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    The Rage Corner

    Yeah what's with him having to pay 100k!?!? I mean while he was deemed innocent, yet he still got punished. I mean think of actual results : 1. You disagree with someone on twitter 2. You get sued 3. Your ability to earn money is restricted, you are threatened by jail and going to court for 3 fucking years and have to pony up 100K to pay your lawyers to get you out of going to jail. This does not seem like a victory at all. How many people will think 5 times now before disagfeeing with some feminazi on internet because they would not want to go through such 3 year horror story + cost?
  2. While WoW is tanking hard it is still very popular and brings lots of revenue. Kinda silly to compare it with some obscure small playerbase niche mmorpg like Lotro. Even if Lotro employees and management would be best professionals in whole industry, it would not help much if/when there is simply not enough people and budget to develop and manage game properly. You want quality you need to pay good money, simple as that. Goes both for consumers and employees.
  3. Hahahaha I remember that was one of reasons why I left Lotro (other ones being cash shop and changes to gameplay, some of game concepts, etc) so after several years they promised move to Europe and now they backtrack from this. LOL I guess it worked to keep some of europeans that were on verge on leaving still playing in the meantime though. Anyway - when I left Lotro years ago I have promised myself that if I ever play again any online game(not just MMOs) that is dependant on game company run servers and this company will remove EU servers physically from Europe then I am immedietaly stopping playing such game. Permanently.
  4. The Witcher 3 Blood&Wine expansion Dishonored 2 Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Mafia 3 Rise of the Tomb Raider Torment: Tides of Numenera Divinity: Original Sin 2 Dark Souls 3 Hyper Light Drifter Dragon’s Dogma for PC Kingdom Come: Deliverance Hellblade XCOM 2 SpellForce 3 Street Fighter 5 Exanima (once it is out of early access& 1.0 version is released) Cossacks 3 There is more, but I just dont have the time to make this list longer atm. Post-Scriptum: If you read only mainstream sites like IGN, PCGamer, etc chances are you're gonna miss A LOT of potentially good single player / co-op / multiplayer games. For MMOs I've got no idea as I've stopped playing them.
  5. drul


    My deepest condolences to his family. May his soul rest in peace.
  6. Happy new year and all the best in life coming to you in 2016.
  7. I have played FF XIV in some beta before it's release. While it was certainly better than this F2P trash we're given in last years, it did not fix most things I have against MMORPGs. I have nothing against forced grouping, that is not the problem I have with MMORPGs.
  8. DIRT Rally. http://store.steampowered.com/app/310560/ Recently released by Codemasters. Opinions are this is what fans been waiting for a long time and that Codemasters finally came back to their old self and their times of glory 10+ years ago with this game. 6000 positive vs 450 negative ' user reviews' on Steam page. I haven't played it myself (yet hopefully), but I hear nothing but great opinions about it. + Also 2015 is propably best year in terms of games for at least last 10 years. Diffrence is - if you want to buy and play a good game you cannot just go to your nearest most well known AAA developer like EA or Activision and take their latest title from your interesting genre like you could 10+ years ago. In these times you actually have to put some effort into finding good game. As for MMOs/MMORPGs. Yeah dead for me as well. It would really have to be some miraculous reinventing of the genre and brillant solutions to problems plaguing them for me to get into them again.
  9. This is single player RPG right? Well anyway, looks interesting for an indie production. That's certain, but I'll wait for full finished production. Playing alpha/beta/unifinished version of games, especially SP games is not my cup of tea in 99,99% of cases. tl;dr Seem like a good job for a project done with only 2 people, I will wait for finished project though before any purcharse or playing.
  10. Merry Chrmistmas and all the best to everyone here !
  11. Amount of info gathered from cookies that tend to spy on you even when you're visiting other non-twitter sites and are not logged into Twitter is enourmous. Huge amount of data and scripts that tend to make connections between data from other people on social sites is enormous. Also that data is shared to USA goverment (and propably to some extent to other gvt too). Have you heard stories about normal people being questioned for hours on USA borders about an Twitter stuff they posted years before?
  12. drul

    The Rage Corner

    I would wait with champagne will he actually get's put in jail. I am sure he has preety expensive lawyers working around the clock atm for him to avoid actual jail time.
  13. drul

    E3 News

    With Third Person Perspective game using modern 3d AAA graphics? It was never gonna happen. It is Square Enix after all. They're gonna try to MILK fans for as much and as long as possible. I am sure they are gonna try to put other stuff in there as well DLCs,microtransactions (some cosmetics or special items walled behind "DLCs"). I am not FF fan, but from what I've heard many FF fans hype died down completly after episodic announcement. Ppl from other forum I visited said they expected FF7 broken down MAYBE for 2 games, but episodic killed their hype. Sad thing is that SE will propably pull it off succesfully anyway. They will break down FF7 into like 4-5 parts and will sell each for 40-60$ anyway(for basic versions). EA is pulling off selling Battlefield games for 110$+, no reason why SE won't pull off selling super-nostalgia remake for 200$+ total.
  14. drul

