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  1. Warner Bros-Turbine is hiring those people for their unannounced mmo that is in development for quite some time. Only thing that is strongly suspected is that is for develpment for over 2 years and that it is cross-platform (consoles). It is all propably cutting costs alot on current mmoprg's AC, DDO and Lotro as new mmo is closer to finalize and WB Interacive Entertaiment division (that include Turbine) was dissapointing for few last quarters.
  2. Yeah it is wrong, but to be expected. Turbine brought cash shop and their model into a game with reltatively close knit community and with more than average sized playerbase that viewed immersion and happy laid back atmosphere in high regard. Of course it is Turbine right to change their business model, but that kind of long-term backslash was to be expected. There is really nothing Turbine can do about it atm, they won't change business model back to sub only - no CS. Besides that would also alienate significant portion of current playerbase anyway. So yeah overall hate is too big and it should decrease, but on the other hand I don't think old Lotro players that are dissatisfied won't become happy about Lotro again as Turbine (and WB) will continue with their current policy. I think that Warner Bros is mostly banking on their future mmorpg releases so current policy towards Lotro won't change. Game will continue to be tied to cash shop and it's fanbase milked. Remember WB has big portofolio of IP's so it is very good thing to data mine how much fans of well known Intellectual Properties are going to endure in regards of game monetizations.
  3. Are you sure that it is problem of users running too much background programs? Even opened Firefox with 10 tabs and Firefox is memory hog, takes around 300 mb. Don't have WinAmp, but I have similar programm called AiMp and it takes less than 10 mb. Surely there are here on this forums people with 32-bit OS'es that can show their Task Manager memory monitor after playing Lotro a bit. Besides Lotro DID not cause problems like that and suddenly it started after update 6. It would be navie to think that suddenly all those players started to use much more of background programs. Anyway - I am bit disappointed that Windows 8 also has 32-bit versions. Good that new some companies start to ditch 32-bit slowly. Think I've read that all next games using Frostbite 2 engine that will release in second part of 2013 or later will be 64-bit only.
  4. If Turbine cannot guarantee game running good on 32-bit OS, then they should make 64-bit OS an requirement. If their game is no longer able to work without crashing on 32-OS due to higher memory demands (like more trianles in game, more details, higher-res textures or trouble with Lotro handling memory) then they should not support 32-bit OS.
  5. On few biggest servers? Like Laurelin or Snowbourne in ENG EU? Sure they have plenty of people. Especially now right after expansion release. Their server architecture is ready for that though. They have layers and layers of one server (like Landroval) can be on separate psysical servers. All instances, diffrent zone regions also, etc Remember right after f2p conversion there were insane crowds and there was no long standing lags. Lag is caused by something they done after update (was it update 6?). Unless they reduced hardware on their Lotro server farm compared to first months after f2p conversion peroid to cut costs.
  6. Yeah but there is very few people that ONLY play solo skirmishes + still 1 person usage on bandwidth and server resources is neglible especially that Lotro is not struggling with overcrowding. Bit of nitpicking
  7. Not only pay. F2P and Freemium models also profit from free users. How? Free users are needed to make game at least visually alive, to have someone who paying users (especially whales) can compare themselves to and are a reservoir of potential future buyers as well. That's directed at some posts I saw on this and other boards "I will play but not pay! and I will use their bandwidth". Please. Even playing but not paying still benefit Turbine indirectly because of first paragraph.
  8. Because General Discussion is by far most visited part of forum, especially by new players and some small percentage of new players that do some bit of research on a game. So General Discussion have to be land of rainbows and happiness to not scare off potential consumers or current consumers. "Naysayers" can discuss it is specific forums (more of them the better) that almost noone but them visits. That's not something new in Turbine behaviour. Especially since freemium conversion because f2p/freemium games to be profitable have to rely on new players much more.
  9. Sure that might work if you want to vent a little, but that won't change anything. They don't care if you're happy with them as long as you play.
  10. I think what he meant was that bitching about it won't change it. Lotro changed,Turbine changed and it is not going to change back. Maybe never. Lotro till plug will be taken out - will go towards more and more nicke & diming and forums will STAY heavy-handed if not get worse. So if you really don't like what happened with the game and Turbine - costumer relation then ONLY thing you can do to hurt Turbine is to stop playing. Even if you play but not spend any money you make servers more popualted = more attractive for paying players & potential new players.
