2 IoF three times in a row and got no Mark from either chest, one T1 run sometime later = mark HoN is similar, Have seen marks from Panic chest even, more so in Terror and sometimes in Nightmare, had 5 runs last night and twice got two marks out of it in a single run, one from Panic/Nightmare and the other from Terror/Nightmare, one with no marks at all. Just need the Skirmish marks now for the baubles! I also guess not a big deal to many of you but have now Soloed T2 HoN at level 40 on the Guardian, last fight is quite intense! ReD KOFACME
  12. I have not used a herald or archer for over a year, have got used to just Banner and the self heal from muster courage, a better mechanic or mechanics for self healing would be great then I might untrait it and try an archer / herald again could even try the potions then too. I think self healing is a current albeit small weakness especially solo so anything that boosts that or gives more options for, get my support Ironically I am playing around with dropping traiting muster courage anyway but wanted to see the extent of the new changes first. ReD KOFACME
  13. Thanks for the clarification on the Inn mark, yes I meant the gauntlet before the rows of Sarcophagi, the bones piles all activate so if you dont kill them, adds will always spawn and get stuck in there and poss keep you in combat (My theory) I just run my guard through it after taking out the 1st two bonepiles with my bow and take the 4K damage the roating blades give you till I get to the other side. ReD KOFACME
  14. Did both of these again last night at Tier 1 Solo. Got a mark for Hall of Night from Terror only and no mark at all from The Inn Perhaps the Inn only gives them for Tier 2? I did manage to stay out of combat this time, was just able to take out a bone pile with my bow (one of those that lie along the gauntlet), not sure how classes with no range DPS will do this solo though. I did note the rewards from Hall of Night are Bind on Equip so are sellable/tradable and the lost pages are also the same ReD KOFACME
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