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  1. When one keeps having to add people to the ignore list.. it just becomes not worth it anymore. Funny thing is, people keep going on and on about some of us being offended.. I never said I was. I said it made me uncomfortable due to the feelings it conjured up.. you know, how Tui explained trigger words and all that. I never asked for any rules to be made, nor did Tui or anyone else. I just made my feelings known and hoped that this group of acquaintances would be cool enough to be kind to each other. But no, that's too much for some. They have to pull the "help! help! I'm being repressed!" routine, claim national bias, blow things out of proportion, start making accusations that even more censoring is being demanded and generally appear to purposefully misunderstand people and what they said. It's... disappointing. And not worth it.
  2. psst.. he was only talking about his own personal conversations as a whole, not the entire adult population.
  3. Completely uncalled for and out of line. Why must you continue to behave like that? Honestly, it's like you're Jekyll and Hyde. Sometimes you're funny and nice, then other times you get vicious. Next time you could attempt to disagree with me without hurling an insult at me at the end. I've no issues with a disagreement, but throwing low blows like that is just lame and unhelpful. Oh ffs, like 3-4 people just made a comment that they'd rather not see *one* word here and now OMG EVERYONE'S BIASED AGAINST NON AMERICANS!! People expressed an opinion and preference, that is it. Good grief... No one has even remotely suggested we all stop saying 'fuck'.
  4. You know what's weird? In a couple months I'll have been living here for 3 years.. and I still don't know any Dutch swear words! I know some in Spanish, French and German. I've just never been in a situation where I would learn some. Obviously I'm not going to learn them in my Dutch classes and my boyfriend's family doesn't swear (afaik) and nor will my boyfriend teach me any. I've also not had any impulse to go looking them up either.. unlike when I was 15 in French class or younger when looking through my mom's German dictionary. I rarely eat meat.. but I've never been a big fan of red meat. And beer.. meh. I'd rather a nice cider... or margarita, cape cod, or even a vodka tonic.
  5. Nope, that's what you've decided to see in that sentence. Only he can know the intent and he says the intent was the way I interpreted, so that's that. He had a rough entrance, but I don't agree at all that's what he was doing then. I saw someone engaging in the conversation and who is settling down with.. well.. some of us. Some others can't get over the rough entrance and come at him swinging for any tiny perceived slight. It seems to me right now anything he says, no matter how innocuous is going to be interpreted in the worst manner.
  6. I didn't read it like that. I read as it was meant to be read: most adult (ie conversations between people age 18 and over.. adult being used as the factual word for what older humans are ) that he has aren't laden with profanity. He offered his opinion. Oh the horror. Nor were there any 'shoulds'. He said "I think". He's staying here, continuing to post, he's now part of the community. Last I heard, we're all allowed to take part in discussions, regardless of any "tenure".
  7. Yes really. For reasons Lauri just stated. Though bucko's 'delusional' jab in his last post wasn't necessary...
  8. You called her a "coat-tail rider", who would have been a no-name nobody. Yes, sounds like such a glowing, positive opinion of someone.
  9. Fwiw, I don't get the aggression being directed at you, bucko,by Bango just now. Seems pointless and unnecessary. And regarding the derail.. probably best to let this thread sink into oblivion and use the random crap thread.
  10. We've already discussed the regional differences regarding this word, which would explain why you may hear more English women use it. The opposite is not true in the States. I've at least already made a detailed explanation of why this word feels a lot more serious than your average swear word.. along the same lines of racial slurs as well. You're welcome to look back a couple of pages for that. This is not a few people getting their knickers in a twist over, *gasp* some swearing! Yes, there's a lot of people out there who can be upset by different things. But we're a small, semi close knit group of people here. Obviously there's plenty of profanity being used which means if someone has a problem with that in general, this won't be the place for them. Obviously none of us are calling for outright censorship and a forum filled with just sunshine and unicorns. Instead we've had a few members say they'd rather one word not be used here (asked, not demanded) and given reasons as to why this one word goes much further than your average swear word in some parts of the world. Now personally, when I'm amongst acquaintances and people I generally like, I'll respect their wishes instead of getting uppity about censorship. And that's it for me regarding this topic.
  11. Yeah, I highly doubt that. She's quite the strong woman and go getter on her own. She "just" did these things before her husband won any elected office: She already wasn't a no-name before he took office. HillaryHateFail.
  12. Still, if it was that large, I'm quite sure it wasn't meant to be a personal starter. Shared starters seem to be quite the norm (except for in super expensive restaurants) in the US whilst the opposite is true in Europe. And about size of plates, pub meals in the UK aren't exactly small either imo.
  13. Starters in most American chains aren't meant for one person. They're meant for several people to share.
  14. From the moderation thread to prevent more derailing: I don't know about any revisions, but yes some of the height/weight recommendations can be a bit ridiculous. They don't take into account muscle mass it seems. But there is quite the noticeable difference if you see a group photo of average Americans (and even Brits now) as compared to group photos of some European countries. It's taken me moving away from the US/UK to have it be really noticeable. American food most definitely is a lot sweeter and saltier. It took a little while for my palate to change, but now I can't stand some American stuff I used to find tasty. It's just far too sweet. Sugar is added into stupid things like tomato sauce and there is literally no reason for it. Bread is too sweet as well.
  15. I'm sorry but what a load of bull. No they aren't. And I can also count on one hand the people (who did not complain, mind you) who said they'd rather that word not used here. Try reading a bit closer regarding the polite requests which were not demands and not accuse others of motives they don't have. How do you have any clue if me, Tui, or Lauri don't 'give a toss' about blasphemy. Oh, that's right, you don't! Also I don't recall myself ever using blasphemy here (which personally I don't have an issue with since I'm agnostic), but if another person really had an issue with it, made a polite request, I'd do my best not to use said words out of respect if I had been.
  16. Lothirieth

    Starting advice?

    This. Plus far too many ingredients. Runecrafting is especially horrid. Rift's crafting sux imo.
  17. I think it's that I'm used to GW2 precision jumping. Jumping in TSW feels very clunky. And yeah that was a cool area with that golem.
  18. Nah, it was a good post, fairly worded, at least imho. Though, the only niggle with logic in the post I'd have is that this person participates on the OF's, which most certainly has trolls as well! Anyway, *waves to Scared Lurker*. Your first post here went well I think, perhaps now that you've dipped your toe in for a second, you might reconsider speaking up in the future. There may be folks you don't want to talk with here and that's fine. You wouldn't be the only one utilising the ignore function.
  19. (the extra 7 million people aren't all in the same place though.. London is huge and spread out. Also bikes take up far less space than a car. Imagine if all those cyclists in Amsterdam were driving cars. Would look a lot more like London. Last off topic post I make about this, I swear. )
  20. You die? Just die and it ends the mission? And eh, I can't say I'm liking Egypt so much. Some of the bits in the city were a major pain. Jumping in that game has no precision yet they want you do do parkour to get up on roof tops. -_- I dunno, I'm just not into the whole setting. But yeah, Said is awesome.
  21. I hear she might be at the sea shore selling sea shells.
  22. It probably appears less busy due to more people riding bikes than driving cars. #ohnoes #offtopic
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