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  1. I must say I'm impressed by the way that this thread has handled itself, so many times these topics tend to bring out the worst in people. Having said this I myself have long ago given up discussions of belief or conviction - it's like discussing how your love for someone compares to someone elses love for someone else. The part here however that is interesting and gets me started is the missionary aspect, the need to influence others or pass judgement. The mild form of this would be to say that you just want to share and help your fellow man whilst the worst forms use force or
  2. Nice ....but on a serious note Brrokk, I'm pretty sure the sender's intention was for it to go on the grill on the saturday BBQ. After all, we're dwarves of honour and I'm sure you jest when you suggest we would ever consider mounting such a cursed animal like some witless elf (no, not goats either)
  3. Thanks Dal, but was Mr G alone or did other people (apart from Maiar) master this art as well? Of course a vitally important question since if it can be answered with a 'No, Gandalf alone knew how to make them' then we've caught Turbine deviating from lore for the first time (or?) /gasp
  4. Can't explain why but I always thought Gandalf was pretty unique when it came to making fireworks. Come to think of it though, maybe it's not even stated that those fireworks were made by him but simply set off by him, hmm. "Gandalf set off a series of fireworks later on in the day..." and the hobbits didn't seem to get too excited or worried about it either (apart from the dragon of course) which seems to indicate that they were either used to Gandalf's fireworks or that fireworks were indeed commonplace. So, who manufactured them then? Dwarves would for sure be good at getting most of the co
  5. Think they've coined a term for this already in Afganistan - DCIED i.e. Donkey Carried IED - don't think it has been a hit for the Taliban - one instance the poor animal got scared and ran back to its handler and blew him up instead.
  6. /signed ... and here I was thinking I was the only one feeling this forum had lost its purpose ....
  7. Haloo. Yes I did read your post but I don't think you read mine If I don't misunderstand you your reference was to Anduril not Narsil. Have you got a reference stating that also Narsil glowed before the handy elves reforged it? EDIT: Yes, lorewise it would seem appropriate to remove the glow from all non-blades but seriously, does anyone think that Turbine would risk pissing off all those bowmen and wielders of halberds?
  8. Now, I'm the last to defend the current LI system - the very though of people running around with 1st and 2nd agers makes me sick to my heart - not to mention throwing them away on a regular basis like last years cellphone. However, it seems like the original "please allow us to turn off the glow"-thread that got turned into a "look how insensitive Turbine are to customer feed-back"-thread now has morphed into yet another "bash the LI implementation and grind"-thread... So, back on topic; Yes - Turbine doesn't get it. Yes - I would like to be able to turn this effect off but hey, then I
  9. …and there are more examples of glowing weapons I guess like Anglachel and Ringil but to say that the “majority” of Tolkien’s weapons featured VFX seems like a gross exaggeration or at least a grave misunderstanding. I would like to propose a theory - only outstanding high-elven blades have special light effects! Why ‘outstanding’? I only know of very high profiled blades that glowed but please correct me on this if I’m wrong. Also, the Goblins even named two of them, Beater and Biter, (how the hell they knew about them is another issue) they didn’t say ‘elven blades’ in general.
  10. Of course, we could turn all of LotrO into a Wii Lego arcade - my kids enjoy that but hey, they're 5 and 7 years old! Can't we have something slightly more adult and refined? Why does everything have to be so instant and easy to digest?
  11. - Sharing a pipe of your own grown tobacco (and a glass of wine IRL) with a good friend as the sun comes up over Evendim. - Community (even though most of it is gone now) - Overall graphics (don’t play that many other MMOs but the ones I can compare with don’t stand a chance) - Details (houses filled with cats, the snowman, the sandcastle, the bar in 21st, cave writings, lore related details etc) - The old instances (especially CD, Rift) - Sessionplay as a way of experiencing lore first hand outside your own character - The way to change environment with layers to e.g. before/after
  12. U're robably right but I'll see if I can contribute in some way just the same, always been a sucker for underdogs and hopeless projects Back on topic - I think Turbine have done quite well with most of the architecture and small details in Stangard. However, the whole idea of inventing a large fortification this far north and this late in the third age doesn't strike me as the least in line with lore. Even the Wold / Eastemnet was pretty much abandoned at this time due to lack of people.
  13. Wow - whoever releases something with that map has my full attention (and my wallet's). Where can I read more about this?
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