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  1. It's been the same for me. Once I played in the beta weekend I realized what I had actually been missing with lotro and how boring and stressfull it had become for me. Now in swtor (having a smuggler too) I'm having a blast. The story is really great and I'm starting to really feel for my poor guy cause of all the hazzle he has to go through At the moment I can't bring myself to log on to lotro. I just can't.
  2. When I see Thorin, I always think he is a Klingon.... lol Aside of that, loved the Trailer. Hard to wait now
  3. Yes, once swtor opens up my friends can find me there. Already on a break from lotro already. Currently I'm playing the Mass Effect games and tbh, I'm having a blast. Actually many people I know from my lotro days are already joining up in guilds for swtor. And I'm definitely going to enjoy the storylines. I'm really tired of Turbine and their mindless grind. Also, I have come to realize just how much of an ripoff RoI is, was. should have rather spent that much money on something else.
  4. well, honestly, I wasn't sure about starting swtor, but this weekend my husband and I got to test it and jeeez... we love it, it got us really hooked.. it's hard to believe lol. Since we aren't star wars fans either. We both are going to get a 6 months sub, that's set in stone. (sorry turbine.. you guys had your chance.)
  5. I was very happy when I read about it, thinking about the multiple times we tried to fill the group and it could/would help. But what they absolutely FORGET is the fact that also people play their game with health issues. I have a friend who just CAN'T play any skirmishes/raids/groupcontent with any lightning in there as it makes her sick and might trigger her epilepsia. There are a few skirmishes she just can't play. Using the stupid (sorry) "throw everyone into the random pond-instance" finder lessens her enjoyment for the game in a great deal. In fact I made the suggestion to her to go and post on the forum about it, but her reply was she can't be bothered anymore (instead she bought an LTA with another MMO). Actually, considering all of this, it's a huge hit with the bat into my face too. We liked to group, do some skirmishes (kin/friends) but with these immense changes (marks, seals, less marks, no rep, no ixp), it's a real downer and somehow it makes me wish to go and find another MMO and/or to move on entirely. This thought wasn't even crossing my mind a week ago. It's a great way to drive customers away, too. And also, when they need to test it on live, they shouldn't penalize their playerbase. If it helps anything, then it's to drive their players even more away, esp in december.
  6. Ach, ich hab letztens in den einsamen Landen einen XXKillerXX gesehen Einer von der Sippe hat dann noch gemeint, es soll sogar noch eine Kraftschubse rumlaufen
  7. I can't say for sure, but I had the "feeling" that sometimes it wasn't working right away. I always thought it was because of some lag or so. Maybe it was the same you have experienced. At the moment I'm not often online with my RK, but when I play him, I'll keep this in mind.
  8. YAY, so glad for you and am very happy Turbine gave it back to you *O*
  9. Es tut mir für dich wirklich sehr sehr leid :( . Offensichtlich hat es auch andere erwischt die nicht ihre Accounts in den Monaten übertragen konnten, aus diversen Gründen. Evtl nützt es ja etwas wenn du dich an den Support wendest. Manche haben das getan, allerdings habe ich keinen blassen Schimmer ob und wie es bei ihnen aussieht, oder ob es überhaupt etwas hilft. Aber der Versuch macht Klug.
  10. Granted, not many infos have been released about this tool yet, but I think it's nice to have it. It's been asked for by many players for some time now and for them, it couldn't be better.
  11. I love doing 3 man instances. The more 3 man available the better for me . 6 man is alright, but any more ppl in a group and it's gonna be stress for me lol
  12. Das würde mich auch interessieren . Pre-Moria würde mir da schon reichen
  13. /signed I like to read and lurke more than actively adding to a discussion. But I also like to read a variety of opinions etc to make up my own mind.
  14. Just discovered the same, too bad. I'm not amused by this tbh.
  15. Is anyone going to throw rotten apples at me when I say, I was like "Squee, they are cute!" when I saw the youtube vid? *hides* I'm a female, so maybe they are trying something new to draw more women into their game lol. Btw, reminds me of Tao Tao too.
  16. you just made me want to skip my lunch with that youtube picture And only now I see it's from a movie. I thought it was showing real bodies...
  17. sorry to hear this. But, in german, Jäger means hunter, not Jeiger. I wouldn't have connected it to hunter it all. But if you used the name as Jeiger Meister - Meister (master) being the surname, then I could see a problem because "Jägermeister" is a registered trademark in germany and would be against the rules. I know it wasn't your intention to go against the rules. But from Jeiger alone, sorry... even I, as a german, wouldn't see such a connection then.... baffles me. Can't find out atm if Jeiger is a very old german word associated with Jäger either. But even if it would be, Jeiger is not a common word being used here. And Jäger descripes just that - hunter. It's also something I said to my friend (she is canadian and plays on a german server). We EU players are now playing on US located servers. We might use names/words which are quite common here and we don't see them against any rules at all, but one US-(enter other country)player comes, reads it and feels offended because of their heritage and reports the player. Not nice. This also works the other way around. It's often been the case where she pointed out a name to me and said she wouldn't play with the person because she found the name offensive. Where then I had to tell her that this name is really fine in german. I don't remember any specific names and wouldn't tell anyway. But this also leads me to the following question: Which GM is working then on the rename cases on the german/french servers. Do they actually speak and understand the native language to realize that some names can be absolutely fine in the native language, but seem to hit a spot for english speaking ppl? (Remember, works also the other way around, like with Jeiger.) That's something I've been asking myself often lately, esp after the move to US. It's also caused me some trouble to pick out names for my many new alts, in the fear any non-german player might feel offended, reports me and I sit there with facing a rename. Despite me knowing I did the best to follow the naming rules. Sorry for the length of this, just been thinking
  18. Avoiding rep mounts isn't going to work for me . I got many rep mounts- each char I have has a special one. I like having them, because rep mounts have more morale than only the 100, or 150. Aside of this, *if* these horses would be account wide, I would buy one from time to time for the 2k TP. I would have bought 2 already, to be precise. The last hunter steed and that one blue/white horse which I would have loved to have for my capt. When only available to one char, I would not pay more than 500 TP. Any more TP is a no-way situation for me. Not because I lack the TPs, no, but I have my own principles. Aside of this, I really feel for The Bohunk
  19. Thanks for the pic, haven't seen it yet ingame. Mmh.. it's ok I think. I have seen better, those weird looking dead trees and branches, not really my cup of tea
  20. I find this green.. glowing.. tbh, ugly. The poor horse. I wonder what it has done to deserve such a fate.
  21. I for one would be sad to see you not posting here anymore. I like reading your posts. Also you can provide additional background information which I welcome. --- Many here had personal dealings with turbine/staff/whoever and are, well, miffed. Luckily the little problems I had have always been taken care of so far and I can only report positive outcomes. I'm not here to bash Turbine at all. I'm here because I feel secure enough to post and if things come out the wrong way (because english isn't my mothertongue) I don't have to be afraid. Btw, I'm glad they posted the FAQ. Despite them stating the payment details weren't compromised, I'm not so sure, good thing we canceled our card last week already. I do hope they are right, since they should know what's in their db. But I'd only believe it if freundlich would say so. That's just me being careful .
  22. Schau mal ob du eine Karte in deinen Beuteln hast, damit kannst du dich in die Mitte wieder hineinporten.
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