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  1. Well obviously game companies want to sell cheap manufactured stuff instead of selling stuff that is costly to manufacture. After all it is better to sell database entry or single animation/texture for potentially unlimited amount of money than to sell thousands of those combined and in consistant quality packed for some amount of money. (game or proper expansion). Selling microtransaction is just better than selling actual game. That is why game companies now are in full go ahead mode in regard to 1) non-mmo f2p games (MOBAs, card games, etc) 2) mobile games 3) shoving microtransactions in non-mmo AAA multiplayer games. Because in those three places you can currently sell some database entries / single textures for real bucks when in MMO(RPG)s it is becoming harder and harder to do so, because players got fed up with simple grinds and required more and better content and better games overall rather than simple cheap to make grinds.
  2. Well I have my problems classyfying FF myself, only thing that stops me to be 100% in that is a new game is that it will conflict with completly new game, because they did reuse some things like i.e. some art assets, but because changes made to FF XIV 1.0 -> 2.0 seem to be made on completly fundamental levels it does not seem accurate at all to put them in same category as p2p->f2p businesss model changes . + it does not really seem like they reused 80% or even 50% for that matter. tl;dr Anyway You have a point that both are marketted as Relaunches, but important part is it seems like FF XIV playerbase seem to basically treat FF XIV 2.0 like a new game for all relevent intent and purposes while noone sane treat any f2p "relaunch" as new game.
  3. Why do you assume they only started working on A Realm Reborn in November 2012 after FF XIX 1.0 closure? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naoki_Yoshida "In December 2010, he was taken off the Dragon Quest team and placed in charge of the staff that developed the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Final Fantasy XIV, which had been unsuccessful since its launch several months before" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_Fantasy_XIV:_A_Realm_Reborn "However, outdated and cumbersome programming choices in the game code prevented the more radical modifications necessary to enhance the game. Thus, planning for a brand new game built from scratch started in January 2011 and development began in earnest by April, with work on a new game engine and server structure" So they hire new director in December 2010, make decision to make a new game in January in 2011 and start developin it in April 2011 and announced they were developing it in October of 2011. Considering SE did not have to assemble completly new team from the scratch, make negotiations with invesors (they self-financed afaik) and they certainly could reuse some stuff from FF XIV 1.0 like lore, maybe some art asset here and there... they managed to make it in 2,5 years. Very tight? Almost impossible? Sure, but not completly impossible taking all into account. What I mean is that putting f2p "relaunches" in same category as FF XIV 1.0 -> FF XIV ARR is wrong. Either FF XIV ARR is: 1. a new game or 2. it is a relaunch, but then p2p -> f2p changes are not relaunches but simply business model changes
  4. While I call bullshit for claims of millions of subscribers that keep floating around the net, FF XIV 2.0 uses old normal server stuff instead of mega/super/etc bullshit so that sort of allows us to see population trends better. I've googled that shortly after 2013 (re)launch they added some new servers and then in 2014 they added another 3 new servers. I doubt they would be adding new servers one year after release if their population would not grow a little bit. Now try to remember last MMORPG especially P2P MMORPG that added new servers one year after release?
  5. I found it is using a new engine: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Luminous_Engine So found some Googling gave me that FF XIV 2.0 features new graphic engine, new server structure/netcode, new interface, new terrain and new diffrent content and playing it required completly new game client. Sounds to me much more like a new game. As for f2p "relaunches". Erm they were relaunches only from business point of view. Technically it was exactly same game. Take Lotro f2p "relaunch" for example. Everything from engine to graphics assets to content was exactly the same. Only changes were modifications to grind systems in order to make them compatibile with microtransactions. PS. Before "Square Enix good, rest of MMO companies bad" assumption. In my humble opinion Square Enix launched FF XIV 2.0 as "FF XIV" instead naming it i.e. FF XVI is because they were basically forced to. From what I gathered Square Enix was in deep trobule because of FF XIV 1.0 failure and another failure like this might mean even bankrupcy and that is reason why they allowed old players to (sort-of) continiuing to play old characters and gave them FF XIV 2.0 for free instead of launching new FF MMO, requesting players to buy the new game and taking more risks (that FF fans will give them middle finger) that way.
