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  1. You could take the WoW out of those statements and fill in poker, cigarettes or alcohol in stead. If you have the disposition to get addicted, then you have to find out how to fight that. You have to "just" have the mental strength control whatever it is you are using. You can be a light smoker and quit at ease, or be heavy smoker who never gets to quit. You can have a beer or two at parties, or you can be an alcoholic. You can treat games as what they are - a fun passtime - or you can become addicted to gaming. Same shit, different wrapping.
  2. Also mein Zwergen-Barde führt den Beinamen "Eisenkehle". Erstens trinkfest (Verwandter der Gasthausliga! ), und bei seinem "Gesang" brechen Trolle schon mal tot zusammen...
  3. My birds in flight album has 21 new additions: Click and enjoy.
  4. He had that in his signature because people were constantly confusing them both on the forums. Of course, if you look hard enough, the conspiracy is everywhere...
  5. Es gibt vier weitere Karten zum an die Wand hängen (bzw. für die Kartographen-Tat): Ettenöden, Nördl. Hügelgräber, Lothlorien und Caras Galadhon.
  6. Alle Rassen, alle Pferde, alle Alles: http://nk-f.com/kinship/outfits.html
  7. Solo oder duo. In beiden Fällen trotzdem mit Inspiration. Gruppe geht nicht mehr.
  8. Erm... probably a stupid question, but which "last boss"? We did Forsaken Inn once on level at Tier 1 so far. We had a blast, but the only "boss" we found was that guy on the ship. After completing the fight and speaking to the NPC, we were exited from the instance and stood in front of Anlaf. Up to this encounter we only had bone piles and other trash mobs. Did we miss a turn somewhere?
  9. Da Turbine das Spiel entwickelt, haben die sich das ausgedacht und eingebaut. Es gibt defintiv Layer.
  10. Die gecritteten Werkzeuge sind robust, während die anderen nur normale Haltbarkeit haben. Sie halten also länger und verursachen weniger Reperaturkosten.
  11. Das gibt's seit mindetens nem halben Jahr. Nur das es so aussieht ist neu. :-) Es hatte aufgrund eines Bugs das gleiche Aussehen wie das Meta-Taten-Pferd aus Angmar (alle Taten in den Angmar-Instanzen).
  12. We have thread going "What are you listening to" over in ther German Off-topic section. Come and join us!
  13. You could comment on the same article on the CSTM site here: http://www.casualstrolltomordor.com/2011/06/opinion-the-advantages-of-re-over-rp/ No account needed.
  14. Undo, the good spirit of the community once again. :-)
  15. I am currently accessing the forum from my Milestone. Perfect reading and navigating, def. does not need tapatalk!
  16. Woot the first maintenance day thread :-)
  17. My first char from day 1, a hobbit burglar, logged out in Little Delving, where hobbits enter the game world.
  18. Now that I've learned how to post slide shows, enjoy my "best of" of birds in flight:
  19. Die beiden Tham Mirdain Instanzen habe ich jetzt schon öfter mit 1x Wächter und 2x Jäger gemacht. Geht wunderbar. (Darf ich das im Hüter Forum schreiben ?) Und seit es die Symbole gibt, habe ich 2x eines in der Bibliothek droppen gesehen.
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