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  1. I didn't know about this program. It seems to do a fairly good job. I added the possibility to download and preview parts and ensembles as ABC now. It's using a different MIME type (audio/x-abc), so it should be possible to set up so that the preview plays automatically and the ABC download doesn't. (At least I managed.)
  2. Thanks! *noms biscuit* Of course, if there's questions or problems or wishes, feel free to post them! I might be able to do something.
  3. A while ago I needed something better than the LoTRO ABC Player and various MIDI tools to convert MIDIs to ABCs, for my band-playing hobbit Firefern. I wrote a script that ran on my Linux computer and took a very hard to grasp config file to sort out a MIDI into several ABCs for the band to play. This seemed useful for others too, but the script wasn't portable. Instead I wrote a web interface with an ABC database, so others could use it. The converter is here: http://fefeconv.mirar.org/ You will first be presented with all the songs that are open to use for anyone. To convert something, create an account and upload a MIDI (the MIDI itself will not be published or downloadable!). Use the Help function to see what you should do. What it can handle that might be useful: - splitting a MIDI into channels (track/channel/instrument and if you want tone range) - combining them back into ABC parts, - and combining those parts back into band sizes and instrument variations (I call it "ensembles") - (and it has a function to figure out who in your band will play which part too) and - octave shifting of the ingoing channels - handle tempo changes by over- and resampling - intensity (and intensity changes) from MIDI instrument and volume levels to ABC +ff+ etc - intensity change of the ingoing channels - fadeout (more silent at the end for a nicer ending) - preview with MIDI download so you can work or pick a song without being in the game - decent drum conversion per default with optional custom drum conversions You don't have to use it. But since I made it anyway, I thought I'd present it in case someone might find it useful. Feel free to use the songs, too.
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