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  1. No idea what artifact is, but overall this really sound like Lotro's Legendary Weapon.
  2. I never liked Aero tbh so for me 7 did not look aescethically better. As for 'touch screen' stuff. Well I wasn't using Start menu so I was not missing it. I am not using W8 "Tiles" / Metro menu either. Like at all. So for me personally for desktop usage W8 is superior to W7. Only gripe I really had was that I had to think how to disable online account creation + use tricks how to enable quick launch toolbar. But figuring those 2 things out > performance/technically inferior system.
  3. I agree. Some players leave because they don't want to run on mmo grind skinner box anymore. Some others mmorpg players leave for more focused games, i.e. those who were doing arenas/battlegrounds go to various pvp lobby games, those who were doing open pvp go to various pvp/survival open pvp games (DayZ, Ark, Arma 3 mods, etc) and so on. Those who were playing MMORPGs for questing may even go to single player RPG games like Pillars of Eternity, Divinity:OS, Wasteland 2, etc which usually is totally superior to MMO questing or to games like The Witcher 3 that aside of much superior questing have world details and graphics that completly destroy any MMO. PS. I am sure that FF XIV does not have 4 mln subs, but hell even 500k or 1mln subs is alot and definately very profitable. After all FF XI was one of main SE money earner for long years and I don't think it ever exceeded few hundread thousand subs. PS2. I don't think WoW will permanently rebound ever anymore. Expansions may bring lot of people back if marketting is good but between expansions new lows for WoW will continue to be met. I just wonder whether Blizzard will actually go F2P with WoW at some point.
  4. Well I am sure that Windows 10 is even better than Windows 8, which was better than Windows 7. Yes W8 was/is better than W7, it was/is much more responsive, faster, more stable, and generally technically better. What I hate though and what propably mean I won't uppgrade to W10 is this: https://i.imgur.com/hYjx7rI.jpg
  5. drul


    Hmm feeling good, just a bit cold? That seem like a good excuse for someone to keep you warm. You should use it. If you know what I mean.
  6. Not surprised at all with 19 servers getting axed. I had a very short nostalgia trip to Laurelin server around a year ago (+-6 months I don't remmeber exactly), I've created a new account and new character and levelled it up a bit. Population in low lvl areas was lower than what I remember from Mirkwood times and that was a low point in Lotro Pay-to-Play population. So yeah it really looked bad for f2p game.
  7. drul

    The Rage Corner

    Lol, I don't know what Ofsted is but anything that rate such school "good" is crazy. Anyway - many muslims will continue to separate themself (and their children) and to create pararell society taking more and more land in western countries under their possesion. Reason is simple they view their culture as superior to western one and western culture and society as degenerated, weak and inferior. As for those that say "then they should go back to their countries", well they see western resources, economy, money as strong but rest as pathetic and weak. Not completly without merit tbh. Celsious make most sense to average everyday uses, since it's based ~ 0 C for water freeze and ~100 C for water boil, so anyone knowing this two facts can preety much guess estimate actual temperature immedietaly when faced with other Celcious degree number. Kelvin will be much more confusing and unpractical for everyday temperature uses needed by 99% of people.
  8. drul

    The Rage Corner

    Yeah, it's preety hot summer in Poland so far. Fortunatelly it stopped raining so often, humidity got down, it is getting relatively dry again so it's much easier atm. Temperatures are still 30-31, but it's much more comfortable now. Generally high humidity is making life harder. It's a same thing in winter. It is MUCH easier to withstand the cold temperatures in winter when humidity is low, the lower the better. Imho it is much more comfortable with -15C with very low humidity than -5C with high humidity. Convert to Celcius, kilograms, km/h and metric system finally ! You know it is coming to you sooner or later, so stop resisting
  9. That is not fault as design, that is the design Apple specifically wanted. Of course Apple could allow user to just open iPod as a ordiary Windows catalogue and just copy/paste everything with mouse click or Crtl+C/Crtl+V and/or make equivalent in software. Apple simply have chosent that they do not want to user to have such possibility. Apple devices are made specifically in a way so user has little freedom and has to use it specifically as Apple ecosystem wants it to. That is not really some kind of news as well.
  10. One could justifyably suspect that they don't just wanna remove VR without either increase of other grinds or replacing it with brand new system, because well just like you said why otherwise they would simply not remove it? That is the whole point of MMO PVP - to people NOT to be on the same power level and those that can gather more power (either via gear or levels or stats or $$$ or something else) can more easily kill those that did not gahter as much numerical power. One of the reasons I don't play MMOs anymore.
  11. Question is whether Chamption system it was created to replace VR ranks (then why did it not replace it?) or whether Bethesda/Zenimax and/or players just said/assumed so? I remember general view that Turbine did redesign LI system (back when F2P came) in order to lessen the grind, kinda have not turned out that way eh? Generally MMOs tend to get more and more grinds as game progresses. Even if in one area grind is lessened then in other area(s) it is increased. Designing more actual content and less grind systems in which players repeat same action over and over in order to increase some number is completly counter productive to all current MMO business models. Only business model in which designing more content and less grind would be desired is an business model in which ONLY way to make money is to sell new content without any ability to make money other way.
  12. Thanks for tip about Humans. From my side I can recommend True Detective. (it is NOT your usual CSI-like detective series trash if you're wondering) As for older tv series if you like sc-fi/cyberpunk/cyborgs/androids/etc that you might've not saw, but that imho is brilliant - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Don't let cartoon fool you, it surpasses most sc-fi live actor "normal" tv shows.
  13. What I have meant is I don't think they will reduce overall amount of grind. You seem to assume that if they would remove VR then they would not increase Champion Point and/or Gear grind to compensate amount thus reducing overall grind. In my opinion that is not likely, usually MMOs does not reduce overall amount of grind to max out a character when they modify end-game grind systems.
  14. I have not played TESO apart of Beta (kinda burned out on MMOs in general), but I don't think they will resign from grind. If they will remove those VR ranks you speak of they will just replace it with some other grind. That is how MMOs concept work generally.
  15. drul

