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  1. Oh please. Those who still play Lotro at this point are either hardcore diehard players who will play Lotro till the end no matter what or more random players who don't follow forums, Twitter, etc and don't have or want any info about licensing, etc Your point would be valid in 2007-2010, but now when Lotro is old forgotten game, MMORPGs are in decline and Turbine is odd regional developer studio doing mobile games? Not really. Sales of other WB games like those AAA Batman games or mobile games don't depend on what happens to Lotro. Most those consumers don't know Lotro even exist.
  2. Lotro engine being proprietary is not any news though, at least I thought it is general knowegedle. Proprietary engine in MMORPGs are actually an big advantage especially(but not limited to) for combating hacks, bots, etc It is just that you have to have manforce, know-how&money to continue to work on it. That in turn need an succesful game or games in first place to provide necessary revenue to fund it. Which obviously Turbine does not have anymore.
  3. Better to move on mate. I've also been Codies EU player, and Lotro just wasn't the same after move to Turbine, USA and F2P/cash shop happened. I just regret time I've spent in F2P US Turbine Lotro, time wasted and 'dirtied' my good Lotro memories this way.
  4. Does Lotro even have content that requires min-maxing so class balance have any meaning at all?
  5. For computer stuff. It is preety normal that most 'casual' users that use computer for web browsing, e-mail, social networks and communication programs, maps and general Googling migrate toward simple devices. It is also completly normal that enthusiasts, gamers and people who use computing for a living have more and more devices and/or more powerful ones than before. Seems like preety normal and expected developement. Althrough I do admit that drive toward simple devices for casual users happened earlier then I thought. As for other stuff like digital movies, games, books, music etc Generally digital wins across the board. Cause it is more conveniant. Although I think physical will survive for collectors sake and for those who prefer to actually own stuff - , instead of practically renting it in digital form like it is on Steam, Amazon, etc Althrough physical will get smaller in numbers, mostly initial and/or collectors editions in smaller numbers of physical stores (or in general stores rather than specialized ones or/and only on-demand via courier/post)
  6. Nothing to be ashamed for Darmokk. Besides I am sure most users here were suspecting you're still actively playing. Anyway - it is your time, money and decision and you can do anything you like after all. So again - playing Lotro is nothing to be ashamed for Only thing I am sometimes disputing is when some people playing old decling MMORPGs have actual hopes or expectations that by some magic game will suddenly get more funds and will get better. Some people somehow desperatily cling to such hope for some reason. As for you not being able to 'get into' any other MMORPG. I understand you - I haven't been able either. In last ~5 years, I've played MMORPG for around 2 months and I don't think I will play any MMORPG in foresable future.
  7. That kind of meta subscription will imho not materialize in foresable future if ever. I am preety sure that corporations would prefer to use diffrent business model or give up on game/genre rather that use business agreement like that. As for gamers and their perception. I would not be so sure. We'll see what will happen in this regard once no new AAA full virtual world fledged MMOPRG will release for 5+ years. Because for now it seems, that max from AAA PVE "mmo-ey" online gaming will be productions like The Division or Destiny instead of MMORPGs.
  8. Home brew niche titles won't be story based. (unless you're into text only thing without any mentionable presentation) For story based epic rpg adventures in detailed worlds, your best bet is single player RPGs now. Currently top proposition is propably The Witcher 3. Story based content rich full fledged MMORPGs need huge budget. Few times X 2007 Lotro budget because you won't be able to sell 2007 Lotro today in enough numbers. Imho only way for AAA story&hand-made content rich PVE MMORPGs to come back ever is when general mainstream playerbase will accept that AAA PVE story-based MMORPG has to be premium gaming product. Siniicantly more expensive than playing single player games bought on discount from Steam and more expensive than playing Dota 2, LoL, Battlefield 4, Path of Exile, GW2 or 15$/month WoW standard MMORPG. Paying few bucks in store every now and then or paying once for box or even 15$/month is way not enough. That is too much expectation from an MMORPG product for a price MMORPG playerbase is ready to pay. People need to be ready to pay like 100$+ for base game and expansions and 30$ / month for AAA 2016 version of what conceptually 2007 Lotro was and not 100 000 hardcore fans, but few millions of them, at least initially and without huge population drops like in practically all new MMORPGs in last 5-8 years or so. Alternative way is if some giant like Amazon or Facebook do it and bankroll it with few hundread millions of $, but then I really doubt it will be what you're looking for as it will be faceroll game streamlined to hell and back with seriously diablic monetization. Will be mobile as well.
