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  1. We will also have to see what the next month will do to SWTOR. Then it will have to be paid for, the first month was for free If I remember correctly.
  2. ofcourse they put it in the shop. they want to make money. I sure hope it won't work as a gate, but it just looks so much like a gating system.
  3. You get a penalty -10% skirmish marks for an hour. The soldier really depends on your playings tyle, some pick dps type so they can kill things quickly, some choose a healer so they can do the damage. You have tried both allready I see, but you really need to level your soldier (lvl 10 at least) to start noticing the benefits. I usually keep mine at 15.
  4. I think it will be better indeed, but does require some getting used too. PvP will be awesome now! I hope these changes will be worthwile, it is quite an overhaul...
  5. Uhmz really nice..... rank 1 spiders with aoe poison.... makes leveling a lot faster..... LOL
  6. Good to hear there will be new instances, but that was to be expected. They will first let people explore the new region. if they don't, everyone will rush to the instances and never see the new area.
  7. good to see what you have and gratz on the money back. Let's hope it won't kill the game for the rest of us.
  8. yes indeed a very good change!!
  9. Indeed! It is not that I don't like the store, it is that there are items in the store that are store only and have a great influence on your charcter. As in: those are quite good items. That is what I dislike. If people are willing to pay $70 for an eyepatch then so be it. (good for the game)
  10. So all characters now just have to focus on two stats: vit and their main stat....?
  11. /agree I paid the first year and a half per month and then I bought Lifetime for 120 euros. So saying that I should pay for stuff is a bit unfair. I don't think it is our fault we are lifetimers, so don't blame us.
  12. Voted other No for instore only Yes for ingame with increased droprate
  13. paid in dollars, pretty good price, heroic edition. got the stuff allready too.
  14. I have played one of the skirmishes and it was very challenging (the forochel one). I am not so fond of the Forsaken Inn instance. This is yet another instances that you can't run on your own pace. if you want the challenge you have to kill and do everything. This includes all the bonepiles at the boss, which only trigger after a certain amount of time. Very annoying. And then the totally fun part is that you can do the instance at lvl 20 and get the same reward (forsaken Inn token) in less than 10 minutes. This will result in the instance only being done once for deeds and then never again on level. If you want people to play instances like they are supposed too, let the loot drop in the instance, not bought at a vendor. really disappointed there. Not been to the halls of night yet.
  15. Been doing some gaming, some raiding and some PvP and pings are between 110 and 130. Not seen any spikes yet and gaming goes very smoothly all together. No complaints so far.
  16. I must say that in Stoneheight Tier 2 I discoverd that my mins had a second corruption removal, LOL. leave and try again. that was like a wtf moment
  17. Will try to get into the new stuff tonight so will let you know here after that.
  18. To get past them quick I did T1, but now always on T2 for loot and challenge.
  19. Thx Rob I guess I ran into you a couple of times too
  20. Hi there, Most has been said above here. I trait LoM most of the time and use HoH when playing as main healer in a 3 or 6 person instance. For jewelry you want to aim for items like ril-nir/improved rilnir from Forochel instance, glass flask and the padlock bracelets or manadhechor (Mistress drop) Just use what you can with high stats and added morale. I use a DPS soldier, any extra DPS is good, since cpatian are not really DPS machines. With good gear you should easily reach 9K morale and 4K power buffed.
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