  6. Isn't FF XIV ARR (called also 2.0) an completly new game with made almost from scratch having new engine, new art assets, diffrent character build and progression, newly made zones, diffrent game concept (being WoW clone while FF XIV 1.0 was not at least nowhere close to FF XIV 2.0 extent) that just happens to have same name as FF XIV from 2010? Afaik it is not an modification of old FF XIV 1.0 that got restarted, but rather old FF XIV 1.0 from 2010 was closed and SE released a new game also called FF XIV in 2013. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
  7. Well that is just MMO(RPG) genre now. It is stagnant genre that mainly reuses it's 'veteran' gaming population over and over, having big problems in bringing fresh blood and hemmoraging it's veteran users to other genres of games. I have no solid proof but even succesful MMORPGs like FF XIV 2.0 IMHO are thriving because they siphon players from those MMO(RPG)s that cannot keep their players anymore. (from Lotro to even WoW lately) rather than bringing new fresh players into the genre.
  8. Multiplayer never meant MMO. It is just many MMO(RPG) players who perceived multiplayer gaming like that not noticing millions of players playing non-MMO games through internet. That is because many players were introduced to multiplayer gaming through internet by World of Warcraft (and other MMOs) and they played MMOs exclusively for multiplayer experience making MMOs synonimous with multiplayer. Truth though was that multiplayer gaming in internet had always huge numbers in non-MMO from browser strategy games, through real time strategies, battle.net games to first person perspective shooters and more. MMO(RPG) players just either not realized that there are huge number of other non-MMO multiplayer games and gamers or they were not interested in them. It is just that in last 5 years or so, MMORPGs started to have big problems and so all MMO(RPG) players, MMO websites and many game companies including ex-MMO only companies started to develop non-MMO multiplayer games. Western companies adopting microtransactions more for some of their games also matter. So are other things like better developement tools and more easy to use game engines, etc
  9. What I find a bit funny is that you compare Lotro to biggest current MMORPGs like World of Warcraft Behemoth or new, shiny and one of very few healthy MMORPG making money ones FF XIV. Like Lotro is still relevant. Lotro is old, niche, obscure MMORPG that stopped being a 'thing' around SoM release and completly lost it's relevancy around 2011 at the latest, is shoestring financed and will continue to slump down like many other MMORPGs did. If you want to compare Lotro to something then titles like Age of Conan or Everquest 2 are ones you should be comparing it to. Or other AAA (at the time of its release) MMORPGs like Warhammer Online or Vanguard that are closed. Things like HD revamp or how certain build / grind systems were built are completly meaningless. No amount of better fiddling with numbers or skills would make Lotro successful game again. Lotro fail dates back to Turbines expectations and decisions way back in 2008-2010, like Lotro players observed and Turbine ex-employe said some time ago. Anyway just my 2 cents.
  10. Truth to be told people who create such tools that are based on open protocols or files (like xml files) usually don't give a shit. Game companies also usually don't go after them because they well know that banning them will often create shitstorm. Only way of keeping your "secrets" intact is to burying them deep down in client, encrypting them, custom / non-openly documented formats, etc Because players involved in creating custom tools to your game won't care about CoC / EULA and will post such stuff on open public forums. This sort of stuff happens since beggining of multiplayer games.
  11. I doubt it will be "first offense = prision server" kind of thing. Regardless truth is either you do something effective to combat players (and lose money) that break rules because some players WILL break rules no matter what, no matter how good and rewarding game is or you don't do anything effective (warnings, temp bans, etc) against this like game companies have been doing for decades in basically all MMORPGs. So it depends what do you mean by 'effective'. Effective way or earning money or effective way of taking care of abusers and chaters? Cause that is not the same thing, and that is also fault of players that don't break rules.