    The Rage Corner

    Europe will keep it's integrity, prosperity, self-identy and will tackle problems with integration and terrorism by the power of hashtags, candles, facebook likes, tweets and open letters of intelellectuals ! I am sure bombing ME with 150 bombs instead of 100 bombs per day will help too! Yeah ! Go Europe Go West !
  15. drul

    Paris Attacks

    I would not be so sure that attacks was carried out by people who came to Europe in recent months, althrough that is definately possible. We have to remember though that some of attacks in past was carried out by muslim immigrants who lived in Europe for long years or even by those that were born and raised in Europe, are Europe citizens and even speak with local accent (like those two muslims that killed an UK soldier on the street in UK). I agree that Europe has to wake up and reevalute itself though. Sad thing is though that there is no (imho) political option or ideology in Europe (and whole western world) that has real answer to problems we face.
  16. drul

    Fallout 4

    From what say people I know for years and trust their opinions about games is that Fallout 4 while being sold and branded by Bethesda as RPG is really more of a FPS shooter with some superficial RPG elements and simple Sim/editor while you play tackled on. I mean F3 was also like that, but opinion is that Bethesda with F4 went even more into realm of Borderlands / Farcry and even less into RPG than before.
  17. I think it is not that industry is figuring out how to make MMO work with newer generation. It is industry figuring out how they can make both newest and older generations pay on-going fees be it subscriptions or microtransactions though gaming. Industry simply dumped MMOs cause they are not sexy anymore and bleeing players, while non-MMO multiplayer lobby games like League of Legends or Herthstone, etc are healthy and booming and people are ok with paying on-going payments in those non-MMO games like they used to be paying them in MMOs only before.
  18. All of the MMOs, meaning strictly MMO(RPG)s, [excluding lobby games with cash shop (like Dota, LoL, WoT, etc) and lobby games with cash shop and some small MMOish like grinding, items, points, etc features (Warframe, Marvel Heroes, Vindictus, Destiny etc)] are going this route more or less. Less funding, more grinding, more monetization tied with gameplay, more simplified gameplay, etc it's all across MMO(RPG) genre and it does not seem like it is likely to change soon.
  19. Agree here. I don't like those announcements of stuff years before actual release. Chessiness of ST for some was one of advantages of this series I assume, but I got tired of it as well and tbh never liked it much in first place.
  20. I've personally prefer Voyager. Yes it's gimmicky, but structure of episodes, acting, etc was more dynamic than earlier ones, but not dynamic enough to make straight 100% action movies that just happen to take place in space instead on the streets of New York like new movies are. TNG was my second favourite and first ST I saw. Never like other ones, they were either too boring or way too simplistic/stupid + "going to the past" like Enterpise. Anyway you're right - and that is one of the reasons why I would prefer to have completly new big budget space sc-fi tv series instead of new Star Trek. "Going back to past" / "restart" is way too boring though, From those two bads - I personally choose past Voyager future and keep hoping that they solve too advanced / too much has happened in our galaxy already in some good way.
  21. Good. One more sc-fi series is good, considering sc-fi tv shows coming out in recent years are trash. Sooner or later someone have to make a good one. That is best thing that might have happened. Seriously this "Spock&Kirk+let's make a story begginings again" stuff is so weak it made me cringe when I've first heard about first "new" ST movie few years ago.
  22. No idea about ESO now. Seemed created for solo play in questing in beta when I've played. Anyway for co-op game you may want to check Divinity:Original Sin. Co-op for two persons was one of it's selling points.
  23. drul

    The Rage Corner

    Because it is not about equality but it is about social engineering, interest groups and people doing careers and really nice money on pushing interests of interest groups. This filter is not mental - it is very rational from point of view of people who are pushing it.
  24. Watching original trylogy on a VHS tapes when I was a kid made a HUGE impression on me. It also was one of first movies taking place in space I've watched. Nowadays, Star Wars does not do as much emotionally for me as it did before. I also don't agree with many choices that producers seem to take with this new SW trylogy. Hopefully it will be better than Star Trek reboot, but on the other hand sings are not that promising. Nerdfags. That's where big money lies now and Disney knows that. So I am convinced that new Star Wars will be an huge concert of nerdfaggotry. We'll see all possible references to old Star Wars, especially to first trylogy from 70/80s. I mean there is Harrison Ford and Chewbaca for fuck sake. I am sure we'll see some old jedi masters either in flesh or some kind of ghost/force form, etc Anyway whole Star Wars franchise aside of first trylogy in 70/80 (cause it was completly new back then) is based on nostalgia. Majority mainstream hollywood and video gaming shows that products basing on nostalgia is what makes big bucks. That is why all those direct sequels, prequels, reboots and "spritiual continuators/reboots" are everywhere. PS. I am sure there will be Ewoks in this new trylogy somewhere.
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