    The Rage Corner

    I am not from NA, but it's same thing in my part of Poland too. It was up to 35 C yesterday, but with lot of rain/storms as well. Strong Sun/rain/sun/rain (which is preety unusual for PL) Today bit cooler but still over 30C and some rain as well, so humidity is peety high. It's as tropical as Poland can get.
  16. drul

    The Rage Corner

    It is. Like I've said go to any cancer center or lung disaeses hospital and check how many of patients are or were (usually relatively recently) smokers. Really I had not believed it myself that correlation is so high until I've saw it with my own eyes.
  17. drul

    The Rage Corner

    Grats to her for beating it. Nice to hear a success story And yeah some rarer forms of lung neoplasms does not have high connection to smoking. Most common ones namely adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and small cell lung cancers definately are though.
  18. drul

    The Rage Corner

    Go to your nearest cancer treating centrum or a hospice and ask about lung cancer. 95% of cases are smokers. No shit. Almost everyone with lung cancer is or was a smoker. Remaining few % of cases are mainly in people that were subject to toxic exposure like tobaco smoke from other people smoking, working with chemicals, etc Lung cancer in people that have not smoked or were not exposed to certain enviromental effects i.e. in their work is very very rare. Again you don't have to believe some medical papers - just go to nearest cancer/lung hospital/hospice and see for yourself. Lung cancer is not only thing of course there is pleothora of disaeses connected to smoking, many of which general population don't even suspect might be connected to smoking. Just in lung cancer connection is strongest and most in-your-face. Believe me I know the topic very well, my father died to lung cancer, I am ex-smoker + me myself was hospitalized in lung hospital + I've talked with several doctors that directly treated smokers. Oh and btw in Lung disases hospital I was in for diagnostics - 80-90% of patients treated for various lung diseases (not just cancers) were smokers.
  19. Yeah that what I've meant. Thanks. I was not aware of syntax for it, and yes it's missing from "click" list of emoticons.
  20. Ok. I will try solutions you posted. thanks Also one more thing - where is an "laughing laying on the floor hitting it with your hand" emoticon? It was best smiley and it seems it's gone
  21. I am not surprised @ this announcement at all. Disney paid a lot of money for SW and is certainly gonna use this Intellectual Property HARD. So I would expect significant increase in SW products everywhere. For me personally it is not that exciting though. I have nice memories of first seeng original SW trilogy on VHS cassetes as a kid and being awed at it, but it lost it's sparcle for me. Star Wars is not as interesting for me now as is was for me when I was a kid. It's kinda similar to i.e. Batman or other superheroes, which were also much more interesting for me when I was a kid as well. What I would be interested in seeing is a Star Wars spin-off/atlernate reality that focuses on some more distant SW future and is made for mature audience and is more complex than your usual "space knight / heroes SW story". I doubt Disney is interested in supplying something like that at all though, since Disney is not been doing stuff like this at all with any of it's IP. Afterall it's Disney. So young Han Solo movie. "Lazy evening watching some uncomplicated movie chilling and eating snacks" that is what comes to my mind. Not anything epic or very memorable.
  22. drul

    The Rage Corner

    ​I think we should drop arrogant moral universalism in which "we're more civilised so we can and are obligated to decide what is moral and not and who and how we should help with our guns". "Helping" opposition to dictators works so well, those who we helped never became oppresive regimes themself. I.e. we helped various opposition groups in North Africa&Middle East in last decade and many of those groups created either corrupt, dysfunctional states that are oppresive towards their populations or created oppresive fundamentalist regimes that deal with ethnic cleanising and sectarian violence. Should we meedle there again? What when next groups we help with turn bad? It can be endless circle that will go on for long decades. Did we even help in first place or created even more problems? Also Iraq - was it really moral to help Iraquis and topple down Saddam? Cause out intervention caused over 200k dead, other countless thousands of crippled and disabled people, many places and cities in ruins, and caused sectarian violence that propably even exceed what Saddam was doing in first place. Not to mention that it cost so much money that we'll be paying off those bombs&bullets used in Iraq for long long years. Fighting with bad goverments in other countries is NOT the same as helping poor/sick people or defefind an assaulted person on the street. Coming with guns and planes to other countries is almost never fight of good vs bad.
  23. drul

    The Rage Corner

    ​We should not intervene there in first place. Acting like a world police that comes and bomb shit out of various neighbouring countries often bring often more trouble than it does help. For both us and people of those countries. In select cases like in example Kurds we can help because Kurds create nation based society and proved to have control over their land and proved to be capable to create relatively stable institutions and lands and proved to be interested in creating opportunities for their own people in their own land. Even then our help should be help, and it's Kurds that should deal with most of the consequences and we acting as supportive role and not other way around like it was and is in countries like Lybia and more. Helping bunch of factions and opposition groups that are tribal and many Arab societies still are societies in which tribe and religion matter more than nation is not a good idea. That create power vaccum and an area from which people try to flee en masse. Last but not least - time to come back to reality. It is duty of western societies and their goverments to take care of their own people first and foremost. Long peace post WW2 seems to have casued us European to forget about this simple realtiy and perceiving world as some imaginary fairy land, time to come back to realitiy. Besides truth is that we won't be able to afford to continue to do what we do in the long run.
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