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  1. 18 hours ago, Almagnus1 said:

    I don't think there's enough players left that care enough about LotRO to do that.


    Now for sure not.  Imo last chance was in 2011, MAYBE in 2012. 

    18 hours ago, Almagnus1 said:

    How possible would it be to use a Lua program to dump the quests and items to disk?

    That would DEFINITELY help cut out a lot of the reconstruction work.

    No idea. Emulators are not my area of expertise - I only know about them what I've read, but I never met or heard about an emulator that would get official quest scripting.  Those scripts/code is on official server and is not sent to client AFAIK,  so emulator developers have to write quest scripting themself.   Whatever they get from packets send by official server to client does NOT contain quest scripting (or at least they get only some bits) afaik.  I might be wrong - like I've said I never done any emulator work, but that is what I've read.

    18 hours ago, Almagnus1 said:

    IMO there's not really been a western MMO failure in the last couple of years worth saving.

    Only time will tell, as most of the F2P MMOs are probably not going to be around in 5-10 years.

    MMORPGs definately failed, they hit a wall in their developement as a genre, unable to keep up with players expectations. 

    As far as I am concerned by years long of MMORPGs hiatus have NOT lowered my expectations, opposite in fact. If I am ever to pour hundreads of hours into an MMOPRG - they would have to PROVIDE huge amount of quality.  For sure I don't want play those god awful boring and cheap grind-gameplay anymore.  So currently even Lotro from it's golden age with updated graphics would not convinced me to play.  It would have to be much better than Lotro (or any other MMORPG to date in fact) ever was.

  2. On 14.08.2017 at 3:47 AM, psalm8818 said:

    I'm surprised no one has reverse engineered SoA and made an emulator the way people did for Everquest, WoW, Dark Age of Camelot, and Star Wars Galaxies.

    It goes to show you just how little interest there is in the gaming community for LOTRO, even in its prime.

    Emulator would only happen if Lotro would get closed when still relatively popular.   I.e. around 2011-2012 if Lotro playerbase would reject F2P and quality drop leaving in droves and Turbine closing servers.   In that time I believe there would be enough interest from community to attempt to make an emulator.

    41 minutes ago, SNy said:

    I seem to remember that, at least for the WoW server clones, the code wasn't actually reverse engineered, but obtained through a leak of sorts?

    Even if you decrypted and reverse-engineered the protocol, you would be very far from having the server side actually do things in a way the client expects. So I think it's rather not a big surprise this hasn't been done (attempted?).


    Most MMORPG emulators are made via sniffing packets and saving whatever server send to client while travelling through game, zone after zone, dungeon after dungeon + data digging client files which produce data that help to code server side stuff. Of course it takes a LONG time to decypher all of this.   Server side stuff such as AI routines, scripting, quest triggers, boundaries (so i.e. player dont go through wall), etc are coded by emulator developers.   Thousands upon thousands of hours of coding.  That is why it takes years for emulators to provide anything close to full functionality of official server.

    Some emulator servers even have their code on Github or something like that so you can see for yourself.

    Stolen official server code via hacks or employees stealing and releasing code are very rare.  I don't remember any actual example of such thing happening, certainly not in last 5-8 years in western MMORPG.

  3. 8 hours ago, LordVorontur said:

    Boy, there are some exceptional levels of moronics in this thread from 2 posters regarding playstyles, but really, I'm not too surprised when it comes to one of them.

    You got angry?


    8 hours ago, LordVorontur said:

    Also, failed MMO? I would think being around for 10 years is not a failure, but maybe my criteria for something being considered a failure is different to others.

    Hah.  You're gonna argue now that Lotro is not for last several years a low production value game, made on a shoestring budget, with low population, bad gameplay and technical problems?

    Okay.  Good luck with that.

    Anyway, have fun, see ya in next several months.

  4. Tbh I don't care. They can keep their own views.  I logged into Lotrocommunity first time in months out of curiosity.


    AAA MMORPGs are atm basically dead,  there are few older titles that are doing ok-ish financially/popularity-wise (FF XIV, WoW, and F2P asian grinders such as Black Desert), but big money left MMORPGs for time being.  Not only in west mind you.  In Asia also.   Best proof.  Many consumers voted with their legs, took them awfully long, but it happened eventually.

  5. 20 hours ago, Woeg said:

    Your standards .... not other's standards..... sigh

    That is the whole point.

    I want a game in which MY and other like-minded people standards are enforced.   Those who like other stuff i.e. solo-grinds, etc can either adapt or go play something else. I don't care if they feel (rightly or wrongly) excluded.

    Such thing is mandatory for any MMORPG that I am ever gonna play again.

  6. rip-clipart-cemetery-clipart-Grave_with_Lotro 2007-2010


    That is how dead Lotro is to me.


    Lotro took heavy punch with some parts&decision made in Siege of Mirkwood (too small expansion, introduction of cheap grind content = Skirmishes), then it took an mortal wound with F2P transition.  Some medicine was applied (content patch instance cluster) but it was like painkiller for cut off leg. F2P and some other changes (EU servers transferd to US, instance join panel, Instance scaling, extension of Skirmish) were way too great.    Few months after F2P Lotro finally died for me.

    I havent played Lotro in years and I am never going back.

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  7. 12 hours ago, Doro said:

    That looks like they're trying to make an actual version of Cortana from Halo.

    But I've seen the dark side of Tokyo now... I watched a whole group of teens walk by a dozen unlocked bikes on an almost empty street (only me and them), and they didn't steal any of them. Not one. Something's wrong, I can feel it.