  9. Actually Satya Nadella does exactly that following down that path with Windows 10, Windows Store and Universal Apps. Yes he gave up on Apple-like hardware front (at least for time being) but he is much more aggressive on Apple-like software front than Ballmer ever was.
  10. Yeah, they could do better. Althrough, I do remember what hopes were right before and for few months after F2P Lotro transition. Often sentiment was that SoM was a 'hiccup', now new funds and new owner will win people back with F2P+next expansion and Lotro will 'come back to old greatness' again. Now we can see how naive that was, but then it was seen diffrently. Taking that into account - for me it would not matter even if Lotro would use it's resources more effeficently and would decline a bit more graciously than it actually had. Lotro ruined it's chance as AAA game with SoM and ruined it's 'atmosphere' and community with Lotro store and gameplay changes. More effeficiant use of resources by Paiz would not change any of that, so it's not important imho.
  11. Turbine killed Lotro when they decided to not put enough resources into Siege of Mirkwood resulting in way too small of an expansion and masking it with cheaper content and increased grind. After that it was over for Lotro as AAA game. F2P 'thing' like in whole MMORPG genre was only temporary boost providing temporary increase in funding and resulting in temporary benefit. It did not and it could not restore Lotro as AAA MMORPG. Then it gradually died out, like whole hype of F2P being MMORPGs saviour. (remember all those articles in 2011-2012?)
  12. +1 It was ridiculous to begin with, now is even more than it was back in the day. I don't agree. Lotro was always about money. It's just that in 2007-2010 it was about catering to diffrent audience using diffrent means. Once that failed around Mirkwood (along with whole AAA mmorpg genre start to having big problems around that time) , new owner came and simply did start cater to diffrent kind of audience using diffrent means & business model.
  13. Well. They lied. Companies do lie to further their interests. Not exactly news is it?
  14. Duh. I don't know why in last 4-5 years there was those expectations or hopes that somehow WB/Turbine will start spending more on a product that is in decline. Noone will do such a thing. When there was huge hype for F2P conversions then some funds increase has taken place, but that is because there was hype(along with data that it bring mroe revenues) for F2P amongst MMO playerbase and so there was data/promise of growth again. Once that died out (quickly), spending started to decrease again and will decrease until Lotro is shut down.
  15. Damn Snowlock must be in serious Lotro addiction to have this kind of denial. It is especially sad to see people who know quality content&game from 2007-2009/10 are so addicted now that they basically beg for scraps on forums. Imho once quality content supply is finished and MMORPG title start it's journey on slippery slope, (for Lotro it was more or less after 2-3 years post release, so preety good result) it is time to leave. Real Life is too short leisure time on medicore or worse declining entertinment.
  16. If by 'they' you mean game companies, then I think they have figured this out several years ago already. - High profile MMORPG cancellations like Project Copernicus, World of Darkness and Blizzard's Titan, - severe restructurisations and refocus from MMORPG areas to others like in case of Trion, SOE, Turbine and Funcom, - company sales like in case of SOE, - fall of P2P model, - cost-cutting measures like cheaper PVE content generation systems like Skirmish-like content and scaled (often old reused) dungeons in place of costlier hand-made proper dungeons for specified group sizes and levels. Industry known about MMORPG being in big trouble much earlier than general MMORPG playerbase have caugh up. IMHO If we ever see AAA MMO(RPG)s genre serious ressurection attempt again they'll be preety diffrent and either made only by biggest gaming corporations like EA/Acti-Blizz/Warnes Bros/Tencent/Wargaming or even bigger ones = entertainemnt/media/IT ones outside standard gaming industry with serious bucks like Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc PS. There is rumor going on for last year or so, that there is some 1 secret western AAA MMO(RPG) being made that will be an surprise announcement in some future, but well I'll believe when I see it.