  12. Yes, but going by that principle no way of dealing with abusers will be effective because any way of preveventing abusers that will work will mean that they will leave. After all they want to cause trouble and ruckus.
  13. Interesting idea. Kinda remind me of various anti-cheat/ anti-idiots inviatives on private servers. No idea whether it will be succesful, it depends on whether Daybreak will have balls, persistency and consistant long-term good execution to do this properly. Also EA2 is old, irrelevant game so it having it or not does not have much meaning aside of providing research/info/field test of such concept to Daybreak. I don't have any game in which I would like to see this since I don't play MMO(RPG)s anymore nor I plan to in foresable future.
  14. Haven't heard that before, but I have not been participating in one forum / social media place with SJW. Anyway makes sense now ! I am not surprised SJW throw insults around after seeing some YT videos how i.e. feminist on the street behave. Well I guess every ideology have those.
  15. My english is propably failing me cause I don't get what you mean.
  16. I really doubt he think he is black, imo he is/was pretending to be one in order to gain certain profits. Same goes for that woman from some time ago. If you create system in which it is better to be a miniority person instead of being Caucasian and/or white then people will pretend to be a miniority to gain advantages. Simple as that.
  17. Blizzard business is creation & sale of most mainstream products with as wide target audience as possible. Blizzard is basiccaly Shakira / Taylor Swift of gaming. Highly commerically succesful products for mainsteam. I really doubt Blizzard would want anything to do with unsuccesful niche MMO title from 2012. Not to mention that Blizzard only operates internally created titles and does not seem interested in changing that. With current state of MMORPG industry and genre, I have a hard time thinking who would want to pick up Funcom. Sadly most propable is that this would be either some kind of company that deals with aggressive F2P models, so either some company originating from China/Asia like Perfect World or some kind of investment fund like Colombus Nova that picked up ex-SOE (now Daybreak Games) or some company interested in transforming Funcom into developement house for mobile games or something like that. Of course I wish Funcom and it's consumers something far better, so I hope I am wrong.
  18. Erm Lotro ended many years ago and that got reflected in content that went to cheap produced mobile/browser like stuff. Besides Lotro aside of some more or less challanging dungeons never was particularly hard even in Moria/Mirkwood P2P times. Anyway whole OP post is bit silly rage rambing, but well if you need to take some steam out be my guest mate hope it makes you feel better. I am honest here not ironic, hope letting your steam out brought you some relief.
  19. Well judging from Funcom own financial reports it seeems they have been unsuccesful for a quite a long time. I mean they had some few relatively succesful single player games very long time ago before they went MMO-only and they they had Anarchy Online which was overall success and turned them a nice profit afaik. Then it seems that it changed. It seems if I recall right that their financial reserves have been decreasing since Age of Conan which could suggest that AoC was not as big of a success they needed and then it seems that The Secret World financially missed the mark by very very far. Then you have Lego stuff which certainly seems like much cheaper project that both AoC and TSW, but it also seems that it did not bring much money in either. This kinda sounds sad if I do understand it right. It seems like they are saying we're cheap to buy and we're willing to partition our company in several pieces and sell to diffrent interested parties if required. I don't know I may be wrong but that is the impression I get from those words. Anyway - it is not that surprising - generally MMORPG genre is in decline and Funcom is not first company that is in trouble in last few years.
  20. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=0e5_1439474009 Explosion in China filmed by turists from (relatively) nearby high building.
  21. If Lotro would close in ~2010, we propably would have quite functional Lotro private server / emulator by now. Just saying.
  22. "Proper channels" erm so what if they did it according to the law? That is not what this is about. I don't want Microsoft (or any other company) to record in any way what I type or otherwise do on my computer. Simple as that. I don't give a shit whether they do it according to laws or not.
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    The Rage Corner

    57 C that's bonkers! damn Record in Poland is 41 C I think. Anyway it is 8pm and it is still 32 C lol
  24. drul

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    5pm and it is 35C here in Poland hehe Since Doro temperature rages there was just like maybe a 6-7 days with 20-something temperatures but most of the time it is 30C or more.
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