    Yeah.  Well mass immigration especially of groups of people that do not want to follow local laws & customs which come into clash with their own beliefs is huge problem and "multi-kulti" is gonna backfire hard.

    Said that - policies like in Japan and some other countries where societies are both worked to death & having children, marriage, etc is in practical terms disencouraged is a big problem too.

    Then there is incoming automatization challanges that is gonna leave millions of people without work in coming years & decades.

    Mess.   There is a mess and what is scariest I don't see good solutions proposed by any poltical powers.  Even including radical or small parties. 



    As for Syria mess.   It is geopolitics at it's "finest". I don't believe there is good and bad guys there.   Just that country was changed into proxy battleground between various world & regional powers  because balance of power in Middle East (and whole world) is changing and in state of flux.

  8. Type of goverment, policies and world global system we had for last few decades, and especially since 1970s is shaking in it's fundaments. 

    That is reason of those changes, why Erdogans in many countries exist and why there is so much "wtf?" things in both domestic and international matters in so many countries last decade, and especially last few years.


    "It is cause we did not fought with those wanna be dictators sooner" or "It's religion!"  is false and not seeing wider picture.

  9. I would watch out with drawing pararells between Christian and Islam being similarly fragmented.  Christianity is much more fragmented.   This graph looks impressive but only to those that have no idea about Islam history.

    Islam is 90% Sunni and while between various Sunni sects there is competition there is no division on theological level.  Wahabism is still 100% part of Sunni and is not considered non-sunni/heretic by other Sunnis and vice versa.   Read on history of Najd and where Wahhabism comes from and what it tries to accomplis and who it wants to represent.  It is political power that exists for centuries.

    Other 10% is Shia, which is much more divided than Sunni and keeps together on political level mainly by being under constant threat / conflict with Sunni political powers.


    Rest like various mystic Sufi sects, Druze, Ibadi and other less know are very small in numbers and some of them even either don't consider themself Muslim or are not considered so by Sunni&Shia. They're in modern times irrelevant when you talk in grand scheme of things (like emigration of Muslims to West/other countries). 

  10. 1.  Time-limit playing per week.

    I don't want to spent endless hours in game and I dont' want to be left behind/out-competed due to other people being able to be 12-16 / per day in game.   So something like 20h/week time-limit?  And after that you don't gain anything in-game, can't log in or something.   Zero idea how to actually conceptualize, design & implement something like this though.


    2. P2P and ZERO Cash Shop/microtransactions including no cosmetics/fluff/etc. That include RMT like EVE or betwen players too and other forms of such things.   Non-negotiable. I am done with microtransactions / RMT in online games.   It can be more than 15$/month though.


    3. Content - no more "go kill 10 boards" or kill that respawning mobs on that hill for 0,1% chance of item drop  or "click on that rock 100 times to get 50 ore to improve your craft by 25".    That means more good concent made by hand - stories, actual quests, dialogues, dungeons, etc.   How to make it possible and financially viable? No idea.  Maybe point nr.1 can help with that though.

  11. 17 hours ago, warspeech said:

      It's hard to remember to stay still while casting though, I'm so used to running all the time on my hunter.  

    Yeah that is preety bad.  Year ago or so, I did try WoW trial and aside of many other issues I had with playing it,  being rooted in place while using skills was preety deal breaking.  I can't go back to such system anymore.   I know Lotro had this as well, but I've mained RK and Warden and most their skills that you actally used in combat were useable in motion. 

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  12. Mobile market is brutal and oversaturated.  

    Huge hits like Pokemon GO and few others suck out almost all money from the market leaving hordes of other games fighting over scraps.


    Similar situation like in MOBA games where League of Legends, Dota 2 and Smite get almost every dollar spent there.


    Players have a tendency to play only most well known titles.  Especially in F2P and Mobile gaming spheres.

  13. 1 hour ago, Papi said:

    that was painful.  bit weird that everyone in that interview thinks that WoW is F2P--and that apparently Turbine ushered the F2P in for all of their "competitors"

    In a way WoW is F2P.  You can grind gold to exchange for sub token in game if I remember right.  There also is cash shop in game.

    Same goes for EVE, with added functionality of players selling their characters for real $ officially (developers take a cut) as part of business model.


    P2P AAA MMORPGs in a sense that existed years ago, including pre F2P Lotro does not exist anymore.   Time to admit that and stop using WoW or EVE as an example cause it does not hold water anymore.


    Maybe someday with technological advancements that would allow to create MMORPGs without faults that caused their demise AND consumers realizing that you have to PAY real dollars (and no 15$/month is not enough) for AAA MMORPG things may change and maybe even pure P2P AAA MMORPG might start to be made again.   Or maybe not.  Who knows?

  14. Underwhelming CM support seemed to be intristic Turbine characteristic, true.    I remember getting much lower quality CM once my account was transfered to Turbine from Codemasters.   Codemasters support really was better.

    Of course that was several years ago.  No idea how it is at Turbine now, but I have doubts it improved considering where in the market their products are now.

  15. TTIP is much more than food.   Food actually(while important) is actually least important.

    TTIP what it will do it will alter (especially for EU) relations between goverment, society (including small&medium firms) and big business and how further relations between those parties will be created in future.  

    It will eventually change our reality in a big way.   


    Only good thing about it - from my point of view - is that it will anchor geopolitical and thus military USA presence in Europe and both USA and Europe still needs that (for diffrent reasons but still) transatlantic geopolitical&miitary presence.

    Anything other than that brought by TTIP including economy, society and law is huge negative.

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