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  1. I've written a greasemonkey script for that a few years ago. With this script you can have these tooltips on any site you like. Greasemonkey works with injecting javascript on client-side. Greasemonkey (Firefox-Addon) Userscript (Save it in a text file. Filename MUST end with ".user.js" i.e. "lorebook_tooltip.user.js". Finally install the userscript by simply opening it in FF after you've installed greasemonkey before.): // ==UserScript== // @name Lorebook cluetip // @namespace lotrocommunity.com // @description Tooltip fuer Lotro Items per Ajax aus dem Lorebook // @include http://lotrocommunity.com/* // ==/UserScript== var GM_JQ = document.createElement('script'); GM_JQ.src = 'http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.pack.js'; GM_JQ.type = 'text/javascript'; document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(GM_JQ); function GM_wait() { if(typeof unsafeWindow.jQuery == 'undefined') { window.setTimeout(GM_wait,100); } else { jQuery = unsafeWindow.jQuery; letsJQuery(); } } GM_wait(); function letsJQuery() { jQuery.noConflict(); jQuery("<div>LOREBOOK Tooltip is running!</div>") .css({padding: '10px', background: '#0C2B62', color:'white', position: 'fixed',top: '0', left: '0', 'z-index': '66', width: '99%' .appendTo('body') .fadeIn('fast') .animate({opacity: 1.0}, 1000) .fadeOut(2000); jQuery("body").append( "<script src='http://content.turbine.com/sites/lorebook.lotro.com/js/onering.js'> </script>" ); } [/code] Tooltip may look a bit ugly on some sites (especially the window-borders). This is due to sideeffects with the site-css where the tooltip is injected. But better than nothing ...
  2. 100% agree, but that's not mutually exclusive
  3. @Thorbane I am sorry for being more offensive than necessary. Coming back to topic. Here is my "dream equipment": Earrings: 2x Sarenzer Necklace: Star Necklace Pocket: Miniature Brass Anvil Bracelets: Lorechor, Etten-Bracelet (don't know english name) Rings: Textured Gold Ring, Ril-Mîr Set: Blade of the West (except Helmet) Helmet: Arthar
  4. Looks good, except that "Stats@600" should not be a goal. Pushing stats (might, agility, vita) may be an option (and in fact are) to achieve your goals, but they should not being itself a goal since having nice stats don't make damage etc. Stats themselves are not useful. They are themselves good for nothing. But they are pushing the REALLY relevant values like offense rating, crit chance, morale, mitigations ... So the last ones are "goal-candidates" but not the stats itself. This distinction is important due to the fact that the really relevant values can be pushed in several ways - not only by pushing stats. i.e. When you can choose between two items and with one of them you achieve a higher critical chance with only 580 agility and with the other one a lower critical chance but 600 agility. You should choose the one that pushes the really relevant value - and that's not agility! Greatest epic fail are the champions using the old 20/20/20 relicts. These are the people who don't understand what I am talking about here. Still down? You've time to downvote me with your two accounts but not linking the photo? Maybe you've realized that I am right?
  5. Die meiner Meinung nach wichtigsten Legacies: Moralheilung Ermutigung Gefährten inspirieren Ballade des Krieges/Kraftkosten Habe für beide Varianten ein Buch, aber das Kraftkosten-Ding nehme ich nur beim Leutnant rein. Waffe relativ unwichtig, aber nimmt man halt mit, was sich so anbietet. Dmg-Barde spiele ich nicht, deshalb hab ich dafür auch kein Equipment. Gelegentlich auch in 4xblau/3xgelb unterwegs.
  6. Hmm, can you post a screenshot of this one, too? I think it have to be 18.4% on 3,986. (with race Man) You have Might capped unbuffed and 9k offense rating unbuffed. So you have 9,5k offense rating buffed - not 10k. I cannot stand people telling you shit all the way. We are not stupid, so please don't make a fool of yourself. I don't think so, because the formulas are already dynamic and level is a factor. So there is no need to adjust anything here. I think Thorebane is just a conman. @Topic 5x BG + DN Devastate-Helmet, but 5x OD + DN Devastate-Helmet is my favorite for future.
  7. Formula: incHeal(SELF) := 100 * incHealBaseValue(SELF) / (1190/3 * level(SELF) + incHealBaseValue(SELF)) Example: incHealBaseValue(SELF) := 4500 level(SELF) := 65 incHeal(SELF) = 100 * 4500 / (1190/3 * 65 + 4500) = 14.859658778205833791964777105118 ~= 14.9 incHealCap-Formula: incHealCap(SELF) := 70 * level(SELF) //that's 15% Example: level(SELF) := 65 incHealCap(SELF) = 70 * 65 = 4550 Bonus in "percentage points" are always added on top - in particular they are not capped. That's why Men race Bonus +5% incHeal (<- percentage point bonus) goes on top of it and Men can get 20% incHeal. That's true for all values in Lotro. That's why I'm so curious about Thorebane's screenshot, because I can't believe it.
  8. Ferro

    DW vs. 2H

    Several people did many tests in german codemasters forum with damage parsers. Always with same result: 2H makes much more single target DPS. The people who are saying: 2H is just for big numbers are wrong. With 2H you do in fact much higher single target DPS! Main reason for that are the brutal strikes. For AoE-Dmg both are good. There seems to be a little advantage for DW, but it's marginal. 5k is not massive. >10k is a massive crit! Some people on Belegaer did a >11k crit on the leutnant's beast. And that was before the patch with under 8k melee offense. Now you can get >10,5k melee offense and therefore even higher crits ...
  9. I'm REALLY curious about it.
  10. Ferro

    DW vs. 2H

    2H, because of much higher single target DPS. I may switch to DW when I get the new Offhand-Sword from OD.
  11. Here's my champ. First age weapon is in the pipeline
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