  17. EQNext cancelled. https://www.daybreakgames.com/news/daybreak-president-community-letter-everquest-next-2016
  18. Damn that sucks Spiteful Keeping my fingers crossed for this miracle you mentioned.
  19. I've tested an Russian Black Desert a while back ago. What I've noticed myself or heard from high-lvl players. 1. graphics are not as good as they seem at first because: - there is a LOT of popping out all the time even on max settings - lack of consistency in some things like there is collision detection on mobs and players, but no collision detection on NPCs and some other things (affects immersion as well) - some textures can be of suprisingly low quality - combat animations are intentionally very very choppy. This is intended to be a "style", but in practice what that means is that there are no smooth animations made for a lot of moves 2. Faceroll difficulty, non-existant AI 3. This is Korean grinder. Game is about grinding dumb mobs to get money&resources in order to get stats to PVP. If you're expecting nice PVE game and PVE content apart of grinding mobs there is none basically. 4. Cash shop stuff is NOT innocent. Game is about grinding mobs, killing mobs in end-game is usually quicker than looting them. In cash shop there are pets that will loot for you atuomatically. If you buy enough pets (you can have multiple activated at one time) it will speed up your grinding A LOT, meaning even 300-400% faster with many pets bought. There is possibly other stuff that seem innocent but in reality gives advantage, Black Pearl seem just preety good at masquerading it. That is F2P game just with box cost. Don't get fooled into "B2P". I do predict many people being disillusioned in Black Desert relatively quickly, in kinda similar manner what happened after ArcheAge release.
  20. I don't think that matters at all. Fingerprint reader is yours as well as is rest of the phone is - you should be allowed to tamper with it yourself or repair it at any place if you want to. + "When an iPhone is serviced by an unauthorised repair provider, faulty screens or other invalid components that affect the touch ID sensor could cause the check to fail if the pairing cannot be validated." "I did get the front screen replaced, and I understand that it's now considered "tampered with", but at least let me use my iPhone on the old IOS system... I can't retrieve old photos or important documents I once had." This convinced me to never even consider getting Apple.
  21. 1,5 GHz core in proper big core CPU (like i.e. Skylake Celeron) will be faster than 2,5 GHz core in some small core CPU (like Intel Atom or ARM CPUs) Showing GHz itself without model of the CPU does not show / measure performance anymore like it used to be years ago. tl;dr Nowadays biggest factor (in low to medium market segment) in answering "how fast my core is gonna be" is CPU/core type not speed measured in MHz/GHz.
  22. Scaled raid would not get you even close to same expeirence. For good content you need it to be done by hand for players at specific point in game. Scaling will only give you poor imitiation always.
  23. Not so sure what you're exactly surprised at? Asians monetizing low-cost games to make millions of $$ is a thing that is happening for like 15+ years. That is why some players here in west were terrified when F2P were becoming a thing in mainstream western gaming several years ago. Because they knew that western corporations will try to do exactly same thing that asian corporations were doing in Asia for quite some time.
  24. Comparing military conquered countries to an bankrupted country is "bit" of apples and oranges thing. As for Germany (and Japan) we tend to idealize things a bit, remember what it really took to change those countires and societies. Millions of males (soldiers) killed, plenty of civilians raped, starved, dead and generally whore country being terrorized, country occupied, and soldiers station there to this day. Then on top of that most of ruling elite being changed and country poured huge amount of money in it. Incomparable with country that is in economical trouble which many are along history. That is very idealized view of what EU is. Transfers of money from core countries (like Germany, Holland,etc) to poorer ones are not exactly free. Many newer Central Eruropean countries had their economies taken over with majority of trade, banking and media being bought out by capital from those core countries. Same goes for manufacturing industry, with companies being bought over and being often closed or transformed into sub-contractors. Plenty of money going other way too. You seem to have very idealistic view of international relations and geopolitics. Germany is 3rd biggest exporter in the world, behind China and almost matching USA, while being much less populous country. It exports 2 x more than Japan which also is bigger country than Germany. Now more than half of those Germany exports goes into other EU countries. There is many preety words and general bullshit spread from media to population, but in an essence EU crisis are negotiations between Germany, Benelux Countries and France and everyone else about how internal EU economy & trade should work, because model in which it worked for over a decade is finished, with southern EU counties economies in shambles, Scandinavian countries distancing themself from others, Eastern EU countries being under strain and feeling uneasy and UK growing ambitions.
  25. Yeah there is a possiblity that EU will collapse and cease to exist. There is big struggle that is starting atm withhin EU, it will either mean that EU will undergo some reformes/changes or it will cease to exist either gradually or fast.
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