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  1. Farylir

    SWTOR goes F2P

    I wish TOR would allow players play the game with the graphics down low like LoTRO does. My graphic card sucks.
  2. I don't frequent the official forums that much, so I seem to miss out on all the "fun". Plus, I've noticed in the past that most "OFFICIAL" forums seem to be modded by the Nazi-types, so I try to find fan-run forums where you can talk about whatever you want. AS long as I'm not gonna get jumped on for saying I love this or that. lol
  3. Not trying to cause a problem with my first post, but I came here looking for an altenative board to talk about my love for LoTRO (I can't view the official boards at work when I have nothing to do) and stumbled across this board. I seem to be having a problem finding where to post about game content, etc etc on these forums though. All I see is people complaining about the game, and Turbine, and mods on the official forums. I guess I'm just wondering; Do you people actually like the game, or is this the forum for exfans of LoTRO. Because maybe you should change the name of the boards to "Community for Ex-LoTRO Fans". Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed reading all about Evil Turbine and have to agree that the mods on the official boards are kinda Nazi-like.