  11. I will give GW2 a try myself. Thing is I think that most people on this forum realise that there is no way that Turbine would return to fair practices and to 'old Lotro' spirit, so this whinage you see here is just a long process of "letting Lotro go". Lotro playerbase was just SO commited. Positive thing can just go on if there is general agreement that there is realistical chance that things can get drasically better in foresable not distant future. I don't think that there are many that naive players here. At least from this group that don't agree to freemium business model change and genreal gameplay change since Mirkwood. This forum will naturally die as 'old Lotro' did. Besides Lotro is simply getting really old, even if Turbine would not drastically alter Lotro experience. So I will propably also make my vistits much more rare from now on also. Sorry for rant and cya o/
  12. Hello and welcome I don't think anyone will jump on you for having positive things to say about Lotro. Why I am so negative? Cause I am still disappointed with Turbine. I was quite invested emotionally in Lotro and I liked it alot. Spend alot of good time in Lotro, though for last years Lotro is on serius slippery slope. It started bit before freemium transition, but after transtiion is speeded up alot and I lost all hope and left game permanently. I tried to go back 2 times : once when they got on Steam (get good speeds from Steam) and recently in RoR beta. Unfortunatelly from my perspective things actually got worse, not better and thus my come back lasted few days each time and have no desire to continue. I just disagree with Turbine policy, game changes and business model on so many levels If you still have fun with game - gratz to you
  13. I would insta-quit game if something that happened to me and if Turbine would not quick fix it for me. If I would still be playing Lotro that is.
  14. Darmokk - after experiencing few ambitious indie mmorpg titles like DFO & MO - I seriously don't have any more patience for games in forever alpha state, that are foever underfianced and understafffed and just offer poor production quality. I find stop playing mmorpg's as better choice than either playing rmt business model games or half-assed over-ambitious small budget productions. (weirdly I can play indie single player games - they are not as big mess as indie mmo's thou). Mmorpg industry just does not even try to compete for my money it seems. Laurinaohtar - well SWG had more than half of EQ playerbase and similar playerbase to DAoC so it was not that bad, until NGE hit. Of course it was dwarf comapred to WoW, but every other western mmo was. SWG had not worse performance player wise than most of non-WoW mmorpg's at that time (till NGE after which playerbase 'poofed'). And SWG was horribly and I mean horribly unfinished and bugged and even for that times, when generally mmos were less polished.
  15. I am leaning to last option. I just don't agree with playing in cash shop, gold selling or rmah envirooment on many layers. It is not just cause of p2w -even if that's worst and it make me run faster than angry bear when I would have honey on my face. Even if mmorpg is not p2w - store just keep in my head and seriously gimp my fun and immersion. I tried adjusting to it for many loong months (I think like 8?) with Lotro freemium (was VIP all this time as well), then I came back to check out as f2p players once it went on Steam - think I lasted like under 10 hours maybe. I also tried few other f2p and freemium mmorpg's for shorter peroids - nah I just cannot stand it. So most propably I will just simply quit playing mmorpg's at all and maybe check once every year how situation looks like. Not yet there - but I am on quite long hiatus not playing any atm already so I might just go with it. PS. I understand people that play multiple mmorpg's at same time and don't want to play 15$ for every of them. Well I understand their motives. I never played and never wanted to play more than one mmorpg at every given time, so I and multi-mmo people have conflicting interests. Guess they "win" for now. Oh well fortunatelly there are more important things that mmorpg's in life (but god damn I love mmorpg's so much especially original mmorpg concept not that dilluted one we get in last years).
  16. How much time till it go cash-cow style like Lotro, STO and many SoE games? 6 months?
  17. STO is ridden with idiotic amount of lockboxes (several types they recently introduced new one) and their cash shop make seem Lotro cash shop as cery small vanity only shop though.
  18. drul


    @Starvo Mueller Old f2p / freemium tactic, anyone who played those kind of titles know them. I did play some of that titles 9not only ofc), but actually I am not anymore. Bad thing for me is genre is at least now changing counter to my own change. Anyway - frequently changes in game are in a way that actually benefits old / vets players for a short time. This is done in order to get vets squelched and / or satisfied and for change to go smoothly and accepted. Still new players who don't have alot of items / points farmed suffer and are pushed into store and older players are in same situation sooner or later (when their stash is emptied). Thing is f2p or freemium business model in mmorpg's have to be constantly expanding store and changing game mechanics to fuel store in order to increase or even have store sales at same level. Just imagine if store would stay almost same as it was at day 1 of freemium maybe with few cosmetic additions. Store revenue would fall. Of course it would be for player benefit cause game would not be changed in order to push store in player faces, but it would be bad for company. That's why I am of opinion that freemium business model is bad for especially more commited / long-term players. Especially those players who buy newest content and actually do this newest content that include dungeons or for those most commited & loyal players who are paying VIP and using Ettenmoors for long time. At first freemium may seem very attractive (i do not have to pay sub all the time) but actually it is tripple-dipping system that is fundamentally flawed casue of above.
  19. drul


    Well they promised new zone to come in 2011 and they are providing old zone revamp in 2012. That's a something to be happy about and "sorry for anything said ever" ? Don't think so. Besides PvPM and Lotro overall is suffering from other issue. - CS. Will this revamp remove buying skills? OP Pots? -% damage scrolls? varous immunity scrolls ? and many other such things from store? No. Didn't think so. Besides there are many things outside PvPM and PvPM is not one and only thing in Lotro that can make whole game better.
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