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  1. Daerandir

    Hello from Cordovan

    My viewpoint is a little different, because I simply don't see the game as my dedicated MMO anymore. I continue to play because of my love (obsession lol) with Tolkien's world. I explore, quest, go through the main story, run skirms etc. My raiding days are behind me however. Any min max, raiding, pvp, etc., I do is now on ESO instead. With Lotro, I just want to continue seeing the world and story on my main. Once I finish that, I will move to my alts. I love the 1-50 content and definitely will enjoy going through it again. The license issue doesn't bother me. I am just going to continue playing as I do, and see what happens.
  2. Daerandir

    Hello from Cordovan

    I can't begin to explain how much I despise Epic Battles. It was cause for me to quit the game on two occasions. I am currently pushing myself through them to finally move on.
  3. Daerandir

    Hello from Cordovan

    Hail Warspeech! Yeah been a while since I've been here. Took a break from the game and forums for awhile
  4. Daerandir

    Hello from Cordovan

    Ha I remember that! Good old days. Here's one of mine from back then that was really good for a laugh. Love reading some of the posts in this one... https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?412012-Dumb-things-you-ve-done-when-first-playing-LOTRO&highlight=dumb+things
  5. Daerandir

    Hello from Cordovan

    Hey nosam! Good to see you!
  6. Daerandir

    Hello from Cordovan

    Preface to my post: I am not very well known here or the official forums, (Forum name: PoeticNightmare) so I may not hold much weight but would like to share my opinion if that's ok. I think it's great and a huge step forward that Cordovan has posted here to engage the members of this forum. Regardless of what people believe his intentions are, or whether it's viewed as a futile/too little too late effort, it's still something that I am sure we can all agree would NEVER have happened with past CM's. So far, from what I've seen, it seems Cordovan is doing his best to address concerns while remaining professional and adhering to Turbine's policies of what he can discuss (obviously out of his control) As far as acknowledging past CM's actions, situations, mistakes, etc.; I am not sure what he could really do. For one thing, would a statement about that really accomplish anything? I totally understand people not wanting to brush things under the rug and/or not accepting forgiving and forgetting. But, it the context of a game forum, it really just might be the best thing, so that the community move forward with a fresh start rather than harp on past conflict. It probably would just continue to keep those conflicts alive, with debates as to whether or not certain actions or words were appropriate or not. Also, I am not so sure Cordovan can even do that. It would surprise me greatly if he actually was allowed, per company policy, to discuss such things. I totally agree that there were unfair infractions/bans, and the way people were spoken to was completely unprofessional and downright nasty at times. As mentioned above, HD beta is a prime example. I just think it may be a good thing to have a bit of a fresh start. Though I was never banned, I definitely had my share of issues with both posters on the OF and with Sapience. Those few that do know me, will know that I never posted anything nasty and, even in the most heated arguments, kept things polite and refrained from insults. Regardless, I had my fair share of posters attack me for any criticism, derailing my topics, baiting, etc. They did so with very few, or no, repercussions. It happened, it sucked, but whatever. The CM is no longer there, some of those posters are no longer there, and I am willing to be optimistic that those types of issues won't occur any more. Could I be wrong? Of course! But I am fine with continuing on and seeing what happens. In the end, it's the game and Tolkien I am passionate about. The forums are a supplement, that I don't feel I should get too worked up over. Of course, that is my way of thinking and I in NO WAY am preaching to others how they should view things. Again, just offering my own POV for any who is interested. If you made it this far in my ramblings, then I thank you! lol. I know it's a heated topic and I hope I didn't come across as rude or preachy or anything. Just offering my thoughts. I am happy to say I have always gotten along with everyone here and have always had civil discussions, even with those who I have strongly disagreed with.
  7. Daerandir

    Turbine will merge or consolidate servers

    That's actually a good idea. Thanks! And yes, after so long, I finally posted on the OF again.... WHY?! Why the **** did I feel compelled to post there?! And why, did I HAVE to respond to people who irritate the hell out of me. It's like I can't help being baited by some of those regulars, who live for nothing more but posting nasty forum comments.
  8. Daerandir

    Turbine will merge or consolidate servers

    I haven't played LoTRO since ESO was released. I log in occasionally to check in, but never for more than a few minutes. This whole server transfer issue has seriously piqued my interest. I still hate some of the things that drove me away to begin with (Trait trees, mounted combat, Epic Battles, complete destruction of instances, etc.) but I've always loved the world and story given my LoTR passion. I would totally return to play more if I could bring my characters to a populated server, keeping all my wardrobe, skirmish history/marks, and shared storage. Screw MC because I don't use them. I am also fine with re-naming; no big deal to me. I just want some damn activity around me. I hate playing without an active chat box in the corner, and players surrounding me. I like the living world. It's why I play MMO's. Hopefully it happens.
  9. Daerandir

    Sapience leaves LOTRO

    Apologies Banjo, I was not aware. To be honest, had I actually noticed it was you, I'd have probably picked up on that. After reading some of the responses, by the time I got to yours, I was pretty agitated and just read the post without seeing who it was from. See above for who the fuck I was responding to.
  10. Daerandir

    Sapience leaves LOTRO

    Wow, what an eye opener this thread has been. Frankly, the incredibly judgmental attitudes , outrageous stereotypes and generalizations are fucking disgusting. It’s absolutely mind boggling to me how any of you can claim superiority for yourself or your country, when you make these ridiculous and baseless statements. Personally, I don’t look at any country as superior over another. I look at people on an individual basis. I look at my friends, my family, my acquaintances and coworkers. None of them seem to fit inside this narrow viewpoint you have. I come from a family that emigrated from Italy. They came here, worked their god damned asses off to make something of themselves. They were offered opportunities here that they couldn't dream of back home. None of the bullshit you post in your comments relate to them in any way. Welfare? Ha, go ahead and tell my 65 year old father, who built his own construction company and yet still does the labor of a 20 year old effortlessly simply because he loves to, he relied on public assistance. Or tell my mother who didn't even speak English when she came here and somehow ended up working her way up as a managing director with an Ivy League education. If you can look at whatever country you are from, and seriously claim its people are just perfect in every way, you are seriously living in a fantasy world. I've been all over Europe. Decency and Modesty? Racial Tolerance? You going to honestly say that this is how EVERYONE is there? What fucking planet do you live on? Every country has its share of flaws. You are flat out wrong to single out America as the worst and claim that all, or even most, people are of a certain fashion that your deluded mind has created. I, and those I surround myself with, are direct contradictions to every single one of your stupid claims. Get off your high horses.
  11. Daerandir

    Sapience leaves LOTRO

    I don't think there's anything wrong with not giving to charities. But, there absolutely is a purpose to many of them.
  12. Daerandir

    Sapience leaves LOTRO

    you were banned for the goodbye thread comment? Someone else pretty much posted the same thing and it's still there.
  13. And yet, the thread will carry on Frosty. That is, until enough people come in to oppose the thread's OP and THEN, it will get shut down. Funny how it is ok to post bullshit "figures" as long as they are in LoTRO's favor. So many people have finally left, both the game and forums, that the usual posters are getting desperate and posting nonsense bait threads because they crave the fighting. It's sad.
  14. Agreed. That entire topic is bait meant only to get people banned. Don't bother with them.
  15. Agreed. That was an incredibly